County Antrim

County Antrim Assizes held at Carrickfergus

~ 16 March, 1615 ~

General Session was held at the Castle of Carrickfergus on the 16th of March, 12 James I (1615), before Gerard Lother, Esq., one of the Judges of the Common Pleas, and John Beare, Esq., Sergeant-at-Law, under a Commission dated the 15th February in the same year, and an Inquisition taken before the following Grand Jurors :�

John Plunkett, James Russell, William Boyde, Robert Hamell, Hugh Magee, Saunders Edmonston, James Blare, John M'Colloe, Andrew Holme, Gillduff M'Cawley, Patrick Woods, Rorie O'Morrey, Archibald Boyde, Neil m'brian O'Neile and William Stevenson.

Who say that Murtagh O'Hamyll, of Stenement, yeoman, on the 2nd January, 1614, at Whiteabby, stole 3 cows worth 20s. each, the property of Michael Newby, gentleman. Guilty. To be executed.

That Ever McBrehon, of the Roote, yeoman, on the 20th Octr., 1614, at Stradballythomas, stole a bridle [unum frenium] worth 5s., the property of Edward Steward. Guilty. To be executed.

That Brian O'Gribben, of Edendufcarricke, yeoman, on the 27th Nov., 1614, there committed an assault upon Elise ny Lagan, the widow of William Toole, a faithful subject, and with "a cudgill'' worth one halfpenny which he had in his right hand he struck her in the front of the head, giving her a mortal wound of 4 inches in length and one inch deep, of which she languished until the last day of the same month, when she died. Guilty. Says he is a Clerk. He is therefore, as is shewn in a former case, branded in the left hand and delivered to the Ordinary.

That Donald O'Mulchallen, of Killelaghe, yeoman, on the 1st April, 1614, at Bellfaste, stole "one nedge of Iron" worth 2s., a mantle (unum pallium anglicanum) worth 6s., and "a chizell" worth 8d., the property of James Hutton, of Bellfaste. Guilty. To be executed.

That Laghlin McEdmund O'Carr, of Ballenure, yeoman, on the 12th January, 1614, at "le Parke," stole "a sacke" worth 4s., "a bridle'' worth 2s. 6d., and "a pillyn " worth 2s., the property of Brian Mcdudarragh Magill, of the Parke. Acquitted.

That Richy Bell, of Carrickfergus, yeoman, on the 4th February, 1614, at Stradballythomas, stole a black horse worth �3, the property of a person unknown. Guilty. To be executed.

That Firlagh McCan and Conchor McGraudy, of Enishelaghlyn, yeomen, on the 24th Decr., 1614, at Enselaghlin, between the hour of 11 and 12 at night, entered the mansion house of William Helton (or Belton), a true and faithful subject, with the intent of committing a burglary. Guilty. To be executed.

That Donald Magee, of Edendufcarick, yeoman, on the 7th February, 1614, at Masserine, stole a goose worth (blank) pence belonging to a person unknown. Guilty. That he be taken back to prison and his fetters taken off of him, and that he be then brought to the town of Masserine, and there whipt around the market and the folds thereof (circa forum et pliteas ejusdem).

That Cormuck mcFardorogh O'Neale, of Killmakevet, yeoman, on the 10th August, 1614, at Downsecas, stole 2 mares, one being of a grey colour and the other of a black colour, worth 50s. each, and two colts, one grey and the other brown, worth 20s. each, the property of Shane McCan. Acquitted.

That Shane roe O'Heale, of Glynarm, yeoman, on the 10 th Decr., 1611, at Redbaie, stole a chestnut horse, a brown horse, and a grey horse, worth 40s. each, the property of Owen mcRobart. Acquitted.

Note: Gleynarm is Glenarm. That Cormuck O'Neale, of the Fues, yeoman, on the 10th Decr., 1614, at Cloghardury, stole a cow worth 20s., the property of Master Cambell, of the same place; And that Gilbert mcLawry, of Aghneberaghe, yeoman, relieved him, and bought the cow from him.

That Jenken McQuyllin, of Moybluske, yeoman, on the 11th Decr., 1614, at Ungalle, stole a black cow worth 20s., belonging to Edward Steward. Guilty. Says he is a Clerk, whereupon Robert Openshawe, the Bishop's minister of that place, claims him, and being burnt in the left hand, he is delivered to the Ordinary.

That Hugh oge and Cahir O'Mullan, of Megerilehan, yeomen, on the 10th April, 1614, at Conyre, stole a kettle worth los., and "foure yeards of clothe" worth 40s., the property of Brian O'Cahan, of Conyr; and that Neale mcGillecholem, of Megerylehan, yeoman, aided him. No finding.

That Denis alias Donat Timpany and Owen O'Carr, of IIandmagie, yeomen, on the 24th Decr., 1614, at Whitheade, stole 4 oxen and 4 cows worth 20s. each, the property of Thomas Bashford, of Carrickfergus: and that he was relieved, &c., by Donald O'Carr, of the Cave, yeoman, on the 27th of December following. No finding.

That Rory Carragh O'Lawry, of Lissnegarvagh, yeoman, on the 10th July, 1614, between 11 and 12 at night, entered the mansion house of John Yeatts to commit burglary. Acquitted.

That James O'Hamyll, of Tullenscros, yeoman, on the last day of Septr., 1614, at Ballechackiner, stole a brown and a yellow cow worth 20s. each, belonging to Thomas Gralson, and was abetted by Donat oge O'Hamnell. No finding.

That Murtagh and Donogh O'Mulchallen, of Ballevickechone, Co. Tyrone, yeomen, on the ist of April, 16 14, at Conure, Co. Antrym, stole 3 cows worth 20s. each, the property of Thomas Meltunus, and were relieved, &c., by Hugh O'Mulchallen, of Edenduftecarick, yeoman, on the 4th of April following.

That [blank] O'Mollan, of Edendutfecarick, yeoman, on the 27th [blank], 1614, at Largie, stole 2 [blank] worth 20s. each, the property of Tibott Mc[blank] McQuyllyn, and was abetted by James [blank] Neefan, of Gregrebban, yeoman, and Neale mcGillehy [blank], at Mogheriligan. No finding.

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