Martha Elizabeth 'Betsey' (Jobe) Coyle Gallaher

Martha Elizabeth 'Betsey' Jobe and 2 Husbands

Robert B. Coyle - David Gallaher

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1st cousin to my 3rd great grandfather, Eli B. Jobe

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Martha Elizabeth 'Betsey' (Jobe) Coyle Gallaher

--b. December 9, 1797 Knox Co., Tennessee
----CAN ANYONE VERIFY WHEN Elizabeth (Jobe) Coyle died? --m/1 Robert B. COYLE (Choil) (Coil)
--August 17, 1813 Madison Co., Alabama (Mississippi Territory)
----b. abt 1788 Madison Co., Alabama
------s/o C. Michael Coyle (Choil) (Coil)
--m/2 David GALLAHER
--based on NEW findings - did she marry David Gallaher?
----b. April 16, 1796 Blount Co., TN
----d. November 2, 1859 McNairy Co., TN
------buried Jacinto Cemetery, Tishomingo Co., MS
----David m/1 Mary HAGLER abt 1818

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New Findings - More Questions

I'm now questioning whether Elizabeth (Jobe) Coyle did in fact marry this David Gallaher. Everything points to David Gallaher as having married Mary Hagler about 1819 - d/o ABraham Hagler. As you can see below, David Gallaher and Abraham Hagler were very close in Waryne Co., TN before David moved to Tishomingo Co., MS in the early 1840's. So far no death date has been found for Mary (Hagler) Gallaher or a will for Abraham Hagler.

David's First Family

-per Susie Morrison (March 2004)

"The information I have is from the Gallaher Family Bible. It states:

Birth of David and Elizabeth Gallaher Children
  1. Dejenira Gallaher, b April 16, 1820
  2. George Oats Gallaher, a twin, b February 9, 1822
  3. Abaham Hagler Gallaher, a twin, b February 9, 1822
  4. David Lenoir Gallaher, b January 5, 1824
  5. Thomas Persons Gallaher, b August 22, 1825
  6. John James Gallaher, b October 18, 1827
  7. Sarah Oats Gallaher, b September 15, 1829
  8. Easter Wade Gallaher, b October 20, 1831
  9. William Gallaher, b January 25, 1834
  10. Samuel Houston Gallaher, b June 24, 1836

The fact that one of the twin boys middle name is Hagler leads me to believe that Elizabeth Hagler was somewhere in the picture. But it is possible that she died and he remarried. Samuel Houston Gallaher, the youngest child died at the age of two, September 1838 as his father said in the family records, "about 12 Oclk A.M. and was buried at 10 Oclk P.M. same day by candlelight. He died of inflamation of the intestines after a severe attack of the flux which lasted 7 days."


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