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Barnabas Page ( 1800/01 - 1866)

Barnabas or Barney Page as he was known, was born 1800-1801 probably in Buncombe Co., NC to Jacob Page and his 2nd wife, Lourana ?. He married Mary Ann Allen about 1819 - somewhere in the Smith Co., TN area. An actual marriage record has not been located. Barnabas left a will dated February 2, 1865 DeKalb Co., TN.

Barnabas Page Cemetery - DeKalb Co., TN

Resen Page overlooking the graves of Barnabas Page, Mary (Allen) Page and an infant of theirs (Enlarged View)Believed to the the Rock - indicating the burial site of Barnabas and Mary (Allen) Page

Cemetery Book for DeKalb Co., TN

Barnabas Page born abt 1800 died 2/3/1866 Mary Allen d/o Hezekiah Allen & w/o Barnabas Page born abt 1797 died 12/27/1865 and Unknown infant of Barnabas and Mary Page buried there

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Much more information can be found on the Page and Allen families on my gedcom, located at Rootsweb World Connect. Many other connecting families can also be found. These families are known for intermarrying with each other.


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Allen Family

Mary Allen, the wife of Barnabas Page, was born between 1797-1800 York Co., South Carolina, the oldest of 11 children of Hezekiah Allen and Martha Lawson. Mary is believed to be the child, age 5-10, with her parents on the 1800 York Co. SC Census. Mary died Decmeber 27, 1865 and is buried at the Barnabas Page Cemetery in DeKalb Co., TN.

Mary had a sister, Jane Allen, who married Jacob Page, a brother to Barnabas Page, about 1819.

Hezekiah Allen was born about 1773 in either North or South Carolina and died about March 1838 Smith Co., TN. He is believed to be buried on Hurricane Ridge in DeKalb Co., TN. Hezekiah married Martha Lawson, d/o Jonas Lawson about 1795. In October 1810, Hezekiah sold his land in Buncome Co., NC and moved to Smith Co., TN.

The name, Hezekiah, sometimed spelled Ezekiel in the earlier records, has been passed down in many of his descendants.

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Children of Barnabas Page and Mary (Allen)

  1. James Page

    --b. February 23, 1821 Smith Co., TN
    --d. July 7, 1881 DeKalb Co., TN)
    --m. Mary Jane LEE
    --November 24, 1840 DeKalb Co., TN
    ----b. 1824 Smith Co., TN
    ----d. July 10, 1891 DeKalb Co., TN

  2. Hugh Page

    --b. September 25, 1822 Smith Co., TN
    --d. October 1889 DeKalb Co., TN)
    ----buried unmarked grave, Page Cemetery, Jones Creek, DeKalb Co., TN
    --m/1 Elizabeth BALDWIN
    --1843 Tennessee
    ----b. 1824 Smith Co., TN
    ----d. abt 1862 DeKalb Co., TN
    ------buried unmarked Grave, Page Cemetery, Jones Creek, DeKalb Co., TN
    --m/2 Jemima 'Gemima' ATNIP
    --February 3, 1863 DeKalb Co., TN
    ----b. January 19, 1833 Warren Co., TN
    ----d. February 9, 1913 DeKalb Co., TN
    ------buried Hurricane Ridge, DeKalb Co., TN
    ------d/o Benjamin Atnip and Jemima Herring?

  3. Mahala (Page) McIntire

    --b. February 22, 1824 Smith Co., TN
    --d. December 1859 DeKalb Co., TN
    --m. James G. McINTIRE
    --July 1, 1842 DeKalb Co., TN
    ----b. September 15, 1817 Indian Creek, Smith Co., TN
    ----d. after June 19, 1900 Logan Co., Kentucky

  4. Andrew Page

    --b. Oct 7, 1825 Smith Co., TN
    --d. August 5, 1871 DeKalb Co., TN)
    ----buried Pisgah Methodist Church Cemetery, DeKalb Co., TN
    --m. Kizane Irene 'Kizzie' 'Reney' LAURANCE
    --abt 1846 DeKalb Co., TN
    ----b. December 19, 1827 Smith Co., TN
    ----d. abt 1904 DeKalb Co., TN
    ------buried Pisgah Methodist Church cemetery, Dekalb Co, Tn
    ------d/o Thomas Laurance and Susannah PAFFORD

  5. Martha (Page) Taylor

    --b. June 17, 1826 Smith Co., TN
    --d. November 20, 1885 DeKalb Co., TN)
    --m. John Bethel TAYLOR
    --August 6, 1845 DeKalb Co., TN
    ----b. September 2, 1822 Indian Creek, Smith Co., TN
    ----d. February 21, 1898 DeKalb Co., TN
    -------buried Ed Taylor Cem. #15 moved
    -------s/o Barzilla Taylor and Mary HALE

  6. Lourana (Page) Hale

    --b. March 17, 1827 Smith Co., TN
    --d. June 27, 1906 Jack Co., TX
    ----buried Truce Cemetery, Newport, Jack Co., Texas
    --m. Daniel HALE
    --January 16, 1847 DeKalb Co., TN
    ----b. January 4, 1825 Smithville, DeKalb Co., TN
    ----d. March 21, 1913 New Port, Jack Co., TN
    -------buried Truce Cemetery, Jack Co., Texas
    -------d/o John Hale and Sarah PAGE

  7. Infant Page

    --b. abt 1829 Smith Co., TN
    --d. abt 1830 Smith Co., TN

  8. Seburn 'Ceburn' Page

    --b. December 27, 1830 Smith Co., TN
    --d. May 18, 1901 Clinton, Van Buren Co. AR
    ----buried Crabtree Cemetery, Clinton, Van Buren Co., AR
    --m/1 Louisa Eliza TRAMEL
    --May 11, 1850 Smith Co., TN
    ----b. 1834 Smith Co., TN
    ----d. 1860/63 DeKalb Co., TN
    ------d/o Shadrick 'Shade' Tramel and Elizabeth McINTIRE
    --m/2 Elizabeth 'Betsey' HILL
    --November 1, 1863 Smith Co., TN
    ----b. 1841/42 DeKalb Co., TN
    ----d. February 1880 Daviess Co., KY
    --m/3 Mary M. (CRABTREE) WATTS
    --March 16, 1881 Daviess Co., KY
    ----b. December 18, 1852 Kentucky
    ----d. August 8, 1936 Van Buren Co., AR
    ------buried Crabtree Cemetery, Van Buren Co., AR

  9. Louisa (Page) Allen

    --b. 1833 Smith Co., TN
    --d. Oct 1853/Dec 1857 DeKalb Co., TN
    --m. Hezekiah ALLEN (her cousin)
    --October 20, 1853 DeKalb Co., TN
    ----b. 1831/32 Smith Co., TN
    ----d. abt May 1865
    ----s/o Andrew Allen and Lydia SWANER

  10. Mary 'Polly' (Page) Allen Walker

    --b. September 9, 1834 Smith Co., TN
    --d. December 30, 1898 DeKalb Co., TN
    ----buried Walker-Allen Cemetery, DeKalb Co., TN
    --m/1 John H. ALLEN (HER COUSIN)
    --December 29, 1855 DeKalb Co., TN
    ----b. 1834 Smith Co., TN
    ----d. January 6, 1863 DeKalb Co., TN
    ------s/o William Blakely Allen and Hannah BALL
    --m/2 Alexander W. WALKER, Sr.
    --December 19, 1863 DeKalb Co., TN
    ----b. February 11, 1832 Warren Co., TN
    ----d. February 13, 1909 DeKalb Co., TN
    ------buried Walker-Allen Cemetery, Dekalb Co. TN
    ------s/o Samuel L. Walker and Mary Elizabeth NIXON

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