County Coleraine

Grants & Pardon by Elizabeth I and James I

County Coleraine


County Coleraine, otherwise called O'Cahan's country, was one of the counties of Ireland from 1585 to 1613. It was named after the town of Coleraine and when King James I granted a charter to Livery Companies of the Irish Society of London, it became part of County Londonderry in 1613.

October 20, 1602
Grant to Donald alias Daniel Cahan, gent., chief of his name; of the custody of the country of Kryue (Creeve) alias O Cahan's country, in the province of Ulster, except as follows: the castle or mansion of Aynough in said country or in the county of Colrane, with its appurtenances, all lands and hereditaments situate between the river Foghan (Faughan) and Loughfoile (Loughfoyle) to another river called Bangibbon which runs into the Foghan, and so between the river Bangibbon and Loughfoile as far as the lands of Donald O Cahane extend, the whole river and fishing of Foghan and Bangibbon, his title to the river and fishing of Loughfoile from the mouth of the Foghan to the other extremity of the reserved territory, the river and fishing of the Bande, all lands called Ballebo, the castle of Colrane with appurtenances, all lands and tenements about Dungevin whereof Coyne Ballough or his brother were seised, and all lands which shall be appointed to Dennys Mullan and his heirs by agreement of the governor of Loughfoile and said Donald O Cahane. Also grant to him of all lands of dissolved religious houses within the country committed to him. To hold to Donald and his assigns during pleasure. Rendering such customs and royalties as were formerly reserved: - 20 Oct., xliv.
[The Eighteenth Report of the Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland (Dublin, 1886), Appendix to Eighteenth Report, p. 93, no. 6687]

Note: There is a stream called the Bangibbagh or Burngibbagh that flows into the River Faughan at Drumahoe in Co. Londonderry.

October 20, 1602
Pardon to Donald or Daniel Cahan, gent., chief of his name, Rosa Neale, his wife, Rowrie O Cahan. his son, Grany O Cahan, his daughter, and all other children of said Donald, Manus and John O Cahan, brothers of said Donald, Manus Cahan m'Quynevallie, gent., Quyneballagh m'Rich. Cahan, Rich. O Cahan m'Avenye, Donogh O Cahan m'Avenie, Avenye O Cahan m'Brien moddera and his brothers, Cony m'Gorry Cahan and his brothers, Owen Hanlon, Fardorogh O Hanlon, and Arthur Hanlon, gentlemen, living in O Cahans country, Fardorogh O Molan, gent., chief of his name, Tomelin, Donell, and James O Molane, brothers of said Fardorogh, John Molane, ecclesiastic, Gilleduff O Molane, with others of the name of Molane living in said country, Magilleghan and others of that name, in said country, Donogh M'Redie, priest or chaplain of said Donald O Cahan, the dean of Derry now being, with all of the name of Mactaggard, attendants of said Donald, and all inhabitants, and all attendants and tenants of said Donald Cahan, within the said country. Intrusions on crown lands and debts to the crown excepted from pardon: - 21 Oct., xliv.
[The Eighteenth Report of the Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland (Dublin, 1886), Appendix to Eighteenth Report, p. 94, no. 6688]

August 20, 1603
General Pardon to Dionysius, otherwise Dennis Mollan, gent. John Moore O�Mollan, Gilleduffe O�Mollan, Art buy O�Mullan, Edw. Groome O�Mullan, Aghey O�Mullan, Brian Duffe O�Mullan, James Crome O�Mullan, Fardorogh O�Mullan, Daniel O�Mullan, Donnell O�Cahan, Derby O�Cahan, Derby O�Mullan, Brian O�Hartane, Connor O�Mullan, Manus O�Mullan, Awer Kaigh Owen O�Mullan and Gilleduffe McBrian O�Mullan in Colraine co., in Ulster. Gent.
[Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland (Dublin, 1800), James I, p. 36, no. xcvi]

October 18, 1609
General Pardon to Ferdorogh O�Mullan, Donell Mc Brien O'Mullan, Gorie Mc Shane O�Cahan, and others, excepting such as were actors, aiders, or abettors to the traitor Cahir O�Doghertie, in destroying the city of Derry, and the fort of Culmore in Donegal co. or in the murder of capt. Dennis O�Mullane or his brothers, excepting also all now in prison or on bail, unless Rorie Mc Brien Mc Closkie, now in prison - 18 Oct. 7th.
[Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland (Dublin, 1800), James I, p. 160, no. liv]

July 14, 1610
General Pardon to John O�Hennie, gent. John otherwise Shane Grome O�Henny, gent. Owen oge McEtegert, gent. Richard McLoskie McErenagh, gent. David Martine, gent. Ferdorogh Magilligane, gent. Manus Murrie Magillegane, gent. Briane Crone Magillegane, Con Modder McDonnagh O�Mullane, gent. Edmond O�Silgranie O�Mullane, gent, Cowy Carragh O�Cahan McRichard, gent. Owen McCassereogh, Hugh boy O�Farrall, gent. Ever McCloske McGilleglasse, gent. Donnell McCloskie McPheilime, gent. Gilpatricke McCloskie McGilleduffe, gent. Owen McCloskie McRowrie, gent. Owen McCloskie McDonnell Carragh, gent. Tomlin McCloskie, gent. Tady otherwise Teige O�Hassane, gent. Henry McTeige O�Hassane, gent. Neile McTeige O�Hasson, gent. Morris McCloskie, gent. Nicholas O�Finohane, gent. Richard McBriane Carragh O�Cahane, gent. Edmond O�Hassan McDonnoghie, gent. Donogh O�Cahane McRowrie, gent. Laghline oge McCloskie, gent. all in Colrane co. Donogh O�Cahane McCorbe of Coulrane co. gent.
[Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland (Dublin, 1800), James I, p. 174, no. Lxix]

May 25, 1612
General Pardon to Nicholas White in Colraine co. gent. Hugh McShane McBrian Leny, Donnogh McLoskey, Dermod oge O�Cahan, Cowy McRoory O�Cahan, Dermod Hassan, Manus O�Cahan McOwen, Shane oge McShane McBrian Lenny, John Carragh McCullmerie, Brian O�Hassan McHugh, Owen O�Cahan McSenekyn Murrey, Owen O�Cahan McDermod, Brian O�Cahan McDonnell, Owen McGillgey, Donnogh Ronnay McLoskie, Turlogh oge O�Neale, Patrick O�Finnaghan, Roorye Duff O�Cahan McDonell, Shane O�Mullan McFardorogh, Brian O�Mullan McDonogh Garr, Cowie O�Cahan McBrian, Jenkin McHugh O�Cahan, Donell O�Cahan McCowy, Neece McTurlogh Duffe, Gilleduff O�Cahan, Tirrelagh oge O�Mullane, Rory O�Mullan, Manus O�Lymbricke, Connoghor McGilpatrick O�Mullan, Donnogh Reogh O�Mullan, Edmond O�Mullan, Dermod O�Mullan, all in Colraine co. yeomen.
[Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland (Dublin, 1800), James I, p. 228, no. Xxxix]

July 23, 1613
Patrick Reade of Colrane Co.
[Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland (Dublin, 1800), James I, p. 258, no. Xxxix]

Surname Index

Cahan, Donald alias Daniel, gent, chief of his Name, 1602
Neale, Rosa, his wife, 1602
O'Cahan, Rowrie, his son, 1602
O'Cahan, Grany, his daughter, 1602
O'Cahan, Manus, brother of Donald, 1602
O'Cahan, John, brother of said Donald, 1602
O'Cahan, Quyne ballagh m'Rich., 1602
O'Cahan, Cony m'Gorry, 1602
O�Cahan, Donnell, 1603
O�Cahan, Derby, 1603
O�Cahan, Gorie Mc Shane, 1609
O�Cahane, Richard McBriane Carragh, gent., 1610
O�Cahan, Dermod oge, yeoman, 1612
O�Cahan, Cowy McRoory, yeoman, 1612
O�Cahan, Jenkin McHugh, yeoman, 1612
O�Cahan, Gilleduff, yeoman, 1612

Hanlon, Arthur, gentlemen, 1602
Hanlon, Owen, 1602
Hassan, Dermod, yeoman, 1612
Leny, Hugh McShane McBrian, yeoman, 1612
Lenny, Shane oge McShane McBrian, yeoman, 1612
Martine, David, gent., 1610
Magilleghan family, 1602
Magilligane, Ferdorogh, gent., 1610
Magillegane, Manus Murrie, gent., 1610
Magillegane, Briane Crone, 1610
Mollan, Dionysius, otherwise Dennis, gent., 1603
Mullan, Dennys. 1602
McAvenye, Rich. O Cahan, 1602
McAvenie, Donogh O Cahan, 1602
McBrian, Cowie O�Cahan, yeoman, 1612
McBrien moddera, Avenye O Cahan, 1602
McCassereogh, Owen., 1610
Mc Closkie, Rorie Mc Brien, 1609
McCloskie, Laghline oge, gent., 1610
McCloskie, Morris, gent., 1610
McCloskie, Tomlin, gent., 1610
McCorbe, Donogh O�Cahane, gent., 1610
McCowy, Donell O�Cahan, yeoman, 1612
McCullmerie, John Carragh, yeoman, 1612
McDermod, Owen O�Cahan, yeoman, 1612
McDonell, Roorye Duff O�Cahan, yeoman, 1612
McDonnell Carragh, Owen McCloskie, gent., 1610
McDonnell, Brian O�Cahan, yeoman, 1612
McDonogh Garr, Brian O�Mullan, yeoman, 1612
McDonnoghie, Edmond O�Hassan, gent., 1610
McErenagh, Richard McLoskie, gent., 1610
McEtegert, Owen oge, gent., 1610
McFardorogh, Shane O�Mullan, yeoman, 1612
McGilleduffe, Gilpatricke McCloskie, gent., 1610
McGilleglasse, Ever McCloske, gent., 1610
McGillgey, Owen, yeoman, 1612
McHugh, Brian O�Hassan, yeoman, 1612
McLoskey, Donnogh, yeoman, 1612
McLoskie, Donnogh Ronnay, yeoman, 1612
McOwen, Manus O�Cahan, yeoman, 1612
McPheilime, Donnell McCloskie, gent., 1610
McQuyne vallie, Manus Cahan, gent., 1602
M'Redie, Donogh, 1602
McRichard, Cowy Carragh O�Cahan, gent., 1610
McRowrie, Owen McCloskie, gent., 1610
McRowrie, Donogh O�Cahane, gent., 1610
McSenekyn Murrey, Owen O�Cahan, yeoman, 1612
McTurlogh Duffe, Neece, yeoman, 1612
O�Farrall, Hugh boy, gent., 1610
O�Finnaghan, Patrick, yeoman, 1612
O�Finohane, Nicholas, gent., 1610
O�Hartane, Brian, 1603
O�Hassane, Tady otherwise Teige, gent., 1610
O�Hassane, Henry McTeige, gent., 1610
O�Hasson, Neile McTeige, gent., 1610
O�Hennie, John, gent., 1610
O�Henny, John otherwise Shane Grome, gent., 1610
O�Hanlon, Fardorogh, 1602
O�Lymbricke, Manus, yeoman, 1612
O'Molan, Fardorogh, gent., chief of his name, 1602
O'Molane, Tomelin, 1602
O'Molane, Donell, 1602
O'Molane, James, 1602
O'Molane, Gilleduff, 1602
O'Molane, John, ecclesiastic, 1602
O�Mollan, John Moore, 1603
O�Mollan, Gilleduffe, 1603
O�Mullan, Art buy, 1603
O�Mullan, Edw. Groome, 1603
O�Mullan, Aghey, 1603
O�Mullan, Awer Kaigh Owen, 1603
O�Mullan, Brian Duffe, 1603
O�Mullan, Connor, 1603
O�Mullan, Connoghor McGilpatrick, yeoman, 1612
O�Mullan, Daniel, 1603
O�Mullan, Derby, 1603
O'Mullan, Donell Mc Brien, 1609
O�Mullan, Dermod, yeoman, 1612
O�Mullan, Donnogh Reogh, yeoman, 1612
O�Mullan, Edmond, yeoman, 1612
O�Mullan, Fardorogh, 1603
O�Mullan, Ferdorogh, 1609
O�Mullan, Gilleduffe McBrian, gent., 1603
O�Mullan, James Crome, 1603
O�Mullane, Con Modder McDonnagh, gent., 1610
O�Mullane, Edmond O�Silgranie, gent.,1610
O�Mullan, Manus, 1603
O�Mullane, Tirrelagh oge, yeoman, 1612
O�Mullan, Rory, yeoman, 1612
O�Neale, Turlogh oge, yeoman, 1612
Reade, Patrick, 1613
White, Nicholas, gent., 1612