County Donegal

Clans and Septs in O'Doherty's country in Inishowen

1601 to 1602

In the published State Papers of Ireland, there is a reference to the �notes� by Sir Henry Dockwra, commander of the English forces in Derry, on the territories of O�Dogherty, McSwyne ne Doe and McSwyne Fanagh in Tirconnell, modern Co. Donegal, which were never fully published in 1905. The State Papers simply say, �The notes by Sir Henry Dockwra on the countries of O'Dogherty, McSwyne Ne Doe, and McSwyne Fanaght. Names of the septs in Ennisowen and of their chiefs. Names of the pledges held by Sir Henry Dockwra. Form of oath taken by the submitted rebels� in March 1601. However, the late John McLaughlin of St. Louis, Missouri, who assisted in setting up the R-M222 discussion forum and created the Clan Maclochlainn website, made available the handwritten Notes by Sir Henry Dockwra of Derry.

"The country of Enishowen is divided into three parts, viz.

1. illegible
2. Slught Brian
3. Slught Donnell"

"The people are divided into septs... The chief septs are these:

1. Sliocht Brian (the chief thereof is commonly chosen O Dohirty)
2. Sliocht Donnell (Whereof at this time is chief Hugh Boy mc Cahir)
3. Sliocht Brasleigh (whereof is chief Neale Oge)
4. Sliocht Shane (whereof is chief Neale Crone)
5. Sliocht Phelim (whereof is chief Shane mac Feradaigh)
6. Sliocht Rossa (wherof is chief Feradiagh mac Cahir)"

"The Other Septs are these four following who though they be hold but last as .... or .... where the others are Lords of senior noble blood as their leaders yet they are greater in power and wealth than many of the others and of them are commonly chosen counselors and officers to the Lord who holds them in great dignity.

1. Clan Davids (whereof is chief Hugh Boy)
2. Clan Laughlins (whereof is chief Brian Ogge)
3. Clan Allens (whereof is chief Donal Ogge)
4. Muinter Brallohan (whereof is chief Conner Moder)"

The chief men of the clans and septs of Inishowen, also appear in the published transcripts of Fiants and Pardon Roll in the Eighteenth Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records in Ireland. They were pardoned for their part in the Irish rebellion, known as the Nine Year War. Sir Henry Dockwra had been commissioned with the task of supressing the rebellion in Tirconnell, and on 16 April, 1600, he landed with a fleet at Culmore near Derry. After fortifying Derry, he led a campaign against the leading men of Tirconnell, including the O'Doghertys, who accepted his terms of peace. On 5 June, 1602, the Irish Chancery issued letters-patent of pardon to Cahir O'Dogherty and his followers. He was the son of Sir John O'Dogherty, chief of the Clan Doherty. After Sir John�s death in January, 1601, a dispute over his succession emerged between his son Cahir and Phelim Oge, his brother. Cahir was a foster child to Hugh Boy, and was supported by him and all his sept. Dockwra became involved and negotiated with both parties, who came to terms only on condition that they would not prevent supplies reaching the English forces at Derry and Dockwra would defend them against the O'Donnells.

The Clans and Septs in Inshowen

June 5, 1602
Pardon to the following persons of Inishowen in the province of Ulster:

Clan Doherty

Chahir O Doghartie, Donell O Doghartie, Donell m�Rowrie, Owen m'Brian, Edm. m�a Doualtie, of the race of Brien O Doghartie;

Connor, Cahir, and Magnes m'Geralt Donagh m�Manes, Brien and Geralt m�Cahir, Owen roe, Donill and Enrie m�Cahir, Owen and Shane m�Neill, Brien m�a Doualtie, Eghmarcagh m�Doualtie, Roerie Duw, Owin grooma, Tirlagh m�Owen, Donill m�Owin, Roerie m�Hugh, Hugh m�Edmund, Doualtagh m�Hugh, Neill cron, Shane m�Neiil m�Edmond, Cahir m�Felim, Terlagh m�Conor, Neale m�Connor, and Felim Murrie of the race of Shane O Doghartie;

Neill oge, Hugh m�Shane Sahe, Donel m�Shane Sahe, Neill groema, Neill mergagh, Tomilin, Felim m�Tomilm, Shane Boye, Terlagh Mall, Roerie m�Edmund, Brien ballagh, Edm. mShane, Semus m'Anfer morcha, Donough carragh, Donill m�Risterd, Shane roe, Neill bane, Terlagh m�Enrie, Hugh a bhawoone, Semus m�Anfer Dhoroha, Fer Dorcha m�Terlie, Felim m�Anfhir Dhorcha, Brian modarra, Hugh carragh, Felim m�a Ghilla Ghlais, Hugh m�Shane Bhallie, Arte m�Shane, Cahir Donw, Edm. roe or owin, and Brien ballagh, of the race of the O Dogharties called Bressalie;

Shane m�Anfhir Dhorcha, Felim m�Anfhir Dorcha, Doualtagh m�Hugh boye, Hugh og, Redmund m�Hugh, Redmund m�Neill og, Edm. m�Donell, Semus m�Felim, Gilligroema m�Donell, Terlagh Balroe, Felim kittagh, Cahall m�Neill, and Owin m�Conor, of the race of Felim O Doghartie;

Doualtagh m�Donell groema, Conor Modarra, Owen m�Diermoda, Neill O Carhie, Con m�Farraye, Neill Murrie, Garalt m�Faraye, Donell m�Edmund, and Brien a Roda, of the race of Hugh;

William and Redmund, of the O Dogharties;

GillaDubh m'Garalt, Edm. m�Cahir, Ferdorcha m�Cahir, Garralt m�Shane boye, Donell cron, and Brien m�Edmond, of the race, of Rosa of the Dogharties;

Hugh boye m�Cahir, Eghmarkagh, Garalt m�Shane boye, Brien m�Cunn, Con m�Donell, Rorie oge, Roerie ballagh, Rorie m�Felim, Rorie m�Anfhir morcha, Eghmurkagh m�Conor, Hugh roy m�Geralt, Neill m�Gilligroema, Owin Modarra, Con m�Gillidhurioe, Neill og, and Con m�Rorie, of the race of Donell of the ODogharties;

Clan David (MacDevitt)

Edm. groema, Felim reagh, Hugh boy, Arte m�Hugh, Shane cron, Brien groema, Owin boy, Neill modarra, Henry og, Cormack reagh, Conor m�Edmund, Terlagh og, Cahal ban, Cahall m�Felim, Eneas groema, Cormack m�William, Wm. M�Diermada, Roerie m�Diermada, Edm. m�Wm., Donell m�William, Roerie m�Terlie, Deirmod m�Terlie, Cormack roe, Rorie m�Cahill, Art m�Neill, Felim m�Art, Wm. boy, Donogh m�William, Semus m�Donell, Semus, Shane, Arte, and Diermod m�Edmund, Donel m�Semus, Brien m�TerIie, Cormock O Madmoghore, Terlagh O Madmoghore, Donell M�Glesgie, Murtagh O Hangan, Donogh O Hanagan, and Shane crome M�Daveyd, of the name of Clan Daveyd;

Clan Allin (MacAllen)

Donall oge, Gilladawe, James ballagh, Edm. m�Anfhir Dorcha, Eoin boy, Fer Dorcha, Brien m�Teige, Alin m�Teige, Teige m�Anfhir Dorcha, Gilla Esbog, Redmond, Edmund m�Enrie, Donogh og, Brien m�Owin, Donell m�Eniie, and Donell m�Donnogh Riewie, of the name of Clan Alin;

Clan Laughlin (MacLaughlin

Hugh carragh, Shane m�a Doualtie, Hugh boye, Brien Modarra, Hugh m�William, Edm. Sallagh, Brien m�Shane boye, Brien m�Terlie Chair, Donell m'Brien, Terlagh m�Brien, Owin oge, Diermod m�Owin, Neill caegh, Wm. M�Owin, Neill m�Shane, Donogh reagh, Neill Duw, Owin m�Murtie, Henry m�Murtie, Hugh m�Murtie, Wm. M�Hugh boy, Donogh garve, Conor m�Felim, Roerie m�Felim, Rich. M�Felim, Brien carragh. Manes m�Donell, Roerie m�Manes, Manes boy, Donell m�Conor, Edm. m�Donogh, Edm. m�Donell, Edm. and Neill m�Donogh Reiwe, Donogh m�Manes, Shane Dalve, Owin m�Shane Chaire, Terlagh m�Semus, Wm. M�Neill, Manus m�Terlie, Tirlagh ballaugh, Hugh an Dun, Manes m�Donell, Felim m�Gillipadrig, Hugh m�Conor, and Neill og, of the name of Clan Laughlin.

Muinter Brallohan (� Brolochain)

Conor Modarra, Abhne m�Connor, Donell groema, Gilligroma, of the name of Munter Raulaghan.

Clan MacGiolla Chomhgaill

Eoin modarra, Rory og, Donogh reagh, Brien modarra, and Loghlin og, of the name of Clan M'Gillachomhaill;

Note: MacGiolla Chomhgaill, �son of Giolla Chomhgaill, servant of St. Comgall. In Donegal, McGillacoell, McGilleghole, M�Gillecole, MacCole, MacCool and Gilhool.

Other Septs and Families

Donnough, Ferdorcha, and Donell O Murghesan, Owin O Murgesan, Art O Murghesan, Owin O Dughierma, Brien O Siel, Touthall, Abhne, Kien, Eghrie, Finghilie, Donel, Hugh, and Semus O Siel, Kien O Coghie, Donell groma O Coghie, Neill modarra O Goghie, Shane Sallagh O Coghie, Arte O Coghie, Felim dorove O Coghie, Felim cron O Coghie, Edmund, Melaghlin, and Cahell O Coghie, Edm. O Coghie m�Brien, Owin O Gribin, Henry O Gribin, Touthall and Touthall og O Dughierma, Donell Balla M�Donell, Hugh boy O Donell, Cuconnaght O Mulgherick, Eoin dow O Mulgherick, Moelmure O Mulgherick, Donell groome O Mulgherick, [Eneas] roe O Mulgherick, Felim O Laffertie, Eoin, Loghlin, and Donell O Laffertie, Gilligroma O Durinn, Felim reagh O Mulchieran, Neill M�Glensie, Owin M�a Breckinck, Eneas M�a Brehink, Diermod m�a Bhrehink, Edm. O Lonsegan, Roerie mall M�Grameck, Deirmod, Gilla padrig, and Hugh Magranechan, Conor Magranachan, Shane and Brien Magrodie, Gilligroema O Morine, Murtagh m�Brien O Donell, Donell O Harkan, Donell m�Colgan MacColgan, Shane Duw M�Colgan, Conor O Murgesan, Gillipadrigge O Kernie, Muriagh O Hegertie, Donell O Hegertie m'Moris, Gillichrist O Heagertie, Shane O Heagertie, Gillipaddrigge O Deire, Brien O Coghie, O Douthie, O Gorman, Arte, Owin, Donell, and Roerie O Donell, Mulmorye M�Swynie, Neill and Manes M�Swyne, Mullmorie Macgillachair, Tirlagh M�Gillaoahir, Eneas Macgillacahir, and Felim Crodan, of Inishowen.

Murder committed before their rebellion, intrusion on crown lands, and debts to the crown, except from the pardon. 5 June, xliv (1602).

[The Eighteenth Report of the Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland (Dublin, 1885), Appendix to Eighteenth Report, pp. 80-82, No. 6655]