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Hugh David Jobe (1899-1970)

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The Night that Uncle Hugh Thought He Drank the Bug

Written about 1953/1953
by Earl Thomas Harvey, Jr. (nephew)

Courtesy of William 'Bill' Harvey

* * * * *

I don’t remember whether there was a reason for their visit, but Hugh and Lela were visiting Grandma Jettie and Grandpa Fred at 2561 Bauman. I was probably in sixth or seventh grade, maybe younger, and Mom, Dad, Mike, and I were over there for dinner. After we ate, we were sitting around the table talking, and Lela asked Hugh what he had done with the stick insect she had brought from home for “Tommy.” Hugh didn’t seem to know what she was talking about. As it turned out, Lela, who was a teacher and always knew what kids liked, saw this thing on a bush or shrub as they were getting ready to leave home, and put it in a fruit jar to bring to me. I guess it was some kind of mantid or walking stick, some exotic bug I would have loved to see, but I’m getting ahead of the story.

When Lela told Hugh it was in a fruit jar in the car, he got the funniest look on his face, and confessed that he had gotten very thirsty earlier in the day, and couldn’t find a big enough “dipper” (his word for something to drink water out of) in Jettie’s kitchen, went out and rummaged around in his car and found a fruit jar. He brought it in to the kitchen sink and took a big drink of water out of it. He said, “You don’t suppose I drank that bug!”

Meanwhile, Grandma, who had been very quiet throughout the entire exchange, finally confessed that she had found the bug in the sink, where Hugh had unknowingly rinsed it out of the jar, and, not wanting anyone to think that such a thing had crawled up out of her drain, grabbed a sheet of newspaper, crumpled the bug up in it, and disposed of it!

So, nobody drank the bug after all and everybody had a good laugh, but I was disappointed that I never got to see the bug that Aunt Lela brought all the way from home to show me.

* * * * *

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