Donegal Pardons and Fiants

The Fiants and Pardon Rolls

Index to Landholders and tenants in Tyrconnell

~ 22 July, 1609 ~

Index of Patent Roll 7 XIX � 37, James I, 22 July, 1609


O�Donell, Daniell oge
O�Donell, Donellomine
O�Donell, Hugh boy Mc Shane oge
O�Donnell, Rorie Mc Hugh boy
O�Donell, Tohell Ballgh McHugh boy
O�Donell, Gorrey
O�Donell, Enos oge
O�Donell, Enos McTohell
O�Donell, Phelime Mc Shane oge
O�Donell, Gilleduffe McPhelime
O�Donell, Ed. Grome Mc Phelme
O�Donell, Dualtagh Mc Pheylime
O�Donell, Rowrie Ballagh Mc Phelime
O�Donell, Owen
O�Donell, Hugh oge Mc Adegane
O�Donell, Mergagh Mc Adeganie
O�Donell, Donogh Mc Gilglane
O�Donell, Hugh boy Mc Cahire
O'Donell, Tirlagh oge
O�Donell, Donnell oge
O�Donnell, Rurie Ballagh Mc Connoghor oge
O�Donell, Ed.
O�Donell, Ed. oge
O�Donell, Turlagh Carrell
O�Donell, Hugh
O�Donell, Shane Mc Turlagh
O�Donell, Neale Modder
O�Donell, Ferrell Roe
O�Donell, Conoghor Mc Art
O�Donell, Owen
O�Donell, Shane Mc Manus
O�Donell, Donogh
O�Donell, Owen Ballagh
O�Donell, Owen
O�Donell, Turlagh
O�Donell, Donogh
O�Donnell, Neale
O�Donell, Hugh Mc Donell
O�Donell, Conoghor owe
O�Donell, Thomas
O�Donell, Turlagh
O�Donell, Neale Rie

O�Galchor, Red.
O�Galchor,Art Mc Donogh
O�Galchor, Pheylime
O�Galchor, Donogh Mc Owen
O�Galchor, Donogh
O�Galchore, Tohell Mc Cahire
O�Galchor, Phelime
O�Galchor, Tohell Mc Cormocke roe
O�Galchor, Owen
O�Galchor, Hugh oge
O�Galchor, Tohell Mc Adegane
O�Galchor, Tirlagh
O�Galchor, Shane Mc Pheylime
O�Galchor, Ferrell
O�Galchor, Ed. Roe Mc Phellemie
O�Galchor, Phelime Mc Briane Mc Donoghtie
O�Galchor, Tohell Ballagh Mc Briane
O�Galchor, Owen oge Mc Owen
O�Galchor, Hugh
O�Galchor, Tirlagh Mc Owen boy
O�Galchor, Dermot Ballagh
O�Galchor, Tamline
O�Galchor, Owen oge Mc Owen Mc Adegaine
O�Galchor, Owen Mc Owen
O�Galchor, Red. Mc Tirlaghe bane
O�Galchor, Ferrell McDonell
O�Galchor, Tirlagh Meregagh
O�Galchor, Hugh Murrey
O�Galchor, Dualtagh McFargananame
O�Galchor, Ed. oge Mc Fergananame
O�Galchor, Hugh boy
O�Galchor, Gilleduffe
O�Galchor, Shane Sworagh
O�Galchor, Donogh
O�Galchor, Turlagh
O�Galchor, Donell Mc Teige
O�Galchor, Brian
O�Galchor, Owen Ballagh
O�Galchor, Turlagh Mc Rowrie Vallie
O�Galchor, Manus Ballngh Mc Brian (1)
O�Galchor, Manus Ballagh Mc Brian (2)
O�Galchor, James Mc Brian
O�Galchor, Tirlogh oge Mc Ferdorogh
O�Galchor, Cahire Mc Ferdorogh
O�Gulchor, Ferrell Mc Tirlagh Mc Doultagh
O�Galchor, Dowaltagh Mc Donogh
O�Galchor, Pheilime Duffe Mc Manus
O�Galchor, Owen Mc Conoghor oge
O�Galchor, Molcana Mc Conoghor oge
O�Galchor, Cahire
O�Galchor, Donell Mc Donogh oge
O�Galchor, James Mc Tohell
O�Galchor, Donell oge Mc Tohell
O�Galchor, Cahire Modder
O�Galchor, Turlagh Roe
O�Galchor, Dualtagh Mc Turlagh
O�Galchor, Dualtagh Mc Owen
O�Galchor, Tirlagh Mc Ferrall
O�Galchor, Melaughline
O�Galchor, Hugh oge Mc Hugh
O�Galchor, Tohell
O�Galchor, Hugh Grome
O�Galchor, Phelim Murrey
O�Galchor, Owen Mc James
O'Galchor, Pheilime Mc Gilparicke
O�Galchor, Owen Mc Donogh
O�Galchor, Donogh boy
O�Galchor, Rowrie
O�Galchor, Donell Mc Owen
O�Galchor, Hugh Morrie Mc Brian Reagh
O�Galchor, Owen Mc Brian Kittagh
O�Galchor, Ferrell Mc Moylecavowe
O�Galchoure, Neale
O�Galchor, James boy
O�Galchor, James
O�Galchor, Rorie Ballagh
O�Galchor, Shane
O�Galchor, Errell
O�Galchor, Dowalte
O�Galchor, Turlagh oge
O�Galchor, Owen Ballagh
O�Galchor, Ed. Mc Williame
O�Galchor, Donell
O�Galchor, Tohell
O�Galchor, Roriduffe
O�Galchor, Neale oge
O�Galchor, Phelime
O�Galchor, Manus Duffe
O�Galchor, Dermott
O�Galchor, Cayer Mc Monerbachavon
O�Galchor, Brian Ony
O�Galchor, Turlagh oge
O�Galchor, Owen Mc Fergananime
O�Galchor, Ed. boy Mc Donogh
O�Galchor, Owen Mc Ferrell
O�Galchor, Ferrell Keigh
O�Galchor, Neale oge
O�Galchor, James Meregagh
O�Galchor, Turlagh Mc Cormocke boy
O�Galchor, Ferrell Mc Turlagh Mc Cormocke boy
[O�Galchor] Galchor, Ferrel Mc Tirlagh oge
O�Galchor, Brian Mc Turlagh
O�Galchor, Ed. Mc Neile
O�Galchor, Turlagh oge Mc Moylecavon
O�Galchor, Owen Mc Shane Carragh
O�Galchor, James Duffe
O�Galchor, Dermot Mc Donogh Bradie
[O�Galchor] Shane Mc Galchor
O�Galchor, Theige Theige Mc Ed.
O�Galchor, Shane Mc Ed.
O�Galchor, Donogh Mc Owen Mc Towell
O�Galchor, Hugh Mc Towlin
O'Galchor, Hugh Mc Towline
O�Galchor, Farrell Mc Tomlin
O�Galehor, Turlagh Carragh Mc Tomblin
O�Galchor, Donell Mc Turlagh boy
O�Galchor, Owen Mc Towell
O�Galchor, Moylecadow Mc Ferrell
O�Galchor, Towell Mc Farrell
O�Galchor, Manus Mc Redmond
O�Galchor, Manus Garve
O�Galchor, Ed. oge
O�Galchor, Neale

O�Boyle, Brian Modder
O�Boyle, Ed. boy
O�Boyle, Ed. boy Mc Connor
O�Boyle, Donnell
O�Boyle, Donogh oge
O�Boyle, James Mc Donell Ballagh
O�Boyle, John
O�Boyle, Manus Ballagh Rowrie
O�Boyle, Manus
O�Boyle, Monus
O�Boyle, Mortagh
O'Boyle, Maminica
O�Boyle, Nuse
O�Boyle, Owen Creag
O�Boyle, Richard
O�Boyle, Richard Morrie
O�Boyle, Theige Reagh
O�Boyle, Theige
O�Boyle, Turlagh oge Mc Donogh
O�Boyle, William boy
O�Boyle, Will. Duffe
O�Boyle, William Reagh
O�Boyle, William Ballagh
O�Boyle, James
O�Boyle, Brian Mc Hugh

O�Doughertie, Cale
O�Doghertie, Tirlagh
O'Doughertie, Cahell Duffe Mc Shane Vallie
O�Doughertie, Hugh Mc Shane Valley
O�Doughertie, Ed. Mc Shane Valley
O�Doughertie, Art Mc Shane Valley
O�Doughertie, Donogh Mc Shane
O�Doughertie, Anneny
O�Doughertie, Shane
O�Doughertie, Hugh oge
O�Doughertie, Redmond
O�Doughertie, Shane Modder
O�Doughertie, Tirlagh
O�Doughertie, Conor
O�Doughertie, Owen boy
O�Doughertie, Donogh
O�Doughert, Eveny
O�Doughertie, Donell
O�Doughertie, Cahire
O�Doughertie, Donell

O�Barran, Cale
O�Barren, Ed. Duffe
O�Beglie, Murwh
O�Bnlnane, Turigagh
O�Bogane, Oony
O�Bogane, Owen
O�Bogane, Rurie
O�Bogane, Donell Crone
O�Bogane, Finine
O�Bowleghane, Hugh
O�Boy, Manus
O�Boy, Menus
O�Boy, Win oge
O�Boy, Manus Ballagh
O�Boy, Connor
O�Boy, Shane
O�Boy, Manus Ballagh
O�Boy, Cormocke
O�Boylan, Patrick
O�Bradane, Hugh bane
O�Bralleghane, Dualtagh
O�Brane, Manus oge
O�Breslane, Manus
O�Breslane, Owen Mc Teige
O�Breslane, Dermot
O�Breslane, Ed.
O�Brislane, Gilduffe
O�Brislane, William
O�Brislone, Owen
O�Brilleghane, Diermot
O�Briane, Hugh
O�Briane, Neale
O�Bridane, Owen
O'Bridane, One
O�Brien, Owen
O�Brien, Owen
O'Brien, Owen
O�Brien, Tirlagh Mc Pheilim
O�Brien, Theige Duffe
O'Brodir, Donell
O�Brogane, Conoghor
(O) Brokan, Conoghor oge
O�Brokane, Cale
O�Brogane, Oven
O�Brogane, Connor oge
O�Burrane, Owen
O'Brunan, Turlagh
O'Callaghane, Donogh
O�Callaghane, One
O�Camon, Connor
O'Camon, Gilpatricke
O�Cannon bane, Gillmorie
O�Carme, Hugh
O�Carne, Manus
O�Carlane, Owen
O�Caralane, Cahell
O�Caralan, Neale
O�Carolane, Owen
O'Carrolle, Neale
O�Carolane, Owen
O�Carrolane, Morishe Mc James
O�Carrolane, Pheilime Mc James
O�Carrolane Hugh Mc Owen
O�Carrolane, Hugh Mc Briane Dorogh
O�Carrolane, William Mc Briane Dorroe
O�Carrolane, Tatline Mc Nevell
O�Carrolane, Shane Mc Conoghor
O�Carrolane, Owen Mc Gilwerrie
O�Carvell, Theige
O�Carvill, Morogh
O�Cassaly, Gillmurry
O�Casshell, Rorie
O�Cassidie, Donogh
O�Casedie, Owen
O�Casie, Teige
O�Cawne, Conor
O�Celane, Dermot
O�Chane, Owen boy
O�Chane, William oge
O�Cherigane, Hugh
O�Cherigane, Dermot
O�Cirane, Gorie
O�Clerie, Ellis
O�Clerie, Will.
O�Clerie, Eneas
O�Clerie, Conor
O�Clerie, Dermott
O�Clerie, Teale
O�Collone, Manus
O�Collone, Neale Duffe
O�Conoghor, Murtagh
O�Conelly, Owen
O�Coniane, Owen
O�Connowhane, Theige
O�Cony, Donogh Grane
O�Cony, Dermot oge
O�Conree, Thomas Duffe
O�Convallie, John
O�Conwaile, Brian
O�Comowhane, Hugh
O�Conowchane, Caraghane
O'Crane, Stephen
O�Crasshie, Will.
O�Crone, Art
O�Crumireske, Tirlagh
O�Crumreske, Donogh Reogh
O�Crumreske, Manus Glasse
O�Crudane, Shane oge
O�Curduffe, Teige Mc Laughline
O�Curduffe, Brian
O�Corduffe, Gilchrist Mc Laughline
O�Corduffe, Henry Mc Loughlin
O�Comy, Brian
O�Cunmy, Brian
O�Cunny, Shane
O�Custolie, Teige
O�Cuell, Phelimy
O�Cuglie, Art
O�Dalie, Patrick
O�Demsie, Ed. Duffe
O�Devenie, Will.
O�Devine, Nince
O�Devine, Donell
O�Devine, Houghline Roe
O�Devine, Hugh Grome
O�Dongane, Hugh Durragh
O�Dongan, Murtagh
O�Donnellane, Shane Carragh
O�Donellane, Hugh
O�Donire, Turlagh
O�Doveney, Oney
O�Dovenny, Manus oge
O�Dovenny, Donogh Mc Thomas
O�Dovenny, Neale Grome
O�Doveny, Theige
O�Denghan, Donogh
O�Denegane, Patrick
O�Dortie, Rurie
O�Dortie, Turlagh
O�Duchir, Dermot
O�Dovier, Donogh
O�Diver, Ed. Duffe
O�Dorrane, Peirs
O�Donrrane, James Omlogs Carberie
O�Donier, Ed. boy
O�Denire, Shane
O�Dovier, Neile
O�Dovier, Turlagh
O�Dovien, Loughline
O�Dorian, Hugh
O�Douvany, Murtagh
O�Dovarny, Turlagh
O�Dovense, Turlag oge
O�Dougane, Cormocke oge
O�Doughane, Neale
O�Douglhane, Neale Mc Shane Crone
O�Doughane, Magh
O�Doughane, James
O�Doughane, Dermot
O�Doughane, Tirlagh
O�Doughane, Ed. boy
O�Doughane, Dermot oge
O�Doughane, Turlagh
O�Dougane, Art
O�Dowgane, Donnogh oge
O�Dowgane, Donogh oge
O�Dowgane, Brian
O�Dowgane, Carberie
O�Dowgane, Donell
O�Dowgane, Theige
O�Dowgane, Hugh
O�Dowga, Shane Duff
O�Doughie, Quony
O�Doughie, Tirlagh
O�Doughie, Cormock
O�Doughie, Ed.
O�Drineghane, Donell
O�Drislane, Hugh Crone
O�Duelaghane, Dermott
O�Durmcie, Turlagh
O�Durmine, Shane
O�Durume, Pheilime
O�Durume, Theige
O�Durume, Donell
O�Durunie, Donell
O�Durunie, Teige
O�Faddigane, Oony
O�Fallane, Manus
O�Farguise, Will.
O�Farrey, Morrice
O�Fey, Cormocke
O�Fey, Gore
O�Fladelie, Connor
O�Firie, Hugh boy Mc Brian
O�Firie, Cormocke
O�Firie, Owen
O�Friell, Turlagh Ballagh
O�Friell, Turlagh Ballagh
O�Friell, Dermot
O�Finatie, Dermott
O�Furarane, Brian
O�Gakane, Owen Reagh
O�Ganeghane, Shane
O�Gaureghane, Shane
O�Galcone, Brian Mc Dermot
O�Galcone, Owen Mc Dermot
O�Galcon, Brian boy
O�Galcone, Donell Glasge
O�Gallane, Patrick Crone
O�Gallane, Donell
O�Gallon, Theige
O�Gallon, Theige
O�Glackane, Donell
O�Glachane, Theige
O�Glochane, Donnogh Reagh
O�Garvane, Gillemorie
O�Gilboy, Owen
O�Gilboy, Owen Mc Cormocke oge
O�Gibnye, Shane Mc Gilbride oge
O�Gilcer, William Mc Donnogh boy
O�Gormane, Rowrie Crone
O�Gomurie, Gilpatricke
O�Gormo, Donogh
O�Gorrigane, Hugh
O�Grenie, Conor
O�Gumy, Hugh oge
O�Harkane, Win
O�Harkane, Brian
O�Hannie, Manus
O�Harrane, Owen
O�Haran, Rowrie
O�Harrane, Gilmoyrie
O�Harran, Will
O�Harnessie, Manus
O�Havell, Donell
O�Henny, Tirlagh Duffe
O�Henny, Hugh
O�Hellie, Neale Carragh
O�Healie, Owen
O�Hellie, Owen
O�HelIie, Brian
O�Hettigane, Win
O�Hicke, Shane oge
(O) Hickie, James
O�Hickie, Shane Crone
O�Higgine, Theige
O�Higane, Cale Mc Nevill
O�Higgen, Ony
O�Higgine, Neale
O�Higgine, lrrill
O�Higgine, Mulmurrie Mc Brian
O�Higgen, Owen
O�Higine, Daltine Mc Theige
O�Higgine, Gillernewe
O�Hinerie, Tirlagh
O'Hoane, Neale
O�Hone, Turlagh
O�Hugh, Patrick
O�Karne, Shane
O�Kellie, Gorrle
O�Kellie, Dermod
O�Kellie, Neale
O�Kelly, Neale
O�Kellachan, Neale
O�Kellechane, Donogh
O�Kellockane, Cormack
O�Keen, Richard
O�Kennedy, Owen
O�Kennedie, Theige Duffe
O'Kenny, Turlagh
O�Keny, Donogh
O�Kergane, Theige boy
O�Kergane, Murtagh oge
O�Kerigane, Hugh
O�Kerrine, Brian
O'Kiggane, Dermott
O�Klerie, Cukeyrie
O�Kirrane, Shane Crone
O�Kirrane, Connor boy
O�Kirane, Donell Crone
O�Kirane, Donell Crone
O�Kirane, Shane
O�Kyrane, Conoghor
O�Kuelly, Conoghor
O�Kuelly, Hugh bane
O�Lafertie, Brian roe
O�Laphertie, Dermot
O�Laphertie, Donell
O�Laphertie, Owen
O�Laphertie, Hugh
O�Laghertie, Manus oge
O�Laffertie, Owen
O�Laghane, Brian Bony
O�Langane, Tirlagh
O�Last, Gilpatrick Duffe
O�Lower, Shone Roe
O�Lower, Turlagh
O�Longane, Doughy
O�Laughane, Manus
O�Laghnane, Will. Duffe
O�Loughane, Ed. boy
O�Loughane, Donogh
O�Loughane. Manus


O�Maddegane, Owen
O�Marlie, O�Morogh oge
O�Malkeran, Neile
O�Managhan, Teige
O�Maneighnne, Briane
O�Meighane, Gilpatricke Duffe
O�Meighane, Conochor
O'Meighane, Donell Grome
O�Meighane, Owen
O�Meighane, Nice Reagh
O�Mey, Neile
O�Mighane, Donogh
O�Merren, Brien
O�Mirren, Connor
O�Mellie, Rory oge
O�Mellie, Neale
O�Merlie, Cale
O�Meylane, Donell
O�Minane, Turlagh
O�Minane, Connor
O�Milligane, Donogh
O�Mongighane, Dermot
O�Mony, Turlagh
O�Mowny, Hugh
O�Muldred, Donnogh
O�Mulfale, Enos
O�Mulfale, Owen
O�Mulcherane, Brian
O�Muldiraigge, Brian
O�Mulliergie, Hugh
O�Muighane, Daltine
O�Muighane, Cale Murrey
O�Mulane, Conoghor Caron
O�Mulloure, James
O�Mulgericke, Conoghor
O�Mullorkie, Ed. Gilleglasse
O'Mulchiane, Donogh
O�Mullucherie, Shane
O�Mulkeran, Gillemore
O�Mulkerane, James Crone
O'Mulkerane, Owen
O�Mulkerane, Donogh Ruddagh
O�Mulkirane, Gilleduffe
O�Mulkirane, Rowrie
O�Mulkirane, Brian Ballagh
O�Mullon, Shane
O�Murrey, Hugh
O�Murrey, Gilbrid
O�Murrey, Manus
O�Murrey, Dermott
O�Murrey, Donnogh
O�Murrey, Manus
O�Murrey, Shane
O�Murrey, Rowrie
O�Murrey, Shane
O�Murchane, Thomas
O�Mynane, Turlagh
O�Nane, Donogh Reagh
O�Nane, Donogh
O�Nanie, William oge
O�Nanie, Redmond
O�Nane, Redmond oge
O�Nane, Andrew
O�Neile, Turlagh
O�Nilarky, Shane Mc James
O�Paltane, Manus
O�Pattane, Shane
O'Pattane, William
O�Pattane, Patrick
O�Pattane, Laughline
O�Phirell, Patrick
O�Quin, Manns
O�Quin, Donogh
O�Quine, Hugh
O�Quine, Hugh
O�Quine, Turlagh
O�Quine, Theige
O�Quine, Turlagh
O�Rachnane, Pat. oge
O�Rachnane, Turlah
O�Read, Owen
O�Regnie, Donell
O�Regenie, Manus
O�Reggnie, Gillymurry
O�Reighane, Calle Mc Conor
O�Regane, William
O�Roerdie, Owen Crone
O�Ruddie, Earise
O�Reddie, Hugh boy
O�Reddie, Donell
O�Rudie, Hugh
O�Rudie, Gilpatricke
O�Rudy, Neale
O�Rurtie, Patrick oge
O�Rourtie, Owen
O�Scandall, Brian
O�Scanlane, Gilglasse Mc Carbrie
O�Scanlane, Brian Choggie
O'Scanlane, Hugh oge
O�Shallie, Donell
O�Shamly, Connor Glashe
O�Sheall, Owen oge
O�Sheall, Art
O�Sheall, Manus
O�Sheall, Manus Mc Gilpatricke
O�Shell, Turlagh
O�Sheill, James boy
O�Sherell, Owen oge
O�Sherane, Dermott
O�Shenaghane, Neale
O�Shenughane, Shane
O�Shiren, Rowrie
O�Shulane, Donogh
O�Shulane, Donogh
O�Skanlan, Rowrie
O�Skanlane, Donell
O�Skanlane, Rorie
O�Skriell, Ed. Mc Tirlagh
O�Skriell, Hugh Mc Tirlagh
O�Skriell, Servragh Mc Ed.
O�Slevine, Ed.
O�Slevine, Owen
O�Slevine, Shane
O�Sleven, Donell
O�Slevine, Toolle
O�Slevine, Shane
O�Slevine, Daniel
O�Slevine, Hugh
O�Sulane, Donnough Glasshe
O�Sulane, Rorie Currgh
O�Sulane, DanielI Came
O�Sulane, Donogh
O�Teny, Patrick
O�Temy, Rowry
O�Toolane, Shane
O�Tolane, Tirlagh Duffe Mc Theige Neile
O�Towlane, Hugh
O�Towlane, Gilpatricke
O�Towlane, Shane
O�Timue, Ferdorogh
O�Trianie, Turlagh Duffe
O�Triell, Art Currogh
O�Tumue, Hugh

Mc Abarde, Patrick Cane
Mc Abrehone, Neale Crone
Mc Abrehone, Owen
Mc Adire, Owen
(Mc) Agill, Gilpatricke
Mc Egill, Donell
Mc Aknoult, Phelim Gromie
Mc Arte, Hugh oge
Mc Attire, Brian
Mc Annultie, Owen
Mc Anultie, Donell
Mc Anultie, Briane
Mc Anultie, Phelime Crone
Mc Anulty, Cahire Reogh Mc Owen boy
Mc Anultie, Patrick Mc Turlagh
Mc Anultie, Cormocke
Mc Anultie, Tirlagh Grome
Mc Anultie, Patrick
Mc Anultie, Hugh Carragh
Mc Anultie, Turlagh Ballagh
Mc Anenne, Brian
Mc Anghurck, Phelim
Mc Aparson, Cormocke
Mc Arton, Owen
Mc Award, Patrick
Mc Award, Donell
Mc Award, Gilpatrick Cladie
Mc Award, Hugh
Mc (A)ward, William
Mc Barde, Brian
Mc Breghane, Donell
Mc Brian, Neale
Mc Briane, Theige
Mc Briane Vally, Cormock Curragh
Mc Brien, Dualte Mc Gilleduffe
Mc Burnane, Turlagh
Mc Cahell, William
Mc Cahell, Donogh
Mc Cahell, Will.
Mc Callen, Ed. oge
Mc Callen, Gilglashe Mc Phelen
Mc Callen, Donell
Mc Collen, Turlagh
Mc Collen, Gilleglashe Mc Turlagh
Mc Collen, Brian Mc Turlagh
Mc Canny, Hugh
Mc Cany, Brian
Mc Carbrii, Hugh Durrough O�Dowgane
Mc Carmy, Gillemurry
Mc Cartane, Donell Crone
Mc Carvell, Donell
Mc Cavellie, Donogh
Mc Chafferchie, Hugh
Mc Chaffergie, Neale
Mc Cafferkie, Dermot
Mc Cafferchie, Shane boy
Mc Cherogge, Tirlagh Duffe
Mc Clavishe, Donogh
Mc Closkee, Owen boy
Mc Colgane, Gilpatricke boy
Mc Conmoy, Ed.
Mc Conoghor, Hugh Reagh
Mc Connell, Connor
Mc Connell oge, Ed.
Mc Collicke, Ed.
Mc Collen, Neale
Mc Convale, Kale bane
Mc Carmucke, Shane boy
Mc Camacke, Hugh oge
Mc Cormocke, Phelime
Mc Cormocke, Neil
Mc Cormocke, Brian
Mc Crossane, Manus
Mc O�Crossane, Murtagh Mc Manns
Mc Crodone, Shane oge
Mc Crudan, Rowrie oge
Mc Curostie, Neale
Mc Currerane, Neale
Mc Currerane, Rurie Reagh
Mc Cuell, Shane
Mc Cuill, Gilpatricke
Mc Culline, Owen roe
Mc Cue, Pat.
Mc Cuse, Hugh Meregagh
Mc Dannett, Phelim Mc Brian
Mc Davett, David
Mc Dermott, Neale
Mc Donell, Cue
Mc Donell boy, Win Duffe
Mc Donell oge, Brian
Mc Donell, Phelime
Mc Donell, Nail O�Boyle
Mc Donnell, Owen oge Mc Owen
Mc Donell Ballagh, Dualt
Mc Edmund, Connoghor O�Boyle
Mc Etier, Brian
Mc Etier, Ed.
Mc Ertie, Owen
Mc Enoulty, Brian
Mc Ferdorogh, Neale
Mc Flahertie, Hugh
Mc Gaghny, Owen Mc Garill, Manua Mc AulieI Gardony Mc Gildony
Mc Garr, Brian boy
Mc Genelishe, Turlagh Ballagh
Mc Genedie, Turlagh
Mc Genenie, Neale
Mc Genelie, Donell
Mc Geny, Billey
Mc Giehie, Thomas
Mc Gilhie, Morogh
Mc Gilbrowhe, Rowrie
Mc Gilcolome, Donell Macgilparick
Mc Gilleghane, Neale boy
Mc Gilleboy, Neale
Mc Gilboy, Neale
Mc Gilboy, Tirlagh
Mc Gillentresse, Owen
Mc Gillahare, Cormocke
Mc Gillernewe, Hugh O�Carrolane
Mc Gilbrid, Dermot Ballagh
Mc Gilbride, Shane
Mc Gillvrid, Dermod
Mc Gillvrid, Shane Ballagh
Mc Gilvrid, Donnogh Reagh
Mc Gilvrid, Owen
Mc Glanarchie, Pheilime
Mc Gilbane, Rorie
Mc Gilbane, Hugh
Mc Gillecoell, Theige
Mc Gilleg, Laghline
Mc Gillcer, Turlagh
Mc Gilchor, Enyes oge
Mc Gillcher, Owen boy
Mc Gilgea, Connor
Mc Gillgea, Owen
Mc Gilgea, Donnogh
Mc Glinche, Patricke
Mc Gilmartine, Patrick
Mc Gilmartin, William
Mc Gilmarten, Shane
Mc Gilpatricke, Teige
Mc Glone, Gildonie
Mc Goane, Donell Mc Rowre
Mc Goane, Donogh Mc Rowrie
Mc Goane, Brian Mc Rowrie
Mc Goane, Owen Mc Rowrie
Mc Gomyle, Donnough Ballagh
Mc Gorlighie, Connoghor
Mc Gormeley, Rosene
Mc Goyer, Phillip oge
Mc Granchane, Brian oge
Mc Griane, Neale
Mc Greny, Laghline
Mc Greny, Turlagh boy
Mc Gronnyll, Donnogh
Mc Groertie, Connor
Mc Grory, Mortagh boy
Mc Guier, Connor
Mc Hinchey, Rowrie
Mc Hugh, Donogh
Mc Hugh, Dualt Mc Rowrie
Mc Hugh, Shane Modder Mc Rorie
Mc Hugh, Ever Mc Rowrie
Mc Hugh, Donogh Balagh O�Galchor
Mc Hugh, Donogh
Mc Hugh, Gillpatricke Crone
Mc Hugh, Gilpatricke oge
Mc Hugh, Gillemorie
Mc Incagh, Donogh
Mc Inkagh, Connor
Mc Inkiogh, Dermot oge
Mc Kay, Owen
Mc Kilger, Gillemorroy
Mc Kirrune, William
Mc Kugh, Owen
Mc James Valley, Owen Grome
Mc Laghline, Hugh
Mc Laughline, Connor Modder
Mc Laughline, Brian M Ed.
Mc Laughline, Nicholl
Mc Loughlen, Hugh Mc Ed.
Mc Leoge, Hugh
Mc Linchechane, Donell
Mc Linchechane, Brian
Mc Linzei, Patricke
Mc Loskie, Connor
Mc Magraffe, Pat. boy
Mc Manemane, Turlagh boy
Mc Manemane, Neale
Mc Mannemane, Donogh Mc Gillacollem
Mc Manemane, Hugh Mc Gillecolem
Mc Mannemane, Donell
Mc Nanimane, Hugh
Mc Nanimane, Donogh
Mc Manimane, Teige
Mc Maniman, Donell
Mc Mannian, William Duffe
Mc Manomon, Ed.
Mc Manomon, Neale
Mc Manus, Manus Mc Ed.
Mc Meikagh, Connor
Mc Mornie, Gilgrome
Mc Moret, Connor Glasse
Mc Moret, Donell Crone
Mc Moriertagh, Donell
Mc Moy Cavoe, Cormocke Meregagh
Mc Moyldon, Brian
Mc Murtagh, Hugh Durough O�Dongan
Mc Nakagh, Conor
Mc Neale, Owen O�Dogane
Mc Neile, Neal O�Boyle
Mc Neile, Donell Boyle
Mc Neile, Hugh Ballagh O�Boyle
Mc Nichoell, Owen
Mc Nichoell, Will.
Mc Nicholl, James Duffe
Mc Noll, Donell
Mc Noltie, Brian
Mc Nultie, Owen Duffe
Mc Padane, Ed.
Mc Padine, Donogh boy
Mc Pheylim, Neile oge
Mc Peake, Donogh Duffe
Mc Quin, Owen Mc Briane Carragh
Mc Owen, Farrell O�Galchor
Mc Owen Grany, Neale Mc Dermot
Mc Owen, Manus
Mc Owen Carragh, Enos bane
Mc Redmond, Red. O�Nane
Mc Rougill, Wm.
Mc Rowriduffe, Cahire
Mc Rodie, Morogh Duffe
Mc Roddane, Shane
Mc Ruddane, Farrall
Mc Ruddie, Morogh Mc Donnell
Mc Ruddie, Nicholl Mc Donell
Mc Rudane, Gillmurrie
Mc Ruertie, Morishe
Mc Shane, Brian
Mc Shane, Ed. Boy
Mc Shane, Donell oge
Mc Shane, Tirlagh
Mc Shane, Owen
Mc Shane, Nanimane
Mc Shane, Manus
Mc Shefferie, Manus
Mc Shefferie, Conoghor
Mc Shee, Donell
Mc Shee, Moylemorie
Mc Shee, William
Mc Shee, Turlagh
Mc Talgare, Mulmurrie
Mc Teige, Richard
Mc Teige, Donell
Mc Teige, Hugh O�Galchor
Mc Theige, Richard
Mc Theige, Donell
Mc Tohell boy, Hugh Meregagh
Mc Tohell boy, Gilleduffe
Mc Tohell boy, Owen
Mc Tohell boy, Rurie Ballagh
Mc Toole boy, Rowrie O�Cahane
Mc Towell, Theige
Mc Twoell, Rorie
Mc Turlagh, Henry
Mc Swyne, Donogh more
Mc Swyne, Moylemore
Mc Swine, Turlagh Carragh
Mc Swine, Nowle Murrey
Mc Swine, Donogh
Mc Swine, Ed.
Mc Swine, Dwalt Mc Connor
Mc Swine, Hugh boy
Mc Swine, Honory
Mc William, Cormocke O�Dougane

Amongane, Patrick
Berrell, Thomas
Enully, Turlagh oge
Gobbon, Fardorogh
Ihivane, Brian Mc Hugh
Leynox, John
Kissacke, Will.
Kotchmore, John
Magillane, Hugh
Mahene, Brien boy
Maghen, Cahel
Maghen, Thomas
Maghen, Tirlagh
Maghen, Cahell
Magrane, Owen
Macgreny, Manus
Magoane, Ed.
Magonan, Rowrie
Magollricke, Turlagh
Maguelie, Owen
Magaulie, Shane
Magie, Enis
Magingarhie, Manus Mc Owen
Maglinchie, Cahill Mc Dermod
Makine, Brian
Maranaghane, Gillernise
Maranaghane, Hugh
Magranaghane, Owen Murrey
Magranaghane, Turlagh
Magrameghane, Donell Crome
Magrameghane, Ed.
Magettigane, Manus Mc Teige
Magettigane, Patrick oge
Magettigune, Will.
Magriny, Theige
Magrunnie, Owen
Magranchane, Gillerinewe
Magrenie, Shane oge
Magreny, William
Magrene, Tirlagh Grome
Magarochie, Patrick boy
Magrene, Turlagh Grome
Magrertie, Laughline
Magroertie, Donell Ballagh
Magroertie, Philip
Magrourtie, Rourtagh
Magrory, Theige
Magruaurie, Patrick
Maguire, Turlagh
Martine, James
Moheny, Cale
Moore, John
Moore, William
Moore, James
Moore, Richard (1)
Moore, Richard (2)
Moore, William
Moore, Manus
Mortell, Thomas
Murrey, John
Naughtie, Ed.
Ohbaldall, Murtagh
Omloge, Dermot oge
Omloge, James
Omloge, Enise
Couffe, Grany oge Ningilly
Otmeaurie, Patrick Crom
Otwy, Neale
Otwy, Hugh
Rane, Rurie oge
Roertie, Turlagh oge Neile
Oulanagh, Owen
Oultagh, Gilduffe
Ultagh, Donogh

Total number of names -�1004

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