Sarah Jane Harty and 3 Wives

Sarah Jane Harty and 2 Husbands

James William Powell - Charles William Burkham

My Own Jobe Branch

Daughter of John Harty and Julianna Haney

3rd cousin to my great grandfather, Caleb Jobe

Sarah Jane (Harty) Powell Burkham

Sarah Jane (Harty) Powell Burkham --b. January 28, 1852 Cusseta, Cass Co., Texas
--d. August 1930 Bowie Co., Texas
----buried Woodmen Cemetery, Dekalb, Bowie Co., TX
--m/1 James William POWELL
--September 15, 1878 Bryans Mills, Cass Co., Texas
----b. March 17, 1849 Montgomery Co., Alabama
----d. March 10, 1905 Bowie Co., Texas
------buried Woodmen Cemetery, Dekalb, Bowie Co., TX
--m/2 Charles William BURKHAM
--June 3, 1909 Bowie Co., Texas
----b. abt 1872

Sarah Jane (Harty) Powell Burkham
Photos: Courtesy of Ruth Jaeger

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Sarah Jane (Harty) Powell and Family
About 1895 - Cass Co., Texas

1895 - Powell Family

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Powell - Finley Families (abt 1900)

1900 Powell-Finley Family

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    Children by James Powell

  1. Martha Lula (Powell) Finley

    --b. August 12, 1879 Cass Co., Texas
    --d. November 13, 1938 Texkarkana, Bowie Co., Texas
    ----buried Woodmen Cemetery, Dekalb, Bowie Co., TX
    --m. Owen Jackson 'O. J.' FINLEY
    --February 1, 1897 Bryans Mill, Cass Co., Texas
    ----b. December 2, 1872 Cass Co., Texas
    ----d. May 21, 1953 DeKalb,Bowie Co., Texas
    ------s/o James Reding 'Jim' Finley and Ellen Elizabeth PHILLIPS
    --------gs/o Owen Jackson Finley and Malinda P. REDDING
    --------gs/o William H. Phillips and Levica SMITH

    James Reding 'Jim' Finley, Martha' father-in-law, m/2 Paralee Harty, Martha's aunt. Therefore Martha's aunt, was also her mother-in-law.

  2. Viola Florence (Powell) Russell

    --b. December 2, 1888 Cass Co., Texas
    --d. February 5, 1954 DeKalb, Bowie Co., Texas
    --m. Albert Reed RUSSELL
    --January 27, 1907 Bowie Co., Texas
    ----b. July 2, 1885 DeKalb, Bowie Co., Texas
    ----d. January 12, 1956 Bowie Co., Texas

  3. Julia Estelle Powell

    --b. October 29, 1891 Cass Co.,Texas
    --d. October 18, 1892 Cass Co., Texas

  4. Robbie G. Powell

    --b. February 1, 1895 Cass Co., Texas
    --d. December 21, 1898 Cass Co., Texas

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