County Armagh

General Pardons by Elizabeth I and James I

County Armagh


[June 24, 1602]
Pardon to Tirlagh m'Henry O Neale, chief of the Fues in the province of Ulster, Sara ny Neale his wife, Henry O Neale, Arte O Neale, [ blank ], Henry, Brian, and Neale O Neale, sons of Dohell m'Phelim roe, Con, Brian, Henry, and Patrick Neale, [ blank ] Neale m'Brian ballagh, Con Neale m'Phelim, and Henry O Neale, of the Fues aforesaid, gentlemen, Arte Neale, Breen O Neale, Phelem roe O Neale, Neale Neale m'Con, [ blank ] Neale m� [ blank ] M'Eghire [ blank ] M'Eghire, horseman, Brian M'Eghir, husb., Aghie M'Eghire, and Patr. roe M'Eghire, yeomen, Coolie O Quyn, husb., Kaele Quyne m'Edm., horseman, Hugh Quyn, [priest], Edm. [ blank ] O Q[uyn], Kaele m'Art O Quyn, husb., Patr. O Quyn, husb., Doncho O Quyn, yeoman, Patr. gromy O Quyn, husb., Hugh and Patr. O Quyne, yeomen, Kale O Quyne, husb., Glassney and One M'Shane, horsemen, He[ blank ], yeoman, Phelim M'Shane, horseman, Neale M'Shane, yeoman, Art m'Shane M'One, husb., James m'Shane M'One, and Rorie M'Shane, horsemen, Arte mTohile ro M'Shane, Brian m'Torilagh M'Shane, and Brian oge M'Shane, husbandmen, [ blank ] Shane, horsernan, Rorie M'Shane [ blank ], Torylagh M'Shane, yeoman, Kahire M'Shane, horseman, Henry M'Shane, yeoman, Henry Rawane M'Shane, husb,, Glessny M'Shane, yeoman, Patr. M'Shane, husb., John Shenle, horseman, Patr. [ blank ], Feriagh M'Cardie, husb., Patr. m'Coolie carragh M'Cardle, horseman, Coolie carragh m'Philip duffe, husb., One M'Cardle, horseman, Patr. Ballagh M'Cardle, yeoman, Philip M'Cardle, husb., Conoghe M'Cardle, and Donoghe oge M'Cardle, horsemen, Feragh M'Cardle, yeoman, Patr. M'Cardle, priest, Patr. M'Cardle, husb., Torylagh bane M'Cardle, yeoman, Henry M'Cardle, husb., Edm. bane M'Cardle, yeoman, James M'Cardle m'Coolie more, horseman, Brian, Torilagh, Coolie, and Shane M'Cardle, yeomen, Shane m'Cormack carragh M'Cardle, and Torilagh M'Cardle, husbandmen, Frances Lewis, woman, Art M'Murchie m'One, Redmund M'Murchie, Kilty M'Murchie, One buy more M'Murchie, Phelim duffe M'Murchie, Donchie M'Murchie M'Cerberegh, and Patr. M'Murchie, husbandmen, Manus M'Murchie, yeoman, One beddy M'Murchie, horseman, Torilagh M'Murchie, husb., Brian M'Murchie, horseman, Art and Donogh M'Murchie, husbandmen, Donill M'Murchie m'Patr., and Donill M'Murchie m'Edm., yeomen, Donchie M'Murchie m'One, husb., Patr. bane M'Murchie, Patr. M'Murchie, and Donchie duff M'Murchie, yeomen, Patr. m'[N]eale m'Many M'Murchy, husb., Many and Phelim m'Nele M'Murchie, One M'Murchie m'James, Patr. m'Cormack M'Murchie, and Cormack M'Murchie, yeomen, Donchie ogo m'Donchie M'Murchie, huso., Donchie duff M'Murchie, tenant, Patr. gromy M'Murchie, Shane gromy M'Murchie, Coolie m'Glessny M'Murchie, Edmund, Patrick, Mlaghlen, Patr. duff, and Donill M'Murchie, tenants, Moris, Torilagh, Cormack, and James M'Evire, husbandmen, Moris, James oge, and Shane M'Cowane, yeomen, Rorie M'Cowan, husb., Torilagh M'Cowane, yeoman, Patr. O Brengan, horseman, Brian, Donill, and Art Brengan, husbandmen, Patrick M'Garway, Donill M'Gawry, Brian, Torilagh, One, Mlaghlin, One, and Donell M'Garway, tenants, Nele and Donill Lowhan, husbandmen, Mortagh and Donill O Lowhan, yeomen, Patrick, Mlaghlin, Brian, and Manus Hullig, husbandmen, Patr. O Hanraghtie, Hugh Hanraghtie m'Evicker, Hugh O Hanraghtie m'Phelim, One, Patrick, Donill, and Phelim Hanraghty, tenants, James and Donill O Hanraghty, Patr. O Hanraghty, and Gilleduff Lurkan, yeomen, Nele Kellychan, tenant, Brian O Kellichan, yeoman, One and Patr.O Kellichan, One O Kellichan m'Shane, Rorie O Kellie, Brian O Kellie, junior, and Brian O Kellie, senior, tenants, Torilagh O Corry, Patr. Corrie, Many O Corry, One O Corrie, Many O Hanlon, tenant, Shane, Brian, Hugh, and Glessny Hanlon, tenants, Art, Brian, and Many M'Gloskie, kerns, Patr. M'Eldony, yeomen, Rorie and Brian M'Eldony, horsemen, Hugh M'Eldonie, yeoman, Shane, Brian, Tohile, and Rich. O Bwyle, James boy M'Coime, Donchie M'Coine, Art M'Coine, Patrick, Gorry, and Patrick O Hire, Mlaghlen and Patrick M'Elyre, One oge M'Elane, Elin M'Elane, Kayle and Hugh M'Conwayle, kerns, Redmund M'Conill, Alexander, Gilleseoge, and Brian M'Conile, tenants, Art M'Glaskir, Brian and Many M'Gloskir, kerns, Cormock M'Enemy, Brian oge M'Enemy, Brian M'Enemy, husbandmen, Manus Cahan, Dorby Cohan, Gorry Cahan, horsemen, Mlaghlin O Cawertie, Patr. O Murygan, Hugh O Haghie, Patr. O Duffedie, Rorie M'Gwygine, Nele M'Towchie, Feagh M'Cronila, Donill O Culline, Hugh M'Eveighe, Hugh O Hanaghane, Nele O Lurkane, Rorie M'Sirry, Rorie M'Cawill, Art M'Henry, Brian M'Many, Patr. Tohile, Shane O Kenan, Patr. M'Eghile, Donchie M'Eghile, Donchan O Daly, Donell O Dolan, Phelim reagh M'Conwell, One M'Conway, Murtagh M'Conway, Brian oge M'Girraty, Patr. modder M'Gerrety, Sowrly M�Conill, Patr. Mollan, Terrilagh Ekeslan, One O Cumar, Tho. Shele, Teige and Hugh Ferrall, Donchie O Fearnmy, Hugh M'Evard, One M'Etanny, Tho. M'Evard, Rich. O Cahan, Donill M'Echeran, Tirlagh M'Echerane, Coole O Crawle, Tho. O Bwyle, Patr. Towill m'Donogh, Phelim O Tohill, Patr. M'Gwerke, Patr. M'Rorie, Phelim and Shane M'Elrowhe, Edmund and Philip O Mulish, Teige Moynagh, Shane M'Wylline, Hugh M'Echalle, James buy O Calane, Mlaghlen duffe, Patr. M'Gillernewe, Conoghor M'Creverty, Patr. OConry, Anne Geoghan alias Fitz Garrald, One oge Haghie, Murcho O Casie, Patr. Karewlan, Hugh M'Elchrive, Morris Leynagh, Edm. O Brian, Patr. M'Cunny, Henry O Brian, Shane duff M'Coddane, James Leynagh, Cormock O Kellechan, Manus O Lennan, Nele M'Kinny, One M'Cawell, Teige Kessidie, Finolly ny Cahir, in the Fues, in the province of Ulster. Murder committed before their rebellion, intrusion on crown lands, and debts to the crown, excepted from the pardon. Date destroyed.
[The Eighteenth Report of the Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland (Dublin, 1886), Appendix to Eighteenth Report, p. 87, No. 6662]

Note: Lord Deputy�s warrant dated 24 June, 1602.

December 6, 1602
Pardon of Henry Oge O�Nell M�Henri M�Shane, of Portiemiligan, in the county of Armagh, and Cortrine Neale, his wife� Turlagh Oge O�Nell, Cone boy O�Nell, Cownaght O�Kinan, Chaplain of the said Henry; Art M�Edward O�Nell, _____ O�Hugh, _____ O�Hagan, _____ O�Haghie, _____ O�Donell, ______ and others. Dublin, Dec. 6, 45th.
[Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Chancery in Ireland from the 18th to the 45th of Queen Elizabeth (Dublin, 1862), Vol. II, p. 634]

October 27, 1603
General Pardon to Henry O�Neale of the Fues, Patrick O�Keany of the same, gent, Connor McCardell of the same, gent., and Tirlagh oge O�Donnell of the same, gent, all in Down co.
[Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland (Dublin, 1800), James I, p. 25, no. xii]