Donegal Fiants and Pardons

The Fiant and Pardon Rolls

The freeholders and gentry in Tyrconnell

~ 17 July, 1610 ~

Transcript of Patent Roll 8 LXXIV�28, James I, 17 July, 1610

General Pardon for William O�Friell of Donegal co. gent. Connor Roe Mc Arte O�Galchor, gent. Brien Mc Owen Mc James O�Galchor, gent. Edmond Duffe O�Currelane, gent. Donnell O�Devenny, gent. Owen Magetigan, gent. Owen O�Lonan, gent. Moylmory Mc Conigan Mc Donogh Grany, gent. Owen Mc Connell oge, gent. Hugh boy Mc Mulcalfe O�Galchor, gent. Hugh O�Shirine, gent. Brian O�Cassidie, gent. Phelomie O�Doughertie, gent. John otherwise Shane Modder O�Molerke, gent. Connor oge Mc Teige Reigh O�Galehor, gent. Turloe Mc Farrell Mc Brian O�Galchor, gent. Owen Grome Mc Patricke O�Laghertie, gent. John Woods, gent. Owen Mc Brian Mc Cahier O�Gilchome, gent. Donell Grome Mc Cormocke O�Gileome, gent. Manus O�Meylege, gent. Neile oge Mc Gilroy, gent. James O�Freele, gent. Gille Mc Gillrowie, gent. all in Donegal co. aforesaid, Donnell Grane Mc Glinie, gent. Owen Mc Enhawe. gent. John otherwise Shane Mc Enhawe, gent. Owen Mc Donoghie O�Donnell, gent. Donnogh Balloe Mc Gennelie, gent. John otherwise Shane Reogh Mc Carerolane, gent. Neile, gent. Tady otherwise Teige oge Mc Shane, gent. Walter Mc Laughline Mc Swaine, gent. William Mc Garvie, gent. Turloe oge Mc Brian Valloe O�Doughertie, gent. John otherwise Shane O�Mulloogherie, gent. Brian Roe Mc Currerane, gent. Nice Mc Currerane, gent. Connor Mc Gilmartine, gent. Donnogh Mc Gilmartine, gent. Donnell Mc Paden, gent. Gilleglase Mc Paden, gent. Manus bane O�Monohaue, gent. Granie Ny Swine, Donnell Mc Gilbride, gent. Donnell O�Kellohane, gent. Turloe orre Mc Colloe Mc Swynie, gent. Gilpatricke oge O�Kellohane, gent. Manus Mc Swine. gent. William O�Galchor, gent. Granie Mc Swynie, Patrick Gilroy, gent. Owen O'Farrie, gent. Dermot Duffe O�Monohane, gent. Arthur otherwise Art O�Galchor, gent. Neile O�Galchor, gent. Turloe Carroe Mc Donnell Mc Swyne, gent. Philip Gnee, gent. Connor O�Rudie, gent. Gilpatricke O�Rellagh, gent. Hugh Mc Swyne, gent. Neile Merga Mc Gilkerie, gent. Neile Omlagh O�Galchor, gent. Owen Cahe Mc Gilbride, gent. John otherwise Shane O�Rowtrie, gent. Gilmurie O�Craragane, gent. Donogh O�Cauline, gent. Turloe O�Petane, gent. Ed. O'Molierva, gent. Ed. O�Boyle Mc Teige, gent. James O�Molloge, gent. Neile Merga O�Donnell, gent. Devett O�Molloge, gent. Murtagh oge Mc Neile Merge. Mc Swine, gent. Brian O�Deveny, gent. Rowrie O�Kelly, gent. John otherwise Shane O�Donell, gent. Gilpatricke Mc Carrane, gent. Cormocke O�Boylane, gent. Dermod O�Donnell, gent. Donnell Grome Mc Donnell oge Mc Swynie, gent. Pat. Mc Carrane, gent. Onee Modder Mc Gilbride, gent. Nichol boy O�Mehane, gent. Brian O�Devire, gent. Owen Mc Donnell oge Mc Swine, gent. Neale Mc Dowalte O�Galchor, gent. Phelomie Mc Nultie Mc Shane, gent. Brian Mc Garvie, gent. Brian oge Mc Grinhane, gent. Murtoe Mc Turloe Mc Swinie, gent. Nicole boy O�Kellie, gent. John otherwise Shane O�Mochane, gent. James Mc Owen Roy O�Galchor, gent. Gilbride O�Currenane, gent. Neile O�Mullane, gent. Dermot Mc Connoghor, gent. Hugh O�Brogane, gent. Brian Mc Gilcoell, gent. Patrick Mc Atyre, gent. John otherwise Shane Mc Farrell Umlaghane, gent. Arthur otherwise Art Mc Onee O'Ruddie, gent. John otherwise Shane Mc Gilbride, gent. Cormocke Ultagh, gent. Neile Duffe O�Farrie, gent. Edmond Crone Mc Swine, gent. Farrell Mc Brien Valloe, gent. Dermod Mc Donoghie oge Mc Cabile, gent. Donell O�Barre, gent. Brian O'Cregge, gent. John otherwise Shane boy Mc Geneltie, gent. Neile Mc Maoriertie, gent. Cormac Mc Hewe Mc Donnell Nelowne, gent. Connor O�Slevine, gent. Laughline Mc Gilpatricke, gent. Neece Grome O�Cannan, gent. Gilleduffe Mc Devet, gent. Toole O�Freele, gent. Hugh Mc Gennell, gent. Thomas O�Murrie, gent. Brian O'Shevline, gent. Owen Mc Igowna, gent. Turloe Roe Mc Padden, gent. Brian oge O�Gerane. gent. Neile Gibboge Mc Swyne, gent. Nice O�Devenie, gent. Owen O�Freell, gent. Nice Mc Canies, gent. Donnell O�Mulmoge, gent. William Mc Cawell, gent. Neile oge Mc Teige Mc Hugh, gent. Turloe O�Boyle Mc Manamnn, gent. Owen Mc Manaman, gent. and Tirloe Balloe Mc Brian Vallo, gent. all in Dublin co. aforesaid�17 Jul. 8th.
[Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland (Dublin, 1800), James I, p. 175]

Index to Names listed in the General Pardon


O�Barre, Donell, gent.
O�Boylane, Cormocke, gent.
O�Brogane, Hugh, gent.
O�Cannan, Neece Grome, gent.
O�Cauline, Donogh, gent.
O�Craragane, Gilmurie, gent.
O'Cregge, Brian, gent.
O�Cassidie, Brian, gent.
O�Currelane, Edmond Duffe, gent.
O�Currenane, Gilbride, gent.
O�Devenie, Nice, gent.
O�Devenny, Donnell, gent.
O�Deveny, Brian, gent.
O�Devire, Brian, gent.
O�Donnell, Owen Mc Donoghie, gent.
O�Donnell, Neile Merga, gent.
O�Donnell, Dermod, gent.
O�Donell, John otherwise Shane, gent.
O�Doughertie, Phelomie, gent.
O�Doughertie, Turloe oge Mc Brian Valloe, gent.
O'Farrie, Owen, gent.
O�Farrie, Neile Duffe, gent.
O�Freele, Toole, gent.
O�Freell, Owen, gent.
O�Freele, James, gent.
O�Friell, William. gent.
O�Galchor, Connor Roe Mc Arte, gent.
O�Galchor, Brien Mc Owen Mc James, gent.
O�Galchor, Hugh boy Mc Mulcalfe, gent.
O�Galehor, Connor oge Mc Teige Reigh, gent.
O�Galchor, William, gent.
O�Galchor, Arthur otherwise Art, gent.
O�Galchor, Neile, gent.
O�Galchor, Neile Omlagh, gent.
O�Galchor, Turloe Mc Farrell Mc Brian, gent.
O�Galchor, Neale Mc Dowalte, gent.
O�Galchor, James Mc Owen Roy, gent.
O�Gerane, Brian oge, gent.
O�Gilchome, Owen Mc Brian Mc Cahier, gent.
O�Gileome, Donell Grome Mc Cormocke, gent.
O�Kellie, Nicole boy, gent.
O�Kelly, Rowrie, gent.
O�Kellohane, Donnell, gent.
O�Kellohane, Gilpatricke oge, gent.
O�Laghertie, Owen Grome Mc Patricke, gent.
O�Lonan, Owen, gent.
O�Mehane, Nichol boy, gent.
O�Meylege, Manus, gent.
O�Mochane, John otherwise Shane, gent.
O�Molerke, John otherwise Shane Modder, gent.
O'Molierva, Ed., gent.
O�Molloge, James, gent.
O�Molloge, Devett, gent.
O�Mulloogherie, John otherwise Shane, gent.
O�Mullane, Neile, gent.
O�Mulmoge, Donnell, gent.
O�Monohaue, Manus bane, gent.
O�Monohane, Dermot Duffe, gent.
O�Murrie, Thomas, gent.
O�Petane, Turloe, gent.
O�Rellagh, Gilpatricke, gent.
O�Rowtrie, John otherwise Shane, gent.
O�Rudie, Connor, gent.
O'Ruddie, Arthur otherwise Art Mc Onee, gent.
O�Shirine, Hugh, gent.
O�Slevine, Connor, gent.
O'Shevline, Brian, gent.
Gnee, Philip, gent.
Magetigan, Owen, gent.
Ultagh, Cormocke, gent.
Woods, John, gent.


Mc Atyre, Patrick, gent.
Mc Brien Valloe, Farrell, gent.
Mc Brian Vallo, Tirloe Balloe, gent.
Mc Cabile, Dermod Mc Donoghie oge, gent.
Mc Canies, Nice, gent.
Mc Carerolane, John otherwise Shane Reogh, gent.
Mc Carrane, Gilpatricke, gent.
Mc Carrane, Pat., gent.
Mc Cawell, William, gent.
Mc Connell oge, Owen, gent.
Mc Connoghor, Dermot, gent.
Mc Currerane, Brian Roe, gent.
Mc Currerane, Nice, gent.
Mc Devet, Gilleduffe, gent.
Mc Donnell Nelowne, Cormac Mc Hewe, gent.
Mc Donogh Grany, Moylmory Mc Conigan, gent.
Mc Enhawe, Owen, gent.
Mc Enhawe, John otherwise Shane, gent.
Mc Farrell Umlaghane, John otherwise Shane, gent.
Mc Garvie, William, gent.
Mc Garvie, Brian, gent.
Mc Gennell, Hugh, gent.
Mc Gennelie, Donnogh Balloe, gent.
Mc Geneltie, John otherwise Shane boy, gent.
Mc Gilbride, Donnell, gent.
Mc Gilbride, Owen Cahe, gent.
Mc Gilbride, Onee Modder, gent.
Mc Gilbride, John otherwise Shane, gent.
Mc Gilcoell, Brian, gent.
Mc Gilkerie, Neile Merga, gent.
Mc Gilmartine, Connor, gent.
Mc Gilmartine, Donnogh, gent.
Mc Gilpatricke, Laughline, gent.
Mc Gillrowie, Gille, gent,
Mc Gilroy, Neile oge, gent.
[Mc] Gilroy, Patrick, gent.
Mc Glinie, Donnell Grane, gent.
Mc Grinhane, Brian oge, gent.
Mc Hugh, Neile oge Mc Teige, gent.
Mc Igowna, Owen, gent.
Mc Manamnn, Turloe O�Boyle, gent.
Mc Manaman, Owen, gent.
Mc Maoriertie, Neile, gent.
[Mc McShane], Neile, gent.
Mc Shane, Tady otherwise Teige oge, gent.
Mc Shane, Phelomie Mc Nultie, gent.
Mc Paden, Donnell, gent.
Mc Paden, Gilleglase, gent.
Mc Padden, Turloe Roe, gent.
Mc Swaine, Walter Mc Laughline, gent.
Mc Swynie, Turloe orre Mc Colloe, gent.
Mc Swine, Manus, gent.
Mc Swynie, Granie
Mc Swyne, Turloe Carroe Mc Donnell, gent.
Mc Swyne, Hugh, gent.
Mc Swine, Murtagh oge Mc Neile Merga, gent.
Mc Swynie, Donnell Grome Mc Donnell oge, gent.
Mc Swine, Owen Mc Donnell oge, gent.
Mc Swinie, Murtoe Mc Turloe, gent.
Mc Swine, Edmond Crone, gent.
Mc Swyne, Neile Gibboge, gent.
Ny Swine, Granie,
Mc Teige, Ed. O�Boyle, gent.

Total number of names -�134