Akin Family History

Akin Family History

The Descendants of David Akin of Newport, RI

Presented by Robert Larry Akin

David Akin is known to have been in Newport, Rhode Island as early as 1662. He is believed to have been the husband of Mary Akin of Portsmouth, RI who purchased land in 1671. They began one line of the Akin Family much of which is documented here. This material has been gathered during my two decades(+) of work from many sources, and I thank everyone who has made a contribution. I have tried to source this material to the extent that I can, but much work remains - particularly in verifying some of the research from others who did not document their sources. I apologize if I have not given proper credit to someone. It was certainly unintentional.

The information on this Rootsweb site provides "free" access to the Akin Family Tree; however, the data is maintained on the "David Akin of Newport, R.I." tree on Ancestry.com.   In addition to the genealogical data available here, the Ancestry.com tree also contains photos, images of documents, and stories contributed by me and others.  I will continue to update the GEDCOM below about once per month by downloading the GEDCOM from Ancestry.com and uploading it to Rootsweb.  You should be aware, however, that the most complete and up-to-date information on the Akin family is on Ancestry.com.

NOTE:  GEDCOM files downloaded from Ancestry.com do not always show the correct order for multiple spouses!  I apologize for this inconvenience, but do not have any way to correct this.

The following link is to the Akin Family GEDCOM file on Rootsweb WorldConnect where you can navigate around the file in various ways. In addition, below are links to other historical information on this family. I have solved the problem of people stealing this information. I am making it freely available to anyone for downloading. You cannot steal what I give away. My only hope is that you will find it useful. One favor I would ask. If you find errors or can add information to this family history, please contact me at the address below. With your help, we have over 45,600 names in the Akin Family Database.

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