(Photos supplied by Edith Green, Lynda Stevenson and Michael Robinson)

There were a number of collieries in Stanley at one time, but the main one was adjacent to the Station, and was known as West Hallam Colliery (or 'Niblum' to the locals - so named because the management in the early years cut the wages - nibbled away at the pay). Most of the photographs on this page relate to West Hallam Colliery, but the first one is a rare 1885 photograph of Sough Lane Colliery - there are no names nor clear faces but it is displayed here for its historical value. The second photo is also of some of the workers at Sough Lane (Kilburn) colliery - again there are no names but the faces are much clearer.

The men of Sough Lane Colliery, 1885

Kilburn Colliery Workers

                          View of West Hallam Colliery from the top of the slag heap

The pit engine with Billy Bloor (colliery shunter) standing far right

Stanley Colliery Detachment of the Home Guard (1917). I have a few names from when this photograph was published in the Derby Telegraph. Tom Severn is seated extreme left, second from right (seated) is Mr T Clough, immediately behind Mr Clough (in civilian clothes) is Bob Stone, and third from right (seated) is Mr Hartley the enginewright. Also in the photo are F M Brown (the commanding officer and pit manager), under manager C Robinson, and Instructor Smith but the article doesn't specify where these three are standing or sitting.

July 1949 West Hallam Colliery (Stanley or Nibby Pit) @ the top of the footrill (walking access into pit)
William (Bill) Disney - Pit Deputy - standing at the front of the photo with his hand up.
Pit Deputy supervised several men on the pit face

Some miners at West Hallam pit. Thought to be late 1940s or early 1950s.. The second man from the left is Ted Yates of Stanley. On the far right is Joe Hobley, the last manager of the pit, whilst next to him is George Pearson, who was later in charge of recruitment at the pit.

Opening of Stanley Pithead Baths 22nd April 1953. Left to Right: T. Harrison, J. Pepper, W. Marson, S. Flint, E. Males

Stanley Pit finally closed in 1961. This photograph shows the last shift handing in their lamps. Left to right are Joe Whitby, Harold Wray, Jack Fisher, Derek Males, Norman Sheldon, Dick Daniel, Ron Straw, Owen Rice, Rob Heathcote, George Toplis, Bill Clifford and Wilf Ottawa.

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