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Hope you have enjoyed viewing my main entry page, ANN'S GENEALOGY, and the many surname and locality-specific pages that are linked. As you can quickly surmiss, I spend a lot of time doing genealogy - tracing my family history. This is something which I have always enjoyed and actually started when I was 16.

However, if you've taken the time to visit this page, I'm sure that you would really like to know more about me as a person and my family. I was born in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas 55 years ago where I spent the first 21 years of my life in the Fort Worth-Dallas metroplex.

Home is now Copper Cliff, which is actually part of Greater Sudbury in Northern Ontario. May of 2003, after being a resident of Canada for almost 31 years, I finally made the big plunge and became a Canadian citizen. Even passed the citizenship test. >smile< Though Texas will always be in my heart, I've come to love living in Canada and my immediate family is now here. As you can see I now have a son in the Canadian Armed Forces, a husband a daughter living here and two adorable grandsons born here.


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Copper Cliff, a community of about 2000, is actually a western suburb of the City of Greater Sudbury, in northern Ontario. You easily know that you're here as we have a smoke stack that towers over our town and can be seen for miles.

Entrance to Copper Cliff
Corner of Lorne (Regional Road 55) and Balsam

Copper Cliff Entrance Sign

Actually as of January 1, 2001, we are now called the City of Greater Sudbury as the small towns in the region were merged into one city. As of the 2006 census, we had a population of almost 158,000. Great Sudbury includes the regional towns of Chelmsford, Onapig, Nickel Center, Lively, Whitefish, etc.The city covers a wide area so the population is very scattered! Greater Sudbury is the largest city in Northern Ontario. We are officially bilingual. We are known as the Nickel City due to our nickel and copper mines. We are about 250 miles north-northeast of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and about 185 miles due east of Sault St. Marie, Michigan. To get to Toronto, takes just under 4 hours from here and to get to Ottawa takes about 6 hours.

Corner of Evans and Orford

The photo, taken at the corner of Evans and Orford, on the right shows the superstack. This was taken less than a block from our house. When you look out our bedroom window - you can see the superstack. This is where Allan and my son-in-law, Ron, works. The blue building with the two white silows, in the photo, is the Copper Cliff Diary and it is on Balsam Road, which along with Power Road, is our main routes back to Old Highway 17, the Trans Canada which takes us into downtown Sudbury - about 8-10 minutes from here and about 12-18 minutes if you go to the mall in New Sudbury.

As one would suspect the biggest difference between Texas and Northern Ontario is the WEATHER! There is no getting around it - weatherwise, Texas is the place to be in the winter, but then Northern Ontario is the place to be in the summer! We have much colder winters here than in the deep south where I grew up. (This did take some getting used to- that's for sure!).

However, we do have some of the best fishing and hunting spots around and only an hour's drive from the largest inland island - Manitoulin. We have close to 200 fresh-water lakes within a short drive. Also, here it is actually cool enough to enjoy a barbecue or relaxing on the beach in the summer. At the same time, it is warm enough to go for a swim.

One of the biggest things that I miss though is the Southern Cooking - biscuits, milk gravey, Tex-Mex, corn bread, pinto beans, fried okra, black-eyed peas, barbecue, iced tea, etc. That is not to say that we don't have great food here also. Instead, we have perogies, meat pie, cabbage rolls, chinese food, all flavors of chicken wings, poutine and all kinds of Italian pasta. Also, here you will find donut shops every mile or two and they are open 24 hours a day. And they do make great coffee!

Another thing you will notice here that is different than the southern states, is that we have LOTS of footwear and they come off at the door. You have dress shoes, everyday shoes, running shoes, sandals, slippers, winter boots, and rubber boots. Also nearly everyone has several coats and every child under 10 has a snow suit. This isn't a choice - but a necessity.

One never gets used to shovelling the snow that we get. However, I can count on one hand in the last 30 years the number of times that the transit or schools have been shut down. Actually I remember more times in the winter with schools being closed in Texas due to ice storms than we have had them closed here. People don't panic here because of the winter weather. It is part of 'our lives'. And most young children look forward to tobogganing, sliding down the hills, sleigh rides, snow castles, and the men just love ice fishing and skidooing! However, for the homeowner, I still haven't concluded whether people consider the snow plows a blessing or a curse. I guess it depends on whether you are already on the street out of the driveway and ready to go somewhere or else just came in from shovelling the driveway and see him go by!

Next to fishing and hunting in popularity, Canadians love their hockey! The Stanley Cup is not to be ignored! And when the Canadian Olympic team won the gold, that was really something else. At the time, we were in a sports bar and when the National Anthems were played, everyone in that restaurant stood up and sung!

We also love our Tim Horton's coffee and donuts. Every few miles, sometimes even blocks, you'll find a Tim Hortons. We even have one in Kandahart Air Force base now for the troops.

Another big difference is that Canada uses the metric system. Gas is sold in litres here and we are weighed in kilograms and our snowfall is not measured in inches. Know I'm always doing a 'quick conversion' in my head.

Sudbury is a multicultural city - Italians, Chinese, Greek, Africans, Ukrainians, Native Americans, and of course French. Every Canada Day, July 1st, we have a food fair of all kinds of ethic foods held at the Sudbury arena. There is also folk dancing! Shortly after this there is the Green festival and the Italian festival. People here are extremely friendly and there is very little prejudice. As many of you know, Canada is officially a bilingual country. Even though I have been here for 30 years, I still have not mastered the French language though. Probably never will. The best I can do is recognize a few food labels. My Texas accent just doesn't give the French language its proper pronunciation.

This Canada Day, the Paris Street Bridge will be adorned with 72 different flags to represent our diverse Ethnic population. I'm sure that it will soon become a major tourist attraction.

If you would like to know more about this northern Ontario city, please be sure to write me a line. I am always excited to meet new friends! Sudbury is no longer a city of just black rocks, which is actually slag left over from the smelting of the nickel ore. This is what it was in the early 1970's when I first arrived here. At that time, our nickname was 'Moonscape'. Today those black rocks, where astronaunts once practiced for the moon landing, now have lush green trees. The past ten to fifteen years, a mass regreening has been going on and one can now quickly see the benefits that we are now reaping. However, that rocky, clay soil is still here.


Allan (husband), Chantale (daughter), Ron (son-in-law), Philip (son)
Grandsons - Evan and Chad

Allan and I have now been together for 22 years. This is the 2nd marriage for both of us. He is officially retired today (October 1st) from the transportation department at INCO (now CRVD INCO), a nickel-mining company, driving a locomotive engine. He has worked there for 41 1/2 years since he was 18.

Allan and Me - April 25, 2007

Allan and me April 25, 2007

Family Albums

Vacation April 2005-2006 with Jobe Cousins

Chantale, Ron and Boys in Chelmsford, Ontario

Evan, Pierre, Chad - November 2006 Chantale and Ron - November 2006 Chantale, Ron and Family - November 2006

Family Portarts - November 2006

Chantle - February 2007 My daughter, Chantale, is married to Ron, also a locotomotive engineer/conductor in the transportation department at CRVD INCO - the same nickel mining company that my husband works for. In fact, Allan introduced them.

Ron and Chantale (Mother's Day May 2007)

Chantale and Ron have two sons together - Evan, almost 9, and Chad who is just turned 6. They are really our pride and joy as you'll see from the pictures below.

Chantale and Ron now live in Chelmsford about 20 minutes from us. They are much happier here than where they lived before. There are two grocery stores, several restaurants including KFC, Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen (Chad's favorite place), a couple of drug stores, video store, etc. As Chantale would say, "I actually have a neighborhood, and can take the boys for a walk".

* * * *

Boys - June 30, 2007

* * * *

School Photos - Evan (Grade 1) and Chad (Jr Kindergarten)

Evan - Grade 1 - September 2006 Chad - Jr Kindergarden - September 2006

* * * *

Family Pets - Pixie

They have a terrier, - Pixie which Evan calls 'his dog'. But as you can see below, Philip takes a real interest in Pixie when he visits. Sometimes Pixie is so quiet that I wonder if she is really around.


* * * *

Chantale has graduated from Canadian Career College, having completed a very intense 24 week course to become a Personal Support Worker. Her graduation was finally held May 30, 2008.

In October 2007, Chantale began her career at Elizabeth Centre in Val Caron, Ontario (part of Greater Sudbury). She is now starting her 2nd year and enjoying it very much.

Evan just entered grade 3, French immersion and continues to do very well. We are all extremely proud of him. He has had no problems learning the French language.

Chad just enter grade 1, French Immersion. .

Philip - Christmas 2006

My Son, Philip, in the Canadian Armed Forces

Home Base, Petawawa, Ontario

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Right: Taken Christmas 2006

Though he worked for a bakery after high school graduation for two years, his dream was always to join the Canadian military. He was determined and didn't give up. This is how it happened that at 10 AM on September 11, 2001 that we were standing in the recruitment office when the news came on. We were all frighten, in fact very scared, but yet we were proud of all these young people who were being enrolled on that eventful day which we will never forget and which history will forever remember. None of these new recruits even hesitated in taking the oath - in fact I have to say that they were even more determined!

St. Jean (March 2002) - 2 RCHA at Petawawa, ON - Petawawa (Dec 2003)

Philip - March 2002 Philip moving into RCHA building Philip - December 15, 2003

Training and Travels

Philip is a Bombadier in his eighth year (in 2007) with 2 RCHA, D-Battery, A-Company. He wanted to travel and see the country and this he has done - going from one end of Canada to the other and to Asia twice.

2004-2005 - D Battery of 2RCHA, as part of DART, provided security for the team. This resuled in two deployments overseas - Sri Lanka (tsumani) and to northern Parkistan (earthquake).

* * * * *


Operation STRUCTURE - Ampara, Sri Lanka

January 9, 2005 - February 13, 2005

Philip's first deployment overseas was to Sri Lanka, island off of southern India as part of the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) to aid the survivors of the tsumani that hit southern Asia on Decmeber 26, 2004. His main duties consisted of security for the medics and camp, cleaning rubble for a school, and ferrying people in a large raft where a bridge had collapsed. While doing this, he got one very bad sunburn.

Philip on a bus in Sri Lanka

Philip with Sri Lanka guard at checkpoint Philip, Very Tired, Lunch Break - cleaning school

Sri Lanka Photo Album
More Pictures that Philip took

* * * * *


Operation PLATEAU - Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

October 16, 2005 - December 9, 2005

Philip's second deployment overseas was to northern Pakistan, as part of the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) to aid the survivors of the earthquake that struck on October 8, 2005.

Pakistan Photo Album
More Pictures that Philip took

Philip in Pakistan with the DART Team
Philip in Pakistan watching the suppies

Philip as co-driver Philip halfway up a mountain in Pakistan

While in Pakistan, Philip's main job, as part of "D" battery, 2RCHA, was security of the operation and equipment. His main duties consisted of gate duty, where all would would enter the camp. Being here, he would see many who had been seriously hurt during the earthquake.

Other duties consisted of driving or being a co-driver, of the military vehicles. He also went on an overnight trek up a mountain (you can see him with his kit on his back), with the medics to remote villages. He said by the time, he reached the top of the mountain, the altitude was really getting to him and he was one tired soldier.

Protecting Canadians - Rebuilding Afghanistan

* * * * *


Task Force Afghanistan (TFA) - Operation Athena

February 2007 - August 2007

Kandahar, Afghanistan Weather


Though life's circumstances are not in our hands - the WAY WE REACT TO THEM ARE!



I am also very proud to say that I am a christian who regularly attends Glad Tidings Church (2007) in Sudbury. This denomination is associated with the Penecostal Assembelies of Canada and is very similiar to the Assembly of God in the states. In the past we have been Sunday School teachers for ages 8-9. Now Allan is a relief usher. Our church is in the process of building a new sanctuary which we are hoping to be dedicated around Eater.


I also enjoy reading Christian books and listening to Praise and Worship Christian Music. Our radio is always on the Christian station which we just recently obtained here in Sudbury. Glad Tidings has a special half hour program from 11:30 - 12:00 - SING UNTO THE LORD! We also have some Celebrant Singers CDs which we really enjoy.


Allan, my husband had open-heart surgery in February 1998. He just recently had his second checkup with the cardiologist in mid January 2006. He received an excellent report and the doctor said he doesn't need to return for 2 years. PRAISE THE LORD!!! His operation included three bypasses, the aorta valve replaced and part of the aorta was replaced as he had an anurysm. I can really feel for others in similiar situations so I would especially love to hear from other wives who have been through the same ordeal. Within three months after surgery, he was back at work - doing his usual job with no restrictions.

Allan is also a diabetic and this past November started taking insulin. I would love to hear from wives of diabetics. After a struggle, he now has it under control.


in HIM!!

Strength, He will Provide!!

Most of all, we give all the glory and praise to the Lord for many answered prayers. For HE is definitely our strength and will see us through all things. He will never leave us or forsake us. My husband's favorite saying is "Lay some heart upon my soul and use me to save that soul". He is really a positive person - always optimistic. When asked what he was thankful for on thanksgiving, he wanted to thank the Lord for giving him a compassion for people in need.

Wish that I could say the same about myself! However, when Allan had his surgery, the Lord did give me a verse in Phillipians. I was told, "Whatever happens, You (I) must continue to live for the Lord - to be a witness".

Hobbies and Interests

As you can very easily see from visiting all of my links, my favorite interest and all-time consuming hobby is genealogy which is tracing my ancestors. I started this as a teenager but was forced to put it aside during my first 20 years in Canada due to a lack of resources and family obligations at the time. Please take time to stop and visit my personal favorites (more will be coming) and genealogy links which you can find in the various links sections on my different pages.

Until December 1997, I had never touched a computer. I am self-taught and have learned by reading and experimenting. The resources are there and so are many 'friends' on various boards and lists who are more than willing to help a beginner. I have made many new friends, refound many that I had lost contact with and I have discovered lots of new family information since finally agreeing to my son's constant persuasion to buy a computer. Actually,it was a kind librarian in Arlington, Texas who took the time to show me the benefits of surfing the net that finally convinced me to buy one - plus the fact that they had finally come down in price. In January 2000, I bought my second computer and now even have a scanner - as you can see from the many pictures. I'm now on my 3rd comupter and 2nd scanner. I also have High Speed Cable.

Another favorite past-time of mind is playing cards. I enjoy Hearts 500, and Crib. My favorite old movie is Gone With the Wind. I especially enjoy watching movies about the Civil War. Guess that goes along with my interest in United States History. My favorite novels are the ones by John Jakes. My favorite TV show is 7th Heaven. We try to go to the movies once a month together. Shwows I've seen lately were Night at the Museum, Rocky Balboa, Deck the Halls and The Holdiay.


--See My Personal Favorite Links Below--

Whatever your circumsances, Please remember that God will not forsake you.

HE does hear your prayers. If you need someone to talk to (whatever the circumstances), do drop me a line! I have been there and during this time,the Lord brought me in contact with many wonderful people who did pray for me and my family. I know that it was not just coincidence that I came upon these sites.



City of Greater Sudbury
Official website of the city where I live
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Our church supports this radio station and it is the one that we listen to.
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Our community newspaper - three times weekly
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News, Weather, Stock, Sports, Links!

As we would say in Texas, "Yaw COME BACK NOW--YOU HEAR!!!