Upper Clandeboye

Irish Jacobite forfeitures

County Antrim


Early in 1689 William III issued a declaration calling on the supporters of James II in Ireland to surrender, failing which their estates would be forfeited. After William's victory at the Boyne in 1690 further proceedings were taken in the Irish courts. Juries in a number of counties and cities returned bills of indictment for high treason in Ireland against more than two thousand individuals. Some of the indictments were followed by trial, but in the great majority of cases the persons concerned did not appear before the courts and were outlawed by default. After the war a series of prosecutions for high treason beyond the seas was instituted against more than a thousand individuals, most of whom had taken service in the French army and were outlawed by default.

The lists of outlawries are in Latin and record the names, addresses and status (or in some cases the occupations) of the outlaws, and have been translated and summarised for publication in J. G. Simm�s article - Irish Jacobites. The spelling of surnames and names of places has been reproduced with corrections of obvious mistakes being shown in square brackets. Four listings have been transcribed below, which preserve the names of outlawries from County Antrim.

A list of several persons following who were outlawed for high treason in England and the record was then transmitted from England.

Alexander McDonnell, earl of Antrim.

A list of the several persons who stand indicted and outlawed in the court of King�s Bench Ireland for high treason by them severally committed against their majesties King William and Queen Mary in the Kingdom of Ireland since their happy accession to the crown.

City of Dublin

McDonnell, Randal, Antrim, co. Antrim, esq
O Daniel, Daniel, Dunluce, co. Antrim, esq
O'Neale, Daniel, Belfast, co. Antrim, esq

County Antrim
Neile O Neile, Killelagh, bt
James M'Donnell, Ballybanhagh, bt
Robert Cusack, Clogher, esq
Daniel M'Daniel, Glenarme, esq
Randal M'Daniel, Cross, esq
Peter Dobbin, Drumsoe, esq
Felix O Neale, Killelagh, esq
Con O Neale, Longmore, gent
Archibald Moore M'Donnell, Redbay, gent
Cormuck O Hara, Loghgeele, gent
Daniel O Hara, Loghgeele, gent
William Stewart, Dun[d]ermod, gent
Hugh O Gribbin, Killygreen, gent
Henry O Gribbin, Glenbuck, gent
Arthur M'Gill, Carnallbannagh, gent
John Canugh M'Donnell, Gleneren, gent
Thomas M'Naghten, Killinry, gent
Nicholas Gernon, Clogh, gent
Thomas Dobbin, Clogh, gent
Cormick O Neale, Killnetagh, esq
Hugh O Fay, Ballygallbannagh, gent
Manus O Fay, Ballyoran, gent
Henry O Neale, Antrim, gent
Anthony O Neale, Castletowne maclegargy, gent
Randall M'Aylster, Ballycastle, gent
James O Cahan, Ballyeneate, gent
Eneas M'Malane, Gl[e]navy, gent
Abraham Loe, Killileagh, gent
Daniel O Kay, Raghlins, gent
Francis M'Oormick, Clogh, gent
Shane O Neale, Kilcrosse, gent
Daniel Gilmore, Bodaire, gent Henry Dobbin, Ballynecarde, gent
Owen Gilmore, Bodaine [Bodaire], gent
Henry O Neale alias Henry Harp, Shaneca[stle], gent
George Stewart, Lissnardevin, gent
Roger alias Rory M'Gill, Larne, gent
Thomas Cotton, Larne, gent
Duncan M'llbrired, Killamuris, gent
Art O Neale, Shane Castle, gent
John Moore, Rasharkan, clerk
Edward M'Cunn, Ballygowne, gent
Teige alas Thady O'Hara, Crigbelly, esq
Fortescue O Dogherty, Glanavy, esq John O Hara, son of the said Thady
Daniel O Neale, Kilileagh, bt
Randall M'Donnell, Glenarme, esq, son of James M'Donnell, bt
Daniel M'Donnell, Glenarme, esq, second son of James M'Donnell, bt
Daniel M'Donnell, Glenarn, esq
Alexander M'Donnell, Glenarn, gent, son of the said Daniel
Randall M'Donnell, Glenarn, gent, another son of the said Daniel
Art O Neale, Largy, gent
Peter Dobbin, Drunsinnagh, gent
Henry O Neale M'Hugh Boy, Fevagh, gent
Robert Cussack, Clogher, gent
Art M'Gill, Carnestroan, gent
Michael O Neale, Killileagh, gent
Randal M'Alister, Mosside, gent
Art O Hara, Farris, gent
Richard O Gribbin, Clogher, gent
Hugh O Mullhaleen, Kilmackevatt, gent
Daniel O Sheale, Cregan, doctor

Listed under City of Londonderry
O Neale, Daniel, Killileagh, Co. Antrim, esq
O Cahan, Edward, Dunseverick, [co. Antrim], gent

A list of the adjudications at the council board [claims under the articles of Limerick and Galway].

Antrim, Alexander, Earl, 2 May, 1692
Dunluce, Randall, Lord, 13 May, 1692
Gernon, Martin, Ballow, 6 May, 1692
Maccledony, Capt. Edmund, The Salt Panns, 29 June, 1692
O Neile, Col Cormuck, Brushane 11 December, 1694

A list of the adjudications in the present Court of Claims

Dogherty, Fortescue, Glenavy, 8 July, 1698
Stewart, Capt. William, Corkey, 27 October, 1698
McNaghten, Capt. Thomas, Attiticurr, 12 June 1699
Low, Abraham, Ballymaeillhoyle, 5 July 1699
O'G[r]ibbin, Lt Henry, Glanback, 11 July, 1699
Dabbih [Dobbin], Lt Thomas, Clough, 26 August, 1699
McDonnell, Capt. Archibald, Glassmule, 26 August, 1699
Dobbin, William, Mukian, 1 September, 1699
McLorrinen, Lt. Paul, Magheralane, 1 September, 1699
McLorrinan, Hugh, Killcross, 28 August, 1699
Neile, Lt-Col. Con, Largy, 1 September, 1699