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William McIntire - His Ancestry

Not much is known about William McIntire before 1837, at least that can be proven. We do know that the Thomas family were in the Thomasville, MO area by 1818 (today Oregon Co., MO). However, before the formation of Oregon County, the land belonged to Ripley County and Wayne Co., MO. At one time, the area was also claimed by Arkansas. Since Jane Thomas, his future wife, was living in the Thomasville area, it is believed that they married near here in the late 1820's.

The 1830 Jefferson Co., Missouri Census does list 2 William McIntires, one of which might be our William, but at this time, we can't say with certainity. Jefferson County was formed in 1818 from Ste. Genevieve and St. Louis. This county is on the Mississippi River, North-North-East of present-day Oregon County.

In 1837, we find William and his wife, Jane buying land just south of Thomasville, MO, in what was then Ripley County, Missouri, which was formed in 1833 from Wayne Co., MO.

Sometime between October and Decmeber 1847, both William and his wife, Jane, died - leaving several orphaned children. By the 1850 census, these children are divided between their sister and my direct ancestor, Susan Ann (McIntire) who had married Jesse Jobe on May 11, 1846 in Oregon Co., MO and their uncle Andrew Jackson 'Jack' Thomas, brother to their mother. He had married Nancy Alice Renfro in 1835 in Ripley Co., MO. By 1852, the Susan would also died and cause the children to be divided again.

During the civil war, two of these McIntire children would give their life for the Confederate cause. William Jr. was killed at the Battle of Cornith and Walter was killed at the Battle of Shiloh.

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Thomas Family

Jane Thomas was born about 1811 somewhere near Smith or Jackson Co., TN to Ephriam Thomas and Maria Catharina 'Caty' Diel. Most of the Thomas researchers list her as Tamor/Tamar Jane Thomas, but as of yet, I have not located any actual record with the name Tamar on it.

Jane's parents had married February 1, 1791 in Franklin Co., Virginia and they lived here until about 1799-1800. From 1800-1810, it is believed that the Thomas family lived in Smith and Jackson Co., TN, before moving to Chester, Illinois about 1815 where they lived for about 2 years, and then to Thomasville, Missouri about 1818. Jane's parents appear on the 1830 Wayne Co., Missouri census and on the 1840 Ripley Co., MO census.

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Children of William and Jane

  1. Susan Ann (McIntire) Jobe

    --b. abt 1829 Missouri
    --d. April/Nov 1852 Jobe Twp, Oregon Co., MO
    --m. Jesse Jobe
    --May 11, 1846 Oregon Co., MO
    ----b. abt 1825 Lawrence Co., Arkansas
    ----d. abt April 1952 Jobe Township, Oregon Co. Missouri
    ----s/o Eli B. Job(e) and Prudence ?
    ------gs/o Isaac Job(e) and Unknown
    --------gt gs/o Samuel Job and Dorcas MacKay/McKay
    ----------gt gt gs/o Caleb Job and Barbary ?
    ------------3rd gt gs/o f Andrew Job Jr. and Elizabeth Vernon

  2. Absolum McIntire

    --b. 1831/32 Missouri
    --d. July 15, 1887 North Monteir, Shannon Co., MO
    ----buried Turkey Oak Cemetery, Shannon Co., MO
    --m. Mary Adaline NICHOLSON
    --January 1, 1857 Oregon Co., Missouri
    ----b. June 1838 Murray Co., Georgia
    ----d. 1929 North Montier, Shannon Co., Missouri
    ----Mary m/2 William S. 'Billy' STOGSDILL

  3. Hugh 'Hue' McInitre

    --b. abt 1834 probably Ripley Co., MO
    --d. abt 1870 Birch Tree, Shannon Co., MO
    --m. Tamar Jane NICHOLSON
    --Decmeber 20, 1869 Missouri
    ----b. March 1843 Georgia
    ----d. 1916 Mountain View, Howell Co., Missouri
    ------buried Reese Cemetery, Mountain View, Howell Co., Missouri
    ----Tamar m/1 Simon W. CASEY abt 1860 Missouri
    ----Tamar m/3 Simpson THOMAS 1877
    ------Simpson Thomas was s/o John Thomas and Matilda Jane ROBERTS

  4. Eleanor Jane (McIntire) DePriest

    --b. abt 1837 Thomasville, Ripley Co., MO
    --d. 1870/77 Birch Tree, Shannon Co., MO
    --m. Isaac Hezekiah Benubia 'Hez' DePRIEST
    --April 2, 1856 Oregon Co., Missouri
    ----b. February 18, 1835 Illinois
    ----d. 1908 Missouri
    ----Isaac m/2 Rebecca Jane THOMAS abt 1877
    ------d/o John Thomas and Matilda Jane ROBERTS

  5. Martha (McInitre) Palmer

    --b. abt 1839 Thomasville, Ripley Co., MO
    --d. March 1860 Oregon Co., MO
    --m. Robert Boge PALMER
    --July 8, 1857 Oregon Co., Missouri
    ----b. 1840 Tennessee
    ----d. Bet. Oct 1879 - Jun 11, 1880 Oregon Co., Missouri

  6. Mary A. McIntire

    --b. abt 1842 Thomasville, Ripley Co., MO
    --d.aft 1850 census Oregon or Shannon Co., MO

    *Mary has not been located after the 1850 Oregon Co., MO census and none of the descendants of her siblings seem to have any recollection of her. Know that during the early to mid 1850's, many in this area died including my direct ancestors, Susan Ann (McIntire), Mary's sister, and her husband, Jesse Jobe - both who died in 1852.

  7. William McIntire, Jr.

    --b. abt 1844 Thomasville, Oregon Co., MO
    --d. Oct 3, 1862 Battle of Cornith (Civil War)

    William enlisted Feb 25, 1861 at Birch tree in Shannon Co,Mo in the Confederacy for a l2 month period by J.R. Woodside as a Private in Company D, 4 Reg't Missouri Infantry. Records indicate that he was from Oregon Co.,MO previously. He was last paid on April 30, l862 by Capt. A. Danner. William appears as being killed in the Battle of Corinth, Mississippi in a report dated Oct l2, 1862.

  8. Walter McIntire

    --b. abt 1846 Thomasville, Oregon Co., MO
    --d. 1862 Battle of Shiloh (Civil War)

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