Donegal Fiants and Pardons

The Fiant and Pardon Rolls

The Magrath kindred of Termonagrath

~ 10 July, 1609 ~

Transcript of Patent Roll 7 LVII � 53, James I - 10 July, 1609

General Pardon to Miler Magrath, archbishop of Cashell, Tirlagh Magrath of Ballimakie in Tipperary co. gent. dame Finole Coghlane otherwise Carroll, wife of said Tirlagh, Redmond Magrath of Ballimore in said co. gent. Brian Magrath blien in said co. gent. Mark Magrath of Killnallawe in Tipperary cross co. James Magrath of Termonmagrath, gent. [thereafter, a number of men from Termonmagrath and Donegal appear alongside others from Tipperary, Louth, Cavan, etc] and include the following: Brian Mc Nellus of Termonmagrath, Oliver Plunket of the same, Turlagh Roe O�Boyle of Balliboyle in Donegall co. gent. Melaghline Maglowrine of Termonmagrath, yeoman, Donogh Magrath of the same, yeoman, Turlagh Mc Gillenew Magrath of the same, Donell Crone Magwire of the same, Donogh Mc Gowane of the same, Manus Modder O�Slevine of the same, James Meragh O�Galchor of the same, Gilpatrick Mc Poyle of the same, Manus Duffe O�Doveanna of the same, Owen Magowane of the same, Donell Sallagh O�Dowine of the same, Dermott O�Galchor of the same, James boy Magrath of the same, carpenter, Moris Magrath of the same, Peirce Magrath of the same, Brian Reagh O�Cougall of the same, Thomas oge Magrath of the same, James boy Fitz-Brien Magrath of the same, oyn Magrath Fitz-Brien of the same, Neale Magrath Fitz-Tirlagh of the same, Roorie Ballagh Fitz-Brien Magrath of the same, Gilpatricke Mc Roorte oge Mgagrath of the same, Neile Grome Mc Rowrie oge Magrath of the same, Dermot Mc Rowrie oge Magrath of the same, Turlagh oge Mc Agrowertie of the same, Brian oge O�Managhan of the same, Brian Mc Mennon of the same, Gillemorie Magrath of the same, Turlagh boy Mc Mennon of the same, Gilpatricke boy O�Haghie of the same, Nelle O�Haghie of the same, Donell O�Haghie of the same, Manus O�Haghie of the same, Connogher oge Mc Currerane of the same, Rowrie oge O�Sherine of the same, Gilpatrick O�Hererane of the same, Conogher Magwie of the same, Philip O�Brenan of the same, Gilpatrick Mc Morogh of Termonmagrath, Cormocke O�Dally of Termonmagrath, Gilpatrick Kittagh Macurrerane of the same, Owen Magleyn of the same, Brian O�Kerbane of the same, Loughline O�Dowine of the same, Nelle Mc Mennon of the same, Donell Mc Gillerane of the same, Philip Magowlricke of the same, Don. Sihie Mc Canna of the same, Enis bane Mc Memnon of the same, Hugh Mc Memnon of Termonmagrath, Manus Mc Memnon of the same, Donogh Mc Memnon of the same, Rayney Mc Rifford of the same, Rorie More O�Kenaith of the same, William Mc Egane of the same, Turlagh Magrath Mc Cantorie of the same, Owen Magrath Mc Adame of the same, Conogher O�Brenane of the same, Moylemorie Fitz-Edmond Magrath of the same, Dermot O�Breslane of the same, Hugh O�Lennane of the same, Donogh boy Mc Melchon of Termonmgrath, Owen Mc Hugh of the same, Turlagh Mc Owen Ballagh Magrath of the same, Morris Mc Teige buy Magrath of Termonmagrath, Gilleily O�Glackane of the same, Donell Moyle O�Mongan of the same, Rorie Carragh O�Mongan of the same, Moragh O�Mongane of the same, Donogh Kiltagh O�Mongan of the same,Moris Mc Rorie Magrath of Termonmagrath, yeoman, Donnogh O�Ballavane of Termonmagrath, Donogh O�Ballawane of the same, John Maglowrine of the same, Connor Maglowrine of the same, John Mc Donogh of the same, Gilpatricke Magowlricke of the same, Manns Mc Peicke of the same, Dermot oge Mc Peicke of the same, yeoman, Donell O�Hibane of the same, Turlagh Ballagh O�Mongan of the same, William Duffe Mc Memnon of the same, Hugh oge Magarghan of the same, Ed. O�Monaghane of Termonmagrath, Flavertagh Magoulricke of the same, Gilpatricke O�Mongane of the same, Gilpatrick Kittagh Mc Currerane of the same, yeoman. 10 July 7th.
[Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland (Dublin, 1800), James I, pp. 143-44

Index to Names listed in the General Pardon


Magrath, James, gent.
Magrath, Donogh, yeoman
Magrath, Turlagh Mc Gillenew
Magrath, James boy, carpenter
Magrath, Moris
Magrath, Peirce
Magrath, Thomas oge
Magrath, James boy Fitz-Brien
[Magrath] Eoyn Magrath Fitz-Brien
[Magrath] Neale Magrath Fitz-Tirlagh
Magrath, Roorie Ballagh Fitz-Brien
Magrath, Moylemorie Fitz-Edmond
Magrath, Gilpatricke Mc Roorie oge
Magrath, Neile Grome Mc Rowrie oge
Magrath, Dermot Mc Rowrie oge
Magrath, Gillemorie
Magrath, Turlagh Mc Owen Ballagh
Magrath, Morris Mc Teige buy
Magrath, Moris Mc Rorie, yeoman

Macurrerane, Gilpatrick Kittagh
Magarghan, Hugh oge
Magleyn, Owen
Magoulricke, Flavertagh
Magowlricke, Philip
Maglowrine, John
Maglowrine, Melaghline, yeoman
Maglowrine, Connor
Magowlricke, Gilpatricke
Magowane, Owen
Magwie, Conogher
Magwire, Donell Crone
Mc Adame, Owen Magrath
Mc Agrowertie, Turlagh oge
Mc Canna, Don. Sihie
Mc Cantorie, Turlagh Magrath
Mc Currerane, Connogher oge
Mc Currerane, Gilpatrick Kittagh, yeoman
Mc Donogh, John
Mc Egane, William
Mc Gillerane, Donell
Mc Gowane, Donogh
Mc Hugh, Owen
Mc Melchon, Donogh boy
Mc Mennon, Brian
Mc Mennon, Turlagh boy
Mc Mennon, Nelle
Mc Memnon, Enis bane
Mc Memnon, Hugh
Mc Memnon, Manus
Mc Memnon, Donogh
Mc Memnon, William Duffe
Mc Morogh, Gilpatrick
Mc Rifford, Rayney
Mc Nellus, Brian
Mc Peicke Manus
Mc Peicke, Dermot oge, yeoman
Mc Poyle, Gilpatrick
Oliver Plunket


O�Ballavane, Donnogh
O�Ballawane, Donogh
O�Brenane, Conogher
O�Brenan, Philip
O�Breslane, Dermot
O�Cougall, Brian Reagh
O�Dally, Cormocke
O�Doveanna, Manus Duffe
O�Dowine, Donell Sallagh
O�Dowine, Loughline
O�Galchor, James Meragh
O�Galchor, Dermott
O�Glackane, Gilleily
O�Haghie, Gilpatricke boy
O�Haghie, Nelle
O�Haghie, Donell
O�Haghie, Manus
O�Hererane, Gilpatrick
O�Hibane, Donell
O�Kenaith, Rorie More
O�Kerbane, Brian
O�Lennane, Hugh
O�Mongan, Turlagh Ballagh
O�Mongan, Donell Moyle
O�Mongan, Rorie Carragh
O�Mongane, Moragh
O�Mongan, Donogh Kiltagh
O�Managhan, Brian oge
O�Monaghane, Ed.
O�Mongane, Gilpatricke
O�Sherine, Rowrie oge
O�Slevine, Manus Modder

O�Boyle, Turlagh Roe of Balliboyle in Donegal. gent.

Total number of names -�90