Donegal Fiants and Pardons

The Fiant and Pardon Rolls

The freeholders and gentry in Tyrconnell

~ 13 July, 1610 ~

Transcript of Patent Roll 8 LXXIV�26, James I, 13 July, 1610

General Pardon to Owen O�Boyle of Donegal co. gent. Mackuma [Malcolm] Reade, gent. Manus O�Curalane, gent. Edmond O�Galchor, gent. Patrick O�Harkane, gent. James O�Galchor, gent. Turloe Duffe O�Tymonie, gent. William Duffe O�Loughton, gent. Brian Carragh Magee, gent. Hugh O�Longane, gent. Hugh O�Canon, gent. Manus O�Glackane, gent. Brian Mc Collnine, gent. Ed. O�Loonane, gent. John otherwise Shane O�Galchor, gent. Hugh O�Galchor, gent. Henry O�Dougherty, gent. Owen Crafford, gent. John otherwise Shane O�Deveny, gent. Hugh Duffe O�Devenie, gent. Tady otherwise Teige Devenie, gent. Donnell O�Cannan, gent. Neice O�Galehoure, gent. Brian Carragh O�Dougherty, gent. John otherwise Shane O�Galchor, gent. Manus Mc Hugh, gent. Donnogh O�Gowlane, gent. Donshee Mc Henshache, gent. Owen O�Connell, gent. Donnogh O�Kelly, gent. Ed. O�Galchoure, gent. John otherwise Shane O�Cawlane, gent. Turloe oge Mc Swine, gent. Manus Mc Gennelie, gent. Neale O�Laffartie, gent. Connor O�Devnie, gent. John otherwise Shane Crone Mc Donnogh Grome O�Donnell, gent. Tomlin O�Donnell, gent. Donell oge O�Donell, gent. Connor Roe Mc Swyne, gent. Neile Mc Donell O�Galchor, gent. William otherwise Illiam O�Tonney, gent. David Martin, gent. Brian O�Flanegane, gent. Gilpatrieke Mc Gillicherie, gent. James Mc Manus, gent. Patrick Mc Manus, gent. Connor Mc Manus Brian Ballagh Mc Manus, gent. Phellmy oge Mc Manus, gent. Patrick oge Mc Gilpatricke Mc Manus, gent. Philip Griffith, gent. Edmond Ellice, gent. Owen Mc Gillgrany Mc Ginnelie, Manus Mc Arte oge O�Galchor, gent. Farrell Mc Hugh Mc Edegany O�Galchor, gent. John otherwise Shane Mc Mooney Ballagh O�Galchor, gent. Neile O�Galchor Mc Toole, gent. Manus boy O�Hone, gent. all in Donegal co. aforesaid. - 13 Jul. 8th.
[Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland (Dublin, 1800), James I, p. 174]

Note: Mackuma Reade is the same Macum [Malcolm] Read, burgess in the town of Donegal. On 20 October, 1612, the Lord Deputy order the Attorney-General to draw up a fiant of incorporation of the town of Donegall by the name of Provost and Burgesses of Donegall. He appended a list of burgesses: Charles Brooke, Captain Bazile Brooke, Maximilian Canon, Henry Everest (?), John Hill, Thomas Mortimer, Richard Draper, Richard Brooke, Thomas Symundes, Laurence Layeton, William Humon (?), Macum [Malcolm] Read, Thomas Bridges (see Calendar of State Papers relating to Ireland, James I, 1611-1614 (London, 1877), Vol. 14, p. 295, no. 547).

Index to Names listed in the General Pardon


O�Boyle, Owen of Donegal co. gent.
O�Cawlane, John otherwise Shane, gent.
O�Canon, Hugh, gent.
O�Cannan, Donnell, gent.
O�Connell, Owen, gent.
O�Curalane, Manus, gent.
O�Devenie, Hugh Duffe, gent.
(O) Devenie, Tady otherwise Teige, gent.
O�Devnie, Connor, gent.
O�Deveny, John otherwise Shane, gent.
O�Donnell, John otherwise Shane Crone Mc Donnogh Grome, gent.
O�Donnell, Tomlin, gent.
O�Donell, Donell oge, gent.
O�Dougherty, Brian Carragh, gent.
O�Dougherty, Henry, gent.
O�Flanegane, Brian, gent.
O�Galchor, Edmond, gent.
O�Galchor, James, gent.
O�Galchor, John otherwise Shane, gent.
O�Galchor, Hugh, gent.
O�Galchor, John otherwise Shane, gent.
O�Galchor, Connor Roe Mc Swyne, gent.
O�Galchor, Manus Mc Arte oge, gent.
O�Galchor, Farrell Mc Hugh Mc Edegany, gent.
O�Galchor, John otherwise Shane Mc Mooney Ballagh, gent.
O�Galchoure, Ed., gent.
O�Galehoure, Neice, gent.
O�Glackane, Manus, gent.
O�Gowlane, Donnogh, gent.
O�Harkane, Patrick, gent.
O�Hone Manus boy, gent.
O�Kelly, Donnogh, gent.
O�Laffartie, Neale, gent.
O�Loonane, Ed., gent.
O�Loughton, William Duffe, gent.
O�Longane, Hugh, gent.
O�Tonney, William otherwise Illiam, gent.
O�Tymonie, Turloe Duffe, gent.


Mc Collnine, Brian, gent.
Mc Donell, Neile, gent.
Mc Gennelie, Manus, gent.
Mc Gillicherie, Gilpatrieke, gent.
Mc Ginnelie, Owen Mc Gillgrany, [gent.]
Mc Henshache, Donshee, gent.
Mc Hugh, Manus, gent.
Mc Manus, James, gent.
Mc Manus, Patrick, gent.
Mc Manus, Connor Mc Manus Brian Ballagh, gent.
Mc Manus, Phellmy oge, gent.
Mc Manus, Patrick oge Mc Gilpatricke, gent.
Mc Swine, Turloe oge, gent.
Mc Toole, Neile O�Galchor, gent.

Crafford, Owen, gent.
Ellice, Edmond, gent.
Griffith, Philip, gent.
Magee, Brian Carragh, gent.
Martin, David, gent.
Reade, Mackuma, gent.

Total number of names -�39