Ephriam Thomas - Maria Catharina 'Caty' Teal Descendants

Ephriam THOMAS - Caty TEAL

- (German spelling) Maria Catharina 'Caty' DIEHL -

My 4th Great Grandparents

* An extra special gratitude of thanks to Jeff Thomas and Lisa Thomas *

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Ephriam Thomas - What We Know



Caty was the daughter of Adam 'Johann' Diehl, Sr. and Mary Magdalena 'Maria Modelany' Burkhardt who were married June 17, 1760 at Dover Lutheran Church, York County, Virginia.

Teal (Diehl in German) Family


Children of Ephriam and Caty

The children, which I list with a ? beside their name, though believed to be a child of Ephriam and Caty, at this time, their relationship is UNPROVEN. For further information on these families - please be sure and see my actual gedcom with full notes on World Connect.

The PROVEN CHILDREN, the ones without the question mark, will eventually have links to their own sites - hopefully with photographs.

More information - go to Hall -Brewer Gedcom or click on Children's names

  1. Milly (?) Thomas

    We definitely know that a Milly Pritchett was a heir and descendant of Ephriam. However, at this time, we do not know if she was a child or grandchild. If you know anything more about this Milly, mentioned in the Sheriff's deed, above, please write me - Ann (Jobe) Brown.

  2. William Thomas

    --b.abt 1792 probably Franklin Co., VA
    --d. abt May 1834 Thomasville, Ripley Co., MO
    --n. Nancy HUDDLESTON
    --abt 1815 probably Smith Co., TN
    ----b. abt 1795 probably Bedford Co., VA
    ----d. abt 1865 Thomasville, Moore Twp, Oregon Co., MO
    ------d/o Abraham Huddleston and Mary Ellen ALLEN

  3. Adam (?) Thomas

    --b. November 25, 1793 Franklin Co., VA
    --d. September 25, 1863 Barren Co., KY
    --m. Sarah 'Sally' KING
    --November 28, 1815 Smith Co., TN
    ----b. 1794/95 Virginia
    ----d. October 1882 Fountain Run, Monroe Co., KY

    *Though several reserchers do list this Adam Thomas as a s/o Ephriam Thomas and Maria Catharina Diel/Caty Diel, one does have to WONDER WHY HE IS NOT LISTED as a heir on the deed of Ephriam Thomas in Missouri! If not a son, I do feel that he is closely related to this family - possibly a nephew.

  4. David Thomas

    --b. 1795/98 Franklin Co., VA
    --d. after May 1847

    Though David is mentioned in the 1847 sheriff's deed, he hasn't been located after this date.

  5. Ephriam (?) Thomas

    --b. abt 1796 Franklin Co., VA
    --d. August 31, 1853 Barren Co., KY
    --m. Sarah B. 'Sally' MULLINEX
    --November 15, 1815 Smith Co., TN

    *Though several reserchers do list this Adam Thomas as a s/o Ephriam Thomas and Maria Catharina Diel/Caty Diel, one does have to WONDER WHY HE IS NOT LISTED as a heir on the deed of Ephriam Thomas in Missouri! If not a son, I do feel that he is closely related to this family - possibly a nephew.

    Per Marjorie Gracy (Oct 2001) - her reasons for believing THIS Ephriam to be s/o Ephriam and Caty.

    • Ephriam and Caty Teal were married in Franklin Co., Virginia and Adam, William, David and Ephriam Jr were born in Franklin Co., Virginia.

    • Several of these Thomas's were in Barren Co.,, Kentucky.

    • Ephriam Jr bought some land from Adam, he borrowed money from someone to pay for it and then didn't pay the loan, he had mortgaged everything he had, stock, household goods and everything. I have court records to this effect. There was a date set for him to report to court, when that day came, it was reported he was gone and no one knew where too. He went to Marion Co.,, Arkansas. He died there in 1853. He was supposed to appear in court in March of 1850. He bought the land in 1846 and was supposed to pay for it in three yearly installments of $60.10 each, which he didn't do. He gave a mortgage on 95 acres, five head of horses, ten head of cattle, 18 head of sheep, 30 head of hogs and all of his household and kitchen furniture and farming tools of every description. The land was sold at the Court House door in Glasgow for cash in had for $50.00. The personal property mentioned could not be found. He was in the War of 1812 and I have a declaration for a bounty land grant in the state of Tennessee and Macon Co.,. Don't think he received the land because in 1857 Sarah his wife was trying to get this bounty land. I don't have anything that shows if she was granted this land or not. She was still in Marion Co., Arkansas

    • I think he was disowned by his family or he may have owed his father money.

    • Look at the names of Adam and Ephriam's children.

    • Ephriam and Caty went to Smith Co., Tennessee by 1817 then to Jackson Co., Tennessee from Franklin Co., Virginia , then to Illinois and to Oregon Co., Missouri in 1819. ( My Mary was born in 1818 in Jackson Co., Tennessee.)

  6. John Thomas

    --b. abt 1799 Franklin Co., VA
    --d. aft 1860 probably Birch Tree, Shannon Co., Missouri
    --m/1 Unknown bef 1833
    --m/2 Matilda Jane ROBERTS
    --February 2, 1843 Ripley Co., Missouri
    ----b. abt 1820 Missouri
    ----d. aft 1880 probably Shannon Co., Missouri
    ------d/o Alexander Roberts and Polly DRUMMONDS

  7. Abraham (?) Thomas

    --b. 1800-1810
    --d. before 1847 Ripley or Oregon Co., Missouri

    Observations of Jeff Thomas (Sept 1999)

    "The only PROVEN SOURCE that has been found of Abraham is the 1830 Wayne Co, Mo. census. The big concern is that Absalom Thomas, below, is not on the 1830 census in MO or Ark and he did marry (before 1830) Sarah Standley, daughter of Onicypherous Standley/Standlee. You would expect Absolum to be close by. Did the census taker ACCIDENTALLY transcribe Abraham for Absolum? Also Absolum did have a son, John Thomas, who lived to adulthood, who was born about 1823, which partially matches the child profile. SHOULD ANYONE FIND OUT ANYTHING ABOUT THIS ABRAHAM (?) listed ON THE 1830 Wayne Co, MO census - please e-mail me, Ann (Jobe) Brown.

    *I'm inclined to believe that this 'Abraham' is actually Absolem, shown below.

  8. Absolum Thomas

    --b. abt 1804 probably Jackson Co., TN
    --d. January 24, 1852 Carroll Co., AR
    --m. Sarah STANDLEE
    --abt 1822 possibly Logan Co., KY
    ----b. abt 1803 Logan Co., KY
    ----d. unknown probably Arkansas
    ------d/o Onecyphorous Standlee and Mary STRATTON

  9. Elizabeth (Thomas) Bellah

    --b. May 9, 1805 probably Jackson Co., TN vicinity
    --d. Novmeber 9, 1880 Thomasville, Oregon Co., MO
    ----buried Bellah Cemetery, Moore Township, Oregon Co, MO
    --m. Walter William BELLAH, Jr.
    --February 22, 1821 Missouri
    -----b. May 31, 1802 Green Co., TN
    -----d. February 4, 1875 Thomasville, Oregon Co., MO
    -------buried Bellah Cemetery, Moore Township, Thomasville, Oregon Co, MO

  10. Ridley B. Thomas

    --b. Augsut 25, 1807 Tennessee
    --d. July 31, 1865 Kemp, Henderson Co., Texas
    --m/1 Susanna Unknown --December 23, 1827 Missouri
    ----b. January 4, 1806 TN
    ----d. abt 1862 Texas
    --m/2 Isabella Jane BUFFORD
    --March 22, 1863 Kemp, Henderson Co., Texas
    ----b. abt 1843 Missouri
    ----d. Unknown
    ------d/o Peter P. Bufford and Nancy C. W. ?

  11. Martha 'Patsy' (Thomas) Lasley

    --b. abt 1810 probably Jackson Co., TN
    --d. Unknown
    --m. John LASLEY
    --abt 1826 Missouri
    ----b. 1797/99 South Carolina
    ----d. Unknown

    My 3rd Great Grandparents

  12. Jane (Thomas) McIntire

    --b. abt 1811 Smith or Jackson Co., TN
    --d. Bet. 4 October - December 1847 Oregon Co., Missouri
    --m. William McINTIRE
    --abt 1828 probably Eleven Point Area - Wayne Co., MO
    ----b. abt 1800
    ----d. Bet. 4 October - December 1847 Oregon Co., Missouri

    Children of Jane Thomas and William McIntire

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  13. Nellie (Thomas) Ivie

    --b. abt 1813 probably Jackson Co., TN
    --d. Aug 1835-May 1837 probably Ripley Co., Missouri
    --m. Marin IVIE
    --December 7, 1835 Ripley Co., Missouri
    ----b. October 23, 1807 probably Anderson Co., TN
    ----d. April 19, 1861 Nesoho, Newton Co., Missouri
    ------buried Ivie Cemetery, Newton Co., MO
    ----Ivie m/2 Mary CUSTARD/CUSTER May 7, 1837 Lawrence Co., AR
    ----Ivie m/3 Mary HUMPHREYS bef 1850
    ------s/o Vardamun Ivie and Mary MARTIN

    Children of Nellie Thomas and Martin Ivie

    1. John Martin Ivie

      --b. August 19, 1835 probably Lawrence Co., AR
      • He went by the name of Martin Ivie/Ivy.

      • 1843 -July 18 - Lawrence Co.,, Ark

        " Martin Ivie was appointed guardian for Martin Ivie, a minor under age 14. Although Martin's son Vardeman J. was born in 1838 and son Thomas was born 1 December 1842 there was apparently no mention of them in the court notes."

      • 1847 -May 20 - Ripley Co, MO

        Mentined in Deed of Heirs of Ephriam Thomas - his grandfather

      • 1850 -NOT ON NEWTON Co, MO census with father and stepmother. (He may have died during this time?)

  14. Andrew Jackson 'Jack' Thomas

    --b. abt 1814 probably Jackson Co., TN
    --d. abt July 1877 Howell Co., Missouri
    --m. Nancy Alice RENFRO
    --August 23, 1835 Ripley Co., Missouri
    ----b. 1820/21 Butler Co., Missouri
    ----d. 1871/77 Howell Co., Missouri
    ------d/o Peter Renfro III and Unknown

  15. Mary (Thomas) Humphries Huddleston

    --b. December 13, 1815 probably Jackson Co., TN
    --d. October 18, 1885 Thomasville, Oregon Co., Missouri
    --m/1 Johnson HUMPHRIES
    --December 25, 1834 Missouri
    ----b. March 30, 1812
    ----d. March 18, 1846 probably Randolph/Lawerence Co., Arkansas
    ------s/o James Johnson and Drucilla JOHNSON
    --m/2 Charles Huddleston
    --December 9, 1852 Thomasville, Oregon Co., Mmissouri
    ----b. January 26, 1796 Smith Co., TN
    ----d. April 10, 1872 Thomasville, Oregon Co., Missouri
    ------s/o Abraham Huddleston and Mary Ellen ALLEN

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