Donegal Pardons and Fiants

The Fiant and Pardon Roll of

Phelime oge O’Doghertie and the men of Inishowen

~ 9 March, 1608/9 ~

Phelim oge O’Doherty was the half-brother of Sir John O’Doherty, chief of the Clan Doherty and lord of Inishowen, who died on 27 January, 1601. On his death, his son and heir, Cahir was a boy of thirteen or fourteen years. Hugh Roe O'Donnell, in accordance with the Irish custom that preferred the uncle to the son, who was a minor, caused Cahir's uncle, Phelim Oge O'Doherty, to be inaugurated chief of Inishowen. This, however, was to the exclusion of Cahir, which gave great offence to his foster-parents, Hugh Boy and Phelim Reagh MacDevitt, who, in their resentment, made overtures to Sir Henry Docwra, governor of Derry. The latter was finally induced to support Cahir against his uncle by a promise that they would undertake to serve the crown against O'Donnell. The nephew's succession was confirmed by the lord-deputy and Irish council, and Cahir, having been taken out of O'Donnell's hands, was established by Docwra as lord of Inishowen.

Sir Cahir O'Doherty was knight by Lord Mountjoy for his service and loyal support to the crown during the fight with the rebellion of Earl of Tyrone. He married Mary Preston, daughter of Jenico Preston, 4th Viscount Gormanston, and became a friend of Thomas Fitz William, 1st Viscount Fitz William. However, his fortunes changed after he fell into dispute with Sir Arthur Chichester and the new Governor of Derry, Sir Gorge Paulet. Both men stood surety for his good behaviour.

Patent 6 James I, XLVI - 2

December 2, 1607: Recognizance of Jenico Preston, visc' Gormanston, Thomas Fitz-Williams of Merrion, knt, and Charles otherwise Cahir O’Doughertie, knt, for the appearance of said O’Doughertie, at any time before Easter twelvemonths, on receiving 20 days’ warning—2 Dec. 1607. [Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland (Dublin, 1800), James I, p. 133]

The General Pardon Roll below dates from Cahir O'Doherty’s rebellion of 19 April, 1608, when in a surprise attack with about 100 men, he captured the City of Derry and killed Sir George Paulet, who had replaced Sir Henry Docwra, as governor of Derry and is credited with instigating the rebellion. Sir Cahir was killed later by a shot through his head at the Rock of Doon near Kilmacrenan on 5 July, 1608, by a party lead by Sir Francis Rushe, an English knight under the command of the lord deputy of Ulster. He had his head struck off and sent to Dublin, where it was stuck ‘on a pole on the east gate of the city, called Newgate.’ Soon afterward, Phelim Reagh MacDavitt was tried and executed and his head taken to Dublin, and spiked at Newgate with Sir Cahir, for his part in the rebellion.

Patent 6 James I, XLVII - 3

May 20, 1608: Letter patent from the lord deputy to sir Cahir O’Doghertie,knt, requiring the attendance of said O’Doghertie, before the Deputy and Council, at Dublin castle, immediately—22 Apr. 1608. Memorandum of the publication of the same by sir Tho. Ridgeway, knt, at the castle at Elogh in Inishowen on 20 May, 1608.

Patent 6 James I, XLVIII - 3

June 4, 1608: Duplicate of the preceding letter, with a memorandum of the publishing of it at the house of Mr Babington of the city of Derry. —Also, a certificate of the delivery of letters to lord Gormanston and sir Thomas Fitz-Williams, requiring them to bring in the body of said sir Cahir O’Doghertie, according to the above recognizance. — 4 June 1608.
[Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland (Dublin, 1800), James I, p. 133]

Phelim oge O’Doherty evidently outlived his nephew and is ranked first the general pardon, which covers two patents, CIII-37 and CIV-38. In the first, there are at least 510 men listed from the district of Inishowen. Significantly, the McLaughlins emerge as the second largest clan Inishowen after the O’Dohertys, whose leaders are listed in the Clans and Septs in O’Doherty country.

Transcript of Patent James I, CIII - 37

March 9, 1608/9: General Pardon to Phelime oge O’Doghertie, Briane oge Mc Lawghline, Hugh O’Doughertie, Donell Mc Laughline, Tirloe Male O’Doghertie, Richard O’Doghertie, Briane Mc Laghline, Connor Caro O’Doughertie, Donell O’Doughertie, Phelomie Reogh O’Doghertie, Edmund O’Doughertie, Neale O’Mallohire, Donogh O’Malohire, Owen O’Quiglie, Manus O’Branigan, John otherwise Shane O’Doughertie, Donald O’Doughertie, Owen O’Doughertie, John otherwise Shane O’Doughertie, Calle Duffe Mc Laghline, Gillmorie O’Moloherie, Gilleduffe O’Doughertie, Donell Mc Igone, Connor O’Doughertey, Eveny Mc Laughlin, Manns O’Mullan. Turloe O’Mullarkie, Ovine O’Shealie, Donogh O’Doghertie, Felonie O’Doughertie, Donogh O’Heynie, Gillmurrie O’Hynye, Rowry O’Fynie, Rowrie Mc Nicholl, Donogh O’Fyme, Owen O’Demine, Owen O’Deward, Donogh Mc Loskine, Terloe O’Doughertie, John otherwise Shane O’Doughertie, Donell O’Doughertie, Donogh O’Doughertie, Owen boy Mc Allen, Murrie O’Lappan, Felonie Crone O’Quiglie,Brian O’Murrine, James Mc Urdhound, Owen Mc Loskine, Thomas O’Narlide, Owen O’Sheale, Dermod Mc Gilbried, Edmond boy O’Doughertie, Manus Mc Gilbreed, Brian O’Kerolan, Gillagrome O’Hanigen, James O’Doghertie, Edmund O’Dougherty, Owen O’Doughertie, Donell Mc Cannan, Nice Mc Cannan, Owen O’Breclohan, Hugh Mc Congan, Donoghie O’Calid, Hugh O’Doghertie, Tirloe O’Doghertie, Donogh O’Dougherty, Art Mc Codil , Will. Mc Gilboy, Owen Mc Agyle, James Altad, Patrick Mc Cormacke, Hugh Mc Codall, Dermod O’Collan, Tirloe O’Doughertie, Donell O’Donhertie, John otherwise Shane Mc Connell, Donell O’Tollan, Connor O’Tollan, Hugh O’Monie, Brian Mc Connall, Brian Mc Canine, Owen Mc Connell, Donogh O’Tolan. Conor O’Lasted, Cale Mc Gehend, Hugh Mc Gentle, Aurice O’Tolan, Hugh Cham O’Doughertie, Neale Mc Shane O’Doughertie, Henry Mc Colgan, Donogh Mc Colgan, Neale O’Diermont, Dermond Mc Laghline, Owen Mc Collgan, Tady otherwise Teige Mc Igone, Tirlagh Mc Laughlin, Neale Mc Laughlin, Arte Mc Kellie, Owen Mc Killroy, Neale Mc Carrhan, Patrick Mc Laughlin, Neale oge Mc Laughline, Owen Mc Laughline, Donell O’Lane, Hugh Mc Shane, Nice Mc Shane, Felonie Duffe O’Quiglie, Owen O'Mellan, Henry O’Mulkeere, Tirlogh O’Cassidie, Gilpatricke Mc Laghline, Hugh Mc Lawghline, Owen Mc Kellie, Edmund Mc Lawghline, Affrica O’Rudden, William Crone O’Tonnor, Daltim Mc Lawghline, Donell Mc Lawghline, William Crone Mc Lowhline, Tirloe O’Doughertie, Connor Boye, Connor Mc Lawghline, James O’Brilohan, Hugh Mc Cowgall, William O’Kellohaie, Hugh boye Mc Gerrald, Manus O’Farrhan, Connor O’Farran, Arte O’Farran, Nicce Mc Kellie, Tomelin O’Farhan, Owen O’Donell, Tirloe O’Gilbaie, Edward O’Farhan, Rowrie O’Gillone, Tho. O'Feehan, Gilbright O’Farhan, Toole O’Farhan, Neale O’Quiglie, Owen McGallogh, Donogh O’Lastie, Thomas O’Lastie, Manus O’Quiglie, Manus O’Morrison, Cale O’Harkan, Donell Mc Lawghline, Cond O’Doghertie, Dermont O’Mologhe, Cale Mc Laughlin, William Mc Gilpatricke, Donell O’Brilohan, Cale O’Morison, Patrick O’Cnawsire, Gillagrome O’Brilohan, Connor Mc Laughlin, Donell O’Cassell, Shane O’Moloherie, Donell Mc Kemie, Connor O’Cassely, Cale O’Casselie, Brian O’Mologie, Felonie O’Mologie, Eveny Mc Kemy, Thady otherwise Teige Mc Cormacke, Donell Mc Laughline, Owen O’Doghertie, Rowrie O’Harcan, Connall Mc Gallogh, Donogh Reogh Mc Allen, Owen O’Farraghan, Mullshallen O’Keregan, Murtagh O’Molericke, Evenie O’Quinglie, Briane O’Gilbane, Owen oge Mc Laghlin, Neale Mc Laghlin, Felome O’Gillone, Teage O’Gillone, William Mc Devett, Owen Mc Carran, Owen Mc Moriertie, Gillmorie Mc Colgan, Connor Mc Calie, Gilpatricke Mc Langhline, Donogh O’Linchenan, Gilpatrick O’Brilohan, Hugh Mc Laghline, Gilduffe Mc Laughline, Donell O’Moloy, [Blank] Rowrie Duffe O’Freele, Gilaspicke Mc Lawghline, Manus Duffe O’Harkan, Terloe Duffe O’Toner, Hugh Mc Laughline, Hugh O’Brilohan, Connor O’Doghertie, Shane Mc Laughline, Robert Fleminge, John Magee, Brian Mc Laughline, Arte O’Calone, Patrick O’Cullone, Donell O’Cullone, Edmund Mc Gilbreed, Connor boy O’Tonnor, Arte O’Dogrie, Edmund O’Quiglie, Edmond O’Mulvoge, Thomas Magie, Manus O’Donell, Owen Mc Laghlin, James Laghline, Henry O’Doghertie, Edmund Mc Laghline, Murtagh O’Kellohan, Hugh O’Harkan, Pat. O’Harkan, Patrick O’Graine, Phelime Mc Laughline, Tirlogh Mc Vidhound, Quy Mc Laughline, Tirlagh Mc Laughline, Diermont Mc Laughlin, Donell Mc Gillmartine, William O’Molericke, Hugh Downe Mc Laughline, Neale O’Mehan, Connor O’Mehan, Manus O’Mulkerie, Connor O’Mulkerie, Aurice O'Brilehan, Donogh oge O’Dierma, Hugh O’Mulhericke, Hugh O’Diermont, Teige Mc Boyle, Sale O’Mulkerane, Arte Mc Cahire Mc Roe of Killkarie in Carlow co. Fargell Mc Laughline, William Mc Laughline, Richard Gribbine, Brian O’Doghertie, Tirloe O’Doghertie, James Mc Devet, Neale O’Charme, Donell O’Sharkie, Derbie O’Mologe, Shane Mc Laughline, Murtagh Mc Killinsi, Hugh Mc Killinsie, Connor Mc Boyle, Owen Mc Lawghline, Patrick O’Cale, Rowrie boy O’Tonner, Phelim Mc Shane, Hugh O’Mulkere, Manus Mc Laughlin, Gilleduffe Mc Laughlin, Donell Mc Laughline, John otherwise Shane O’Doughertie, Thady otherwise Teige O’Murreine, Gillchrist O’Murrine, Donogh Mc Laughline, Owen Crone Mc Laughline, Farriell Mc Callie Donell, Amurie Mc Vagh, Rowrie O’Canausie, Neale Mc Laughline, Tirrloe Mc Laughline, Manus O’Gillane, Donell Mc Kallie, Nice O’Knawsie, Will. O’Doughertie, Arte ne Devett. Donogh O’Doghertie, Donell Mc Keffrie, Edmond O’Tollan, Neale Mc Kalie, Edmond O’Kalie, John otherwise Shane O’Canna, Murtagh Mc Cale, Owen Mc Colone, Connor O’Grislane, Tho. Duffe Mc Conronaght, Connor O’Dogherty, Owen Mc Laghlin, Eveny Mc Laghlin, Ed. Mc Devet, Manus Mc Laghline, Tirloe Mc Laghline, Brian O’Sheale, Cale O’Lane, Ed. Mc Laghline, Neale Mc Laghline, Neale O’Ruddan, Dermod O’Laghertie, Donell Mc Laghline, Gilpatricke O’Charine, Donogh Boy Mc Laghline, Donogh boy O’Quiglie, Neale O’Quiglie, Donell O’Linchean, Tirloe O’Quiglie, Even O’Trolan, Donogh O’Cahan, Owen Mc Swine, Donell O’Skanton, Tirloe Mc Swine, John Orrie, Brian O’Quiglie, Thady otherwise Teige O’Dierma, Owen Mc Devett, Hugh O'Doine, Hugh Caroe Mc Owen, Donell Mc Coye, John otherwise Shane Mc Allen, Gilpatricke ne Attallie, Ferdorogh Mc Caher, Murtagh O’Connor, Diermond Mc Laughline, William Mc Laughline, Manus M“ Laghline, Hugh boy Mc Ategart, Donell Mc Calle, Patrick Boy O’Beglie, Donell O’Shrean, Edmond O’Brilohan, Donell Mc Enewre of Kilteale in Wexford co., Neale O’Tolane, Brian O’Nane, Phelom Mc Devett, Henry O’Gormodly, Manus Mc Agaloglie, Hugh O’Moloherie, Phelim Crone O’Doghertie, Owen O’Chale, Neale Mc Edmund, Manus Boy Mc Laghline, Evan Mc Laghline, Richard O’Doghertie, Hugh O’Doughertie, Owen Mc Cormack, John otherwise Shane Mc Carmacke, Brian O’Doghertie, Ed. Mc Carmacke, Gillgrome Mc Cougaly, Neale O’Cullenan, Ed. Mc Laghline, Neale O’ Doghertie, Phelim O’Doghertie, Hugh O’Doghertie, Owen O’Doghertie, Cormocke O’Chane, Dwalto O’Doghertie, Neale Omlie, Connor O’Feehan, Gilpatricke O'Farran, Owen Boy Mc Laghline, Neale O’Tyernie, Gilpatrick O’Murrey, Hugh Glanihan, Tomeline O’Doghertie,Diermott O'Doghertle, Ed. O’Cullay, James O’Doghertie,Brian O'Chane, Qui Connor O’Moloricke, Moylemore O’Molericke, Hugh O’Carow, Manus O’Dogherty, Cale Mc Coord, John otherwise Shane O’Knawsie, Ferdoroe O’Sheale, Owen Ny Tirlogh O’Doyle of Ballyneparke in Wexford co. Connor McLaghline, Donogh boye O’Doghertie, Manus O’Doghertie, Donogh O’Murrie, Donogh O’Doghertie, Owen Mc Gillacoell, John otherwise Shane Male O’Doghertie, Edmond Mc Neale, Phelim O’Gillone, Owen Mc Carmac, Patrick O’Dermont, Gerrald O’Doghertie, Patrick Mc Cahane, Gilleduffe Mc Gerrald, Brian O’Tolan, Rowrie O’Doghertie, Donell Mc Allen, Thady otherwise Teige Mc Allen, Fergall O’Killohan, Donogh O’Cannan, Neale Braige O’Morison, Neale Roe O’Linshenan, Nice Mc Igoine, Neale Mc Allen, Manus O’Doghertie, Mantis Mc Laghline, Neale Moder Mc Swine, Connor Mc Allen, John otherwise Shane Mc Cottgan, Gilpatricke Mc Alline, Gillagrome Mc Alline, Edmund Mc Cottgan, Donell Mc Shane, Diermond Mc Cottgan, Daltin O’Brislan, Neale O’Doghertie, Daltin Mc Cottgan, Felonie Mc Cottgan, Daltin O'Doghertie, Donogh Mc Cottgane, Connor Mc Cottgan, Owen O’Doghertie, Gorrie Mc Cottgane, Edmond Mc Genaltie, Redmond O’Doghertie, Thady otherwise Teige O’Hiana, William Mc Gillcoell, Cahill O’Doghertie, Gilpatricke Mc Connell oge, Edmond O’Diermond, John otherwise Shane O’Doghertie, Owen O’Mullericke, Cale Mc Devet, Felomy O’Doghertie, Rowrie Mc Devet, Shane O’Harkane, Donogh O’Doghertie. Cale O’Hegertie, Nice O’Noane, Donell Crone O'Doghertie, William Mc Devett, Owen O’Linchenan, Owen O’Doghertie, Evenie O’Linchenan, Edmond O’Doghertie, Felomie O’Linchenan, Donell O’Linchenan, Hugh Mc Corstan, Phelomic Mc Corstan, Nice O’Mologe, Daltin O’Callean, Toole oge O’Dierma, John otherwise Shane Mc Laghline, Owen O’Coloher, Brian Mc Shane, Felomie Mc Ruddan, Rowrie Mc Corestine, Neale Modder Mc Devet, Neale Mc Congall, Gerrald O’Doghertie, Connor O’Gilboy, John otherwise Shane O’Granie, Hugh Mc Devett, Neale Mc Laghlin, John otherwise Shane O’Quiglie, Edmund O’Quiglie, Nice O’Quiglie, Arte O’Quiglie, Manus Mc Laghlin, Manus O’Quiglie, Hugh O’Mologe, Connor Mc Laghertie, Shane Mc Cawell, Donell Duffe Mc Cowronaght, Felomie O’Laghlin, Murtagh O’Lane, Nice O’Mologhorie, James Mc Calie, Brian O’Quiglie, Edmund O’Quiglie, Rowrie O’Quiglie, Gilpatricke O’Branigan, Neale Mc Laghline, Brian Mc Laghline, Owen Mc Corestine, Gilduffe Mc Laghline, Connor Mc Corestie, Tirloe O’Dogherty, Cormocke O’Moloherie, Manus O’Moloherie, Donill Mc Cayde, Donogh O’Hanigen, Turloe O’Mulloherie, Owen O’Mullfall, Owen Magee, Edmond Mc Cahire, Moriertagh Mc Carran, Rowrie O’Doghertie. Donell O’Donell, Donill O’Herryll, Manus O’Herill, Gilpatricke O’Cullone, Connor O’Cullone, Owen O’Hegertie, Ed. O’Hanegen, Manus O’Helvertie, Laglin Mc Rossan, Edmund Mc Monnyll, Donohie O’Hagan, Gilpatrick Mc Vrehound, Hugh Mc Geele, Cale Mc Laghertie, Neale O’Morrine, Arte Mc Devett, Rowrie O’Harragan, Patrick Mc Agill, Tirlagh Bane Mc Cahire of Ballenebane in Wexford co. Owen Mc Cormacke boy O’Galogher, Redmund Condon, Kenedy O’Dene, Edward O’Dene, and Edw Mc Cartan.—9 Mar. 6th.

[Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland (Dublin, 1800), James I, p. 168-7, no. CIII]

Index to Names listed in the General Pardon


O’Doghertie, Phelime oge
O’Doughertie, Hugh
O’Doghertie, Tirloe Male
O’Doghertie, Richard
O’Doughertie, Connor Caro
O’Doughertie, Donell
O’Doghertie, Phelomie Reogh
O’Doughertie, Edmund
O’Doughertie, John otherwise Shane
O’Doughertie, Donald
O’Doughertie, Owen
O’Doughertie, John otherwise Shane
O’Doughertie, Gilleduffe
O’Doughertey, Connor
O’Doghertie, Donogh
O’Doughertie, Felonie
O’Doughertie, John otherwise Shane
O’Doughertie, Donell
O’Doughertie, Donogh
O’Doughertie, Edmond boy
O’Doughertie, Terloe
O’Doghertie, James
O’Dougherty, Edmund
O’Doughertie, Owen
O’Doughertie, Tirloe
O’Donhertie, Donell
O’Doghertie, Hugh
O’Doghertie, Tirloe
O’Dougherty, Donogh
O’Doughertie, Hugh Cham
O’Doughertie, Neale Mc Shane
O’Doughertie, Tirloe
O’Doghertie, Cond
O’Doghertie, Owen
O’Doghertie, Connor
O’Doghertie, Henry
O’Doghertie, Brian
O’Doghertie, Tirloe
O’Doughertie, John otherwise Shane
O’Doughertie, Will.
O’Doghertie, Donogh
O’Dogherty, Connor
O’Doghertie, Phelim Crone
O’Doghertie, Richard
O’Doughertie, Hugh
O’Doghertie, Brian
O’Doghertie, Neale
O’Doghertie, Phelim
O’Doghertie, Hugh
O’Doghertie, Owen
O’Doghertie, Dwalto
O’Doghertie, Tomeline
O'Doghertle, Diermott
O’Doghertie, James
O’Dogherty, Manus
O’Doghertie, Manus
O’Doghertie, Donogh boye
O’Doghertie, Donogh
O’Doghertie, John otherwise Shane Male
O’Doghertie, Gerrald
O’Doghertie, Rowrie
O’Doghertie, Manus
O’Doghertie, Neale
O’Doghertie, Owen
O’Doghertie, Redmond
O’Doghertie, Cahill
O’Doghertie, John otherwise Shane
O’Doghertie, Felomy
O’Doghertie, Donogh
O'Doghertie, Donell Crone
O’Doghertie, Owen
O’Dogherty, Tirloe
O’Doghertie, Rowrie
O'Doghertie, Daltin
O’Doghertie, Edmond
O’Doghertie, Gerrald

O’Branigan, Manus
O’Branigan, Gilpatricke
O’Breclohan, Owen
O’Beglie, Patrick Boy
O'Brilehan, Aurice
O’Brilohan, James
O’Brilohan, Donell
O’Brilohan, Gillagrome
O’Brilohan, Gilpatrick
O’Brilohan, Hugh
O’Brilohan, Edmond
O’Brislan, Daltin
O’Cahan, Donogh
O’Calid, Donoghie
O’Cale, Patrick
O’Calone, Arte
O’Callean, Daltin
O’Chale, Owen
O’Chane, Cormocke
O'Chane, Brian
O’Canausie, Rowrie
O’Cannan, Donogh
O’Canna, John otherwise Shane
O’Charme, Neale
O’Charine, Gilpatricke
O’Cnawsire, Patrick
O’Carow, Hugh
O’Cassidie, Tirlogh
O’Casselie, Cale
O’Cassell, Donell
O’Cassely, Connor
O’Collan, Dermod
O’Coloher, Owen
O’Connor, Murtagh
O’Cullay, Ed.
O’Cullenan, Neale
O’Cullone, Patrick
O’Cullone, Donell
O’Cullone, Gilpatricke
O’Cullone, Connor
O’Demine, Owen
O’Deward, Owen
O’Diermont, Neale
O’Donell, Owen
O’Donell, Manus
O’Dogrie, Arte
O’Dierma, Donogh oge
O’Diermont, Hugh
O’Dierma, Thady otherwise Teige
O’Doine, Hugh
O’Dermont, Patrick
O’Diermond, Edmond
O’Dierma, Toole oge
O’Donell, Donell
O’Dene, Kenedy
O’Dene, Edward
O’Fynie, Rowry
O’Fyme, Donogh
O’Farrhan, Manus
O’Farran, Connor
O’Farran, Arte
O’Farhan, Tomelin
O’Farhan, Edward
O'Feehan, Tho.
O’Farhan, Gilbright
O’Farhan, Toole
O’Farraghan, Owen
O’Freele, [Blank] Rowrie Duffe
O’Feehan, Connor
O'Farran, Gilpatricke
O’Galogher, Owen Mc Cormacke boy
O’Gilbaie, Tirloe
O’Gillane, Manus
O’Gilboy, Connor
O’Gillone, Rowrie
O’Gilbane, Briane
O’Gillone, Felome
O’Gillone, Teage
O’Gillone, Phelim
O’Gormodly, Henry
O’Graine, Patrick
O’Granie, John otherwise Shane
O’Grislane, Connor
O’Hagan, Donohie
O’Hanegen, Ed.
O’Hanigen, Gillagrome
O’Hanigen, Donogh
O’Harkan, Cale
O’Harcan, Rowrie
O’Harkan, Manus Duffe
O’Harkan, Hugh
O’Harkan, Pat.
O’Harkane, Shane
O’Harragan, Rowrie
O’Hegertie, Cale
O’Hegertie, Owen
O’Helvertie, Manus
O’Hiana, Thady otherwise Teige
O’Heynie, Donogh
O’Herryll, Donill
O’Herill, Manus
O’Hynye, Gillmurrie
O’Kalie, Edmond
O’Kerolan, Brian
O’Kellohaie, William
O’Keregan, Mullshallen
O’Kellohan, Murtagh
O’Killohan, Fergall
O’Knawsie, Nice
O’Knawsie, John otherwise Shane
O’Laghlin, Felomie
O’Lane, Cale
O’Lane, Murtagh
O’Lane, Donell
O’Lappan, Murrie
O’Lasted, Conor
O’Lastie, Donogh
O’Lastie, Thomas
O’Linchenan, Donogh
O’Laghertie, Dermod
O’Linshenan, Neale Roe
O’Linchenan, Owen
O’Linchenan, Evenie
O’Linchenan, Felomie
O’Linchenan, Donell
O’Linchean, Donell
O’Mallohire, Neale
O’Malohire, Donogh
O’Moloherie, Gillmorie
O’Moloherie, Shane
O’Moloherie, Hugh
O’Mulloherie, Turloe
O’Molericke, William
O’Molericke, Murtagh
O’Moloricke, Qui Connor
O’Molericke, Moylemore
O’Mologhorie, Nice
O’Moloherie, Cormocke
O’Moloherie, Manus
O’Mulkeere, Henry
O’Mulkere, Hugh
O’Mullarkie, Turloe
O’Mulkerie, Manus
O’Mulkerie, Connor
O’Mulhericke, Hugh
O’Mulkerane, Sale
O’Mullericke, Owen
O’Mehan, Neale
O’Mehan, Connor
O'Mellan, Owen
O’Mullan, Manns
O’Mologhe, Dermont
O’Mologie, Brian
O’Mologie, Felonie
O’Mologe, Derbie
O’Mulvoge, Edmond
O’Mologe, Nice
O’Mologe, Hugh
O’Moloy, Donell
O'mlie, Neale
O’Monie, Hugh
O’Mullfall, Owen
O’Morrine, Neale
O’Morrison, Manus
O’Morison, Cale
O’Morison, Neale Braige
O’Murrie, Donogh
O’Murrey, Gilpatrick
O’Murreine, Thady otherwise Teige
O’Murrine, Brian
O’Murrine, Gillchrist
O’Nane, Brian
O’Narlide, Thomas
O’Noane, Nice
O’Quiglie, Owen
O’Quiglie, Felonie Crone
O’Quiglie, Felonie Duffe
O’Quiglie, Neale
O’Quiglie, Manus
O’Quiglie, Edmund
O’Quiglie, Donogh boy
O’Quiglie, Neale
O’Quiglie, Tirloe
O’Quiglie, John otherwise Shane
O’Quiglie, Edmund
O’Quiglie, Nice
O’Quiglie, Arte
O’Quiglie, Manus
O’Quiglie, Brian
O’Quiglie, Edmund
O’Quiglie, Rowrie
O’Quiglie, Brian
O’Quinglie, Evenie
O’Rudden, Affrica
O’Ruddan, Neale
O’Sharkie, Donell
O’Shealie, Ovine
O’Sheale, Owen
O’Sheale, Brian
O’Sheale, Ferdoroe
O’Skanton, Donell
O’Shrean, Donell
O’Tollan, Donell
O’Tollan, Connor
O’Tolan, Donogh
O’Tolan, Aurice
O’Tonnor, William Crone
O’Toner, Terloe Duffe
O’Tonnor, Connor boy
O’Tonner, Rowrie boy
O’Tollan, Edmond
O’Tolane, Neale
O’Tolan, Brian
O’Tyernie, Neale


Mc Lawghline, Briane oge
Mc Laughline, Donell
Mc Laghline, Briane
Mc Laghline, Calle Duffe
Mc Laughlin, Eveny
Mc Laughlin, Tirlagh
Mc Laughlin, Neale
Mc Laughlin, Patrick
Mc Laughline, Neale oge
Mc Laughline, Owen
Mc Laghline, Dermond
Mc Lawghline, Edmund
Mc Laghline, Gilpatricke
Mc Lawghline, Hugh
Mc Lawghline, Daltim
Mc Lawghline, Donell
Mc Lowhline, William Crone
Mc Lawghline, Connor
Mc Lawghline, Donell
Mc Laughlin, Cale
Mc Laughlin, Connor
Mc Laughline, Donell
Mc Laghlin, Owen oge
Mc Laghlin, Neale
Mc Langhline, Gilpatricke
Mc Laghline, Hugh
Mc Laughline, Gilduffe
Mc Lawghline, Gilaspicke
Mc Laughline, Hugh
Mc Laughline, Shane
Mc Laughline, Brian
Mc Laghlin, Owen
Mc Laghline, Edmund
Mc Laughline, Phelime
Mc Laughline, Quy
Mc Laughline, Tirlagh
Mc Laughlin, Diermont
Mc Laughline, Hugh Downe
Mc Laughline, Fargell
Mc Laughline, William
Mc Laughline, Shane
Mc Lawghline, Owen
Mc Laughlin, Manus
Mc Laughlin, Gilleduffe
Mc Laughline, Donell
Mc Laughline, Donogh
Mc Laughline, Owen Crone
Mc Laughline, Neale
Mc Laughline, Tirrloe
Mc Laghlin, Owen
Mc Laghlin, Eveny
Mc Laghline, Manus
Mc Laghline, Tirloe
Mc Laghline, Ed.
Mc Laghline, Neale
Mc Laghline, Donell
Mc Laghline, Donogh Boy
Mc Laghlin, Neale
Mc Laghlin, Manus
Mc Laughline, Diermond
Mc Laughline, William
Mc Laghline, Manus
Mc Laghline, Ed.
Mc Laghline, Manus Boy
Mc Laghline, Evan
Mc Laghline, Owen Boy
Mc Laghline, Connor
Mc Laghline, Mantis
Mc Laghline, John otherwise Shane
Mc Laghline, Neale
Mc Laghline, Brian
Mc Laghline, Gilduffe

Mc Devett, William
Mc Devet, James
Mc Devett, Arte
Mc Devet, Ed.
Mc Devett, Owen
Mc Devett, Phelom
Mc Devet, Cale
Mc Devet, Rowrie
Mc Devett, William
Mc Devet, Neale Modder
Mc Devett, Hugh
Mc Devett, Arte

Mc Agaloglie, Manus
Mc Agyle, Owen
Mc Agill, Patrick
Mc Allen, Owen boy
Mc Allen, Donogh Reogh
Mc Allen, John otherwise Shane
Mc Allen, Neale
Mc Allen, Donell
Mc Allen,Thady otherwise Teige
Mc Allen, Connor
Mc Alline, Gilpatricke
Mc Alline, Gillagrome
Mc Ategart, Hugh boy
Mc Boyle, Teige
Mc Boyle, Connor
Mc Caher, Ferdorogh
Mc Cahire, Edmond
Mc Cahane, Patrick
Mc Cale, Murtagh
Mc Calie, James
Mc Calie, Connor
Mc Calle, Donell
Mc Callie Donell, Farriell
Mc Canine, Brian
Mc Cannan, Donell
Mc Cannan, Nice
Mc Carmac, Owen
Mc Carran, Owen
Mc Carran, Moriertagh
Mc Carmacke, John otherwise Shane
Mc Carmacke, Ed.
Mc Carrhan, Neale
Mc Cartan, Edw
Mc Cawell, Shane
Mc Cayde, Donill
Mc Codil, Art
Mc Codall, Hugh
Mc Colgan, Henry
Mc Colgan, Donogh
Mc Colgan, Gillmorie
Mc Collgan, Owen
Mc Colone, Owen
Mc Congan, Hugh
Mc Connell, John otherwise Shane
Mc Connall, Brian
Mc Connell, Owen
Mc Connell oge, Gilpatricke
Mc Conronaght, Tho. Duffe
Mc Congall, Neale
Mc Coord, Cale
Mc Corestine, Rowrie
Mc Corestine, Owen
Mc Corestie, Connor
Mc Cormacke, Patrick
Mc Cormacke, Thady otherwise Teige
Mc Cormack, Owen
Mc Corstan, Hugh
Mc Corstan, Phelomic
Mc Cottgan, John otherwise Shane
Mc Cottgan, Edmund
Mc Cottgan, Diermond
Mc Cottgan, Daltin
Mc Cottgan, Felonie
Mc Cottgane, Donogh
Mc Cottgan, Connor
Mc Cottgane, Gorrie
Mc Cougaly, Gillgrome
Mc Cowgall, Hugh
Mc Cowronaght, Donell Duffe
Mc Coye, Donell
Mc Edmund, Neale
Mc Gallogh, Connall
Mc Gallogh, Owen
Mc Geele, Hugh
Mc Gehend, Cale
Mc Gentle, Hugh
Mc Genaltie, Edmond
Mc Gerrald, Hugh boye
Mc Gerrald, Gilleduffe
Mc Gillacoell, Owen
Mc Gillcoell, William
Mc Gilbried, Dermod
Mc Gilbreed, Manus
Mc Gilbreed, Edmund
Mc Gilboy, Will.
Mc Gilpatricke, William
Mc Gillmartine, Donell
Mc Igone, Tady otherwise Teige
Mc Igone, Donell
Mc Igoine, Nice
Mc Kalie, Neale
Mc Kallie, Donell
Mc Kellie, Arte
Mc Kellie, Nicce
Mc Kellie, Owen
Mc Keffrie, Donell
Mc Kemie, Donell
Mc Kemy, Eveny
Mc Killinsi, Murtagh
Mc Killinsie, Hugh
Mc Killroy, Owen
Mc Laghertie, Cale
Mc Laghertie, Connor
Mc Loskine, Donogh
Mc Loskine, Owen
Mc Monnyll, Edmund
Mc Moriertie, Owen
Mc Neale, Edmond
Mc Nicholl, Rowrie
Mc Owen, Hugh Caroe
Mc Ruddan, Felomie
Mc Rossan, Laglin
Mc Shane, Hugh
Mc Shane, Nice
Mc Shane, Phelim
Mc Shane, Donell
Mc Shane, Brian
Mc Swine, Owen
Mc Swine, Tirloe
Mc Swine, Neale Moder
Mc Vagh, Amurie
Mc Urdhound, James
Mc Vidhound, Tirlogh
Mc Vrehound, Gilpatrick

Attallie, Gilpatricke ne
Altad, James
Boye, Connor
Condon, Redmund
Fleminge, Robert
Glanihan, Hugh
Gribbine, Richard
Laghline, James
Magee, John
Magie, Thomas
Magee, Owen
Orrie, John

Total number of names - 514

Names from other counties

Mc Cahire, Tirlagh Bane of Ballenebane in Wexford co.
Mc Enewre Donell of Kilteale in Wexford co.
Mc Roe, Arte Mc Cahire of Killkarie in Carlow co.
O’Doyle, Owen Ny Tirlogh of Ballyneparke in Wexford co.

Continuation to Patent Roll CIV-38