Americus G. 'Mack' Jobe

Americus G. 'Marcus' Jobe


Frank 'Mack' McKinney

Mary Sophia Elizabeth Hastings - Angeline 'Annie' Stinnett - Nova McKinney

My Own Jobe Branch

Son of Hugh S. Jobe and Jane 'Jenny' Lawrence

3rd cousin to my great grandfather, Caleb Jobe

Americus G. 'Marcus' Jobe

alias - Frank McKinney

--b. January 24, 1850 Washington Co., AR
--d. January 30, 1929 Flagstaff, Coconino, Arizona

--m/1 Mary Sophia Elizabeth HASTINGS
--March 10, 1867 Benton Co., AR
----b. abt 1851 Benton Co., AR
------d/o James Montgomery Hastings and Harriet Rozanna DAVIDSON
--------gd/o Henry C. Hastings and Mary D. WORD
----------gt gd/o Henry C. Hastings and Martha CATES
------------gt gd/o Henry C. Hastings and Elizabeth McDANIEL
--------gd/o John Edwin Davidson and Mary HOLMES
----------gt gd/o George Davidson and Rosanna FALLS
------------2nd gt gd/o George Davidson and Catherine Penelope REESE
------------2nd gt gd/o Gilbreath Falls and Isabel KERR
----------gt gd/o James Holmes and Mary NAIL

--m/2 Angeline 'Annie' STINNETT
--March 24, 1871 Washington Co., AR
----b. abt 1854 Pike Co., AR
------d/o Captain John Stinnett and Mary 'Polly' CARLOCK
--------gd/o Isham Stinnett, Sr. and Elizabeth 'Betsy' AUSTIN

--m/3 Nova Zembly 'Emily' McKINNEY
--abt 1875
----b. January 1856 Franklin Co., AR
----d.1910/1920 probably New Mexico or Arizona
------d/o Wiley Boley McKinney and Mary WELDON
--------gd/o John Myers McKinney and Margaret 'Petty' LEE
----------gt gd/o James Lee and Sarah -
--------gd/o John W. Weldon and Margaret A. MULLIGAN

* * * * *

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Hastings Research of Don Blauvelt (July 1999)

1871, March -Benton, Co, Arkansas
-Mary S. E. Hastings Jobe is referenced as Mary S.E. hastings, no longer "wife of Americus G. Job". She would have been about 20 at that time.

Mary's father died in January 1861 and the Administrator had yet to complete disposition of the estate when the Civil War erupted. Because civil law was suspended, disposition of his estate was placed on hold until early 1866 but actual court proceedings were not commenced until March 1868. Benton's rebuilt courthouse did not open until late 1867.

Due to the necessity of "catch-up" after the war, extensive filings were involved in the affairs of James Montgomery Hastings' estate. This included repetitive mention of who his children were. Historically, researchers may find the following writing by the Administrator enlightening:

During the 4+ years (1868-1871) it took to finally settle the estate, Mary S.E. Hastings is repeatedly identified as "Mary S .E. Job". In 1870, in a claim filed by the heirs against the Administrator for allowing illegal and unsubstantiated claims to be paid, Mary as a plaintiff heir is identified as "Mary S.E. Job, wife of Americus G. Job." The suit and counter suit apparently ended up before a "Special Judge" in the March 1871 term. At that point, Mary was now identified as "Mary S.E. Hastings." Thus, it would appear that Americus and Mary were no longer husband and wife by March 1871.

According to the Jobe family, Americus married Annie Stinnett in about 1871 in Washington Co, AR and later Nova McKinney. Americus is credited with having five children; i.e., sons Buckner and Mack and daughters Sallie, Jennie and Katie. Also a set of twins who died as infants. Which children were born to which wife is unknown. However, the Jobe genealogy consists of a mainly Presbyterian "clan" that typically had very large individual families. Having only five children was atypical. Whether Mary produced any children with Americus or if she remarried is unknown at this time.

Mary S.E. Hastings was part of the large Hastings clan located generally between Gravette and Gentry in western Benton Co.,. For Mary to have married someone outside of Benton Co., was atypical whereas Americus' associated Jobe clan was solidly to the south in adjoining Washington Co, AR. However, Americus' uncle John Wesley Jobe was a Clergyman who married Miriam Jackson in 1851 in Benton Co, AR and resided with a large family in Benton Co., in 1860 and 1870.


Children by Nova McKinney

These children all used the McKinney Surname

  1. Charles McKinney

    --b. September 2, 1877 Texas
    --d. before 1900

  2. Harry McKinney

    --b. January 20, 1879 Texas
    --d. before 1900

  3. Otoe Buckner 'Buck' McKinney

    --b. February 11, 1881 Texas
    --d. August 2, 1952
    ----buried Young Cemetery, Gila Co., Arizona
    --m. Nora Katharine 'Kate' NEAVITT
    --Septembr 1, 1910 Ruidoso, Lincoln, New Mexico
    ----b. March 29, 1891 Hamilton Co., Texas
    ----d. June 1987
    ------d/o Thomas Jefferson Neavitt III and Maribette 'Bettie' POWELL
    --------gd/o Thomas Jefferson Neavitt II and Julia FITZGERALD
    --------gd/o Christopher Columbus Powell and Isabella SAPP
    ----------gt gd/o George Powell and Elizabeth DAVIS
    ----------gt gd/o Captain Benjamin Harrison Sapp and Harriet Debell RINGO
    ------------2nd gt gd/o John Sapp and Elizabeth KING
    ------------2nd gt gd/o Lott Washington Ringo and Mary D. CLACK

    * * * * *

    Young Cemetery - Gila Co., Arizona
    Tombstone of Otoe Buckner McKinney

    Young Cemetery Otoe's Tombstone

    Children of Otoe and Kate

    1. Leonard Neavitt 'Lenn' Mckinney

      --b. December 1, 1911 Camas Valley, Douglas, Oregon
      --d. May 14, 1962 Utah
      ----buried Fredonia Cemetery, Fredonia, Coconino Co., Arizona
      --m. Vonda -

      * * * * *

      Fredonia Cemetery - Coconino Co., Arizona
      Tombstone of Lenn McKinney

      Fredonia Cemetery Lenn's Tombstone

      Lenn McKinney was apparently a victim of Nuclear Fallout. More can be found in the book:

      Fallout: Am American Nuclear Tragedy

      By Philip L. Fradkin
      Edition: 2, illustrated
      Published by Big Earth Publishing, 2004
      ISBN 1555663311, 9781555663315
      336 pages

      Widow's Questions Led to Utah Radiation Trial

      By George Raine, Special to the New York Times
      Published: October 3, 1982

    2. Betty B. McKinney

      --b. 1917 Arizona

  4. Sarah Elizabeth 'Sallie' (McKinney) Brooks Jones

    --b. February 7, 1883 Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
    --d. August 25, 1959 Woodland, Yolo Co., California
    --m/1 Robert Ecklestein BROOKS
    ----b. July 12, 1874 Ulvade Co., Texas
    ----d. January 27, 1950 Riverside, California
    --m/2 Mr. JONES
    --AFTER 1912

  5. Mack McKinney

    --b. July 28, 1885 Indian Territory (Oklahoma)

  6. Jennie McKinney

    --b. April 11, 1888 Indian Territory (Oklahoma)

  7. Wiley McKinney

    --b. December 21, 1891 Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
    --d. BEFORE 1900

  8. Catherine 'Katie' McKinney

    --b. June 30, 1893 Indian Territory (Oklahoma)

  9. Twin McKinney

    --died as infant

  10. Twin McKinney

    --died as infant

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