Ua Maolagain, Ireland
Millican, Milligan, Millikan, Milliken, Millikin, Mullican, Mulligan, Mullikin, etc.

Extracts of Irish Documents and Sources


February 27, 1613
An Inquisition was taken at Downpatrick, before Christopher Sibthorp, one of the Judges of the King�s Bench, and John Beare, Sergeant-at-Law, the Justices of Assize, appointed by a Commission dated 11th of February in the same year. The following case, which mentions the name of Thomas McNelekin (probably Thomas McMelekin) was one of a number heard at the court in Downpatrick.

And that Brian McConnor Offegan, of Quibdell (Imdel), yeoman, on the 8th November, 1613, at Edengarry, stole a red-coloured mare [�unan equam colons rebeam�] worth �3 belonging to Thomas McNelekin. Acquitted.
[Ferguson, James F.: Ulster Roll of Gaol Delivery, 1613-1618 in the Ulster Journal of Archaeology, First Series, Vol. 1 (Dublin, 1853), p. 266]

Note: the townlands of Imdel and Edenagarry are located in the parish of Drumballyroney.

March 8, 1615
An Inquisition taken at Eniskillin (Co. Fermanagh) before Sir John Blenerhasset, Knight, one of the Barons of the Exchequer, and Sir Robert Oglethorpe, Knight, the second Baron of the same Court. It found that Con Roe O'Connelly, of Mullagheglasse, yeoman, on the 20th Novr., 1614, at Dromeforde, stole a brown cow worth �3, the property of Edward Sibthorpe, gentleman, and was aided on the last day of the same month by Cnogher mcCafforrie and Neile O'Mullegan, of Mullaghglasse. No finding.
[Young, Robert M.: Historical Notices of Old Belfast and its Vicinity (Belfast, 1896), p. 33]

Note: Mullaghglasse, Mullaghglass in the parish of Clones and barony of Clankelly in Co Fermanagh.

July 28, 1617
General Pardon for Shane McHugh O�Mullan, Mulmory McDonnell O�Rely, Edm. oge McFerrall O�Rely, Bryan oge McCabe, all of Cavan Co. Hugh Muffett otherwise Moghett, John Greames, both of Westmeath Co. James Power of Wexford Co. Jordan Keatinge of the Queen�s Co. Hugh McDonell of Wicklow Co. Patrick O�Hugh McJames, Phelomy McGlasney O�Hallon, Daniell McDriell, Teige McDriell, Gilpatrick McDonnell McEdmund Grome, Phelim O�Hanlon, Patrick O�Hanlon, Manus O�Sheall, all of Armagh Co. John McWilliam O�Dwire, and Margaret Ryan, or O�Dwire, his wife, of Tipperary Co. Connor oge O�Donnoghoe of Meath Co. Padin Dun of Talagh in Dublin Co. Mulmory McOwen, Miles Jonin of Sligo Co. James Tallon of Wicklow Co. Hugh Caron of Westmeath Co. Gerald Grace Fitz-Philp of Kilkenny Co. Donnogh O�Lawrie of Downe Co. Patrick McOwen McMahowne, Brian Arney, and Edm. O�Mollegan of Westmeath Co. For a sum of 36m Ir. � 28 July 15th.
[Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Ireland (Dublin, 1800), James I, p. 325, no. lvi]

February 10, 1618
[Donegal] Chancery Bill of John Murray vs Andrew Murray, Neile O�Cassan, John Horestanes, John Stuart, Thos Carnes, John MacLaghty, Thos Frisall, Robert Modiey, John Makonell, Archd Horner, Alex Shilane, John Creighton, Patr Makey, Wm Huett, David Firley, John Reynolds, David Tapen, Thos Creighton and George Mulligan.
[Crossle Genealogical Abstracts, Parcel 1A-32-24 v. N�R, National Archives of Ireland]

Note: George Mulligan, Thos Carnes, Arch. Horner, John McConnell, John Reynolds and others are listed in the muster roll of John Murray, earl of Annandale, in Co. Donegal. George Mulligan was a Scotsman and early settler in Donegal.

March 29, 1621
Summonister Roll, James I, Tyrone assizes. Richard Roe of Tamamagevert (Tormonmagurk), Gent. James Hamilton of Ouletter, Wm Hamilton of Urney, Wm Craford of Urney, Wm Stewart of Artra, Gent. Hugh Mitchell, J.P. 1 March 1620. John Dremple of Castlestewart, Co. Tyrone 14 August 18 James I 1620, Wm Mitchel J.P. 4 February 1620. Following fined 5 marks each for acquitting a prisoner: Wm Moore of Augher, Gent. John Heath of Castlederge, Gent. Allen Moore of Augher, Gent. John Pettet of Clonfecale, Gent. Wm Shaw of Dromore, yeoman, Wm Conlston of Killaman, yeoman, John Bennet of Drimoe, yeoman, John Richardson of Loghery, yeoman, James Farry of Lree, yeoman, Thomas Bird of Dromagh, yeoman, John Mulligan of Clogher, Gent. John Montgomery of Clogher, Gent.
[Summonister Rolls, Crossle Genealogical Collection, National Archives of Ireland]

Note: John Mulligan of Clogher was a tenant on the lands of the Archibisp of Clogher.

October 6, 1624
Inquisition of William mcHeury O�Mullegan in the County of Limerick.
[The Thirtieth Report of the Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland (Dublin, 1898), Appendix I to Thirtieth Report, p. 60]

April 16, 1626
Eugene O Mullegan appears as a litigant at the Manor court of Armagh.

Note: Also appeared on 9 April, 1627.

[The Armagh Manor Court Rolls �Period 1625-1627: And Incidental Notes on 17th Century Sources for Irish Surnames in Co. Armagh. Published in Seanchas Ardmhacha: Journal of the Armagh Diocesan Historical Society, Vol. 2, No. 2 (1957), pp. 295-322]

July 11, 1626
Summonister Roll Tyrone Qr Session at Strabane 11 July 2 Charles I 1626. Robt Hamilton of Liscory, Gent. [before Wm Berbean Q.C.] Wm Brackenricle of Tullylegan, John Martin of Crew, Alex McNaught of Meyghveagh, Murtagh Nesbet of Longhesic (?), John Mulligan of Lestword (?), John Mulligan of Tullyveigh (Tullyveagh), John Nesbet of Cogher, Robt Hall of Lurgan, Archibald Clandelyn of Tullipaddy, John McKelly of Ardauson, yeoman, James Betty of Blancoes, yeoman, Wm Roe of Dremra, Robt Crosby of Drumra, Daneil O�Neill bailiff for keeping of peace agst Robert Hamilton, Elder, John Grannger, John Lowrie the elder John Lowrie the younger and John Stutart fined � each.
[Summonister Rolls, Crossle Genealogical Collection, National Archives of Ireland]

Note: the townland of Tullyveagh is located in the parish of Artrea in the barony of Dungannon and belonged to the Archbishop of Armagh.

September 20, 1626
Summonister Roll of Tyrone Assizes 20 September 2 Charles I (1626) John Colsten constable of Barony of Dungannon, Donel McCommy, bailiff in Barony of Strabane, Andrew Lanndells of Drumerseo, Gent. Phellemy O�Mellane of Carrick, Gent. Archibald Clandellan of Carnteele, John Britton of Iskermore, Robert Crosbie of Drumragh, Alex Mulligan of Blamore, John Willy of Drumragh, etc.
[Summonister Rolls, Crossle Genealogical Collection, National Archives of Ireland]

June 16, 1628
Summonister Roll Tyrone Assizes 8 September 4 Charles I. David Mayne the senior of Strabane Manor, Robert Cathcart of Ery, David O�Rooke of Drum, Samuel Perry of Maneroe, John Gore of Eriestown, Esq. Turlagh groom O�Qunn of Mullayor, Teige mcEdumd O�Hagan of Oromard, gent, Wm Avorie of Anaw halloaghan, gent, John Mulligan of Portclare, senior, John Brown provost of Strabane and J.P., Wm Largis of Becally, John Stevnson of Atsbra, Charles Poole of Killeeny, James Linn of Cloghogull, Roger Atginson of Dunngannon yeoman, bound and prosecuted 16 June 1628.
[Summonister Rolls, Crossle Genealogical Collection, National Archives of Ireland]

January 9, 1629/30
Date of Inquisition Post-mortem held at Clonmell, Tipperary, into the minority of Owen McRory O�Mulligan, son and heir of Rory Owen O�Mullagan and Juane ny Mulligan his mother and leasee. Date of indenture of lease made by the Court of Ward and Livery 4 May, 1630.
[Kearney, H. F.: The Court of Wards and Liveries in Ireland, 1622-1641, in the Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Celtic Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature, Vol. 57 (1955/1956), p.58]

August 1, 1632
The Lords Justices to the English Privy Council. We send you a complaint of Dublin merchants regarding pirates. We cannot relieve them, and hope the�Whelps�will arrive soon. Enclosing: Petition to the Lords Justices of George Jones, Mayor, Christopher White, Lawrence Allen, Nicholas Mulligan, Francis Kerwin, Thomas Wetherbee, and John Wetherbee, merchants of Dublin. They complain of Nutt the pirate. His depredations must be known to the ships at Bristol, which nevertheless remain there and do nothing. On�21st of July petitioners lost�3000l. worth of goods which were seized by the pirate half a league from Howth. They pray that the pay of the negligent captains may be given to them as satisfaction, and that if these pirates are pardoned they may be first compelled to give petitioners some compensation. Dated at Dublin Castle.
[Mahaffy, Robert P.: Calendar of State Papers relating to Ireland 1625-1632 (London, 1900), p. 672]

July 1645
Edmund Mulligan, priest, O.Cist., slain by Parliamentarians near Clones.

July 21, 1647
Receipt of George Cruise for some bullets from Tyrlagh Moylegane. Kilkenny.
[Calendar of the State Papers relating to Ireland 1633-1647 (London, 1901), p. 734]

September 20, 1647
Company of Major Owen mustered at Trim

Mulligan, Thomas
Mulligan, John

Major Owen�s company was garrisoned in and around the castle. Trim castle and the town of Trim are located in County Meath on the banks of the river Boyne.

[Historical Manuscript Commission Report, Ormond MSS 2 (1899), p. 67]

Dublin Assembly rolls. Admissions to franchise by special grace, and on fine of a pair of gloves from to the Mayoress: Charles Andrews, William Sommers, Isaac Dobson, merchants, Christopher Langdall, butcher, Henry Fisher, tailor, John White, glover. By special grace, and on fines: Edward Brisco, coppersmith, James Handcocke, Daniel Jenrnan, Thomas Wilson, cooks, John Stone, tanner, John Mullegan, Edward Weyman, tailors, William Brookes, Randell Cade, bakers, John Kitson, shoemaker, Robert Mayes, John Hodkinson, Esau Dolman, Thomas Phillipps, butchers, John MacKadams, cooper, John Ellyott, bricklayer, John Betson, Roger Prichard, glovers.
[Gilbert, John: Calendar of ancient records of Dublin, in the possession of the municipal corporation of that City (Dublin, 1894)Vol. IV, p. 26]

Follow this link for further records relating to the Mulligans in Dublin.

June 30, 1654
Examination of Cormack mc Donell of Lisnaskea in County Fermanagh, yeoman, taken before vs Sir Francis Willoughby knight and Col Thomas Long, two of the Members of the high Court of Justice. After being sworn stated that he being one of the Sheriff�s bailiffs in Country Fermanagh, on 20th October 1641, was commanded by Mr. Humphrey Littlebury, the sub-sheriff of the County to attend the Court Leet at Mahery Villey within the barony of Clankelly, and after the court was ended Mr. Littlebury was sent for by Mr. Arthur Champion to house called Shannock Castle. He said he said all night at the house of one William Armstrong, together with Maximillian Tibbs, High Constable of the said Barony, Miles Acres, Hugh Stookes and Thomas Sergeant, who were slain on the following day by Phillip O�Clerkian, and part of Company of Irish under the command of Donn Carrogh mc Guire, who company included, Thomas Oge mc Guire, Hughe mc Cohill, Turlogh mc Thomas Boy mc Guire, Redman mc Owen mc Guire, Patrick Duff mc Guire, Redman mc Ross mc Guire, Donnogh Grane O�Mullegan, Phillip O�Mulegan, Turlagh Ballagh mc Maghan, Bryan Madder mc Guire, Shane mc Guire, Shane mc Hughe mc Guire and Brian O�Mullegan.
The further Examination of Cormack mc Donnell by Francis Willoughby and Thomas Long. [Depositions of 1641, Trinity College Dublin, MS 835, fol. 265v]

An Account of lands set out of the transplanted Irish in Connaught

June 18, 1656
Date of Decree to transplant James Molligan of Athlone in Co. Roscommon.

August 8, 1656
Date of Final Settlement of James Molligan, received 240 acres of land.

[Historical Manuscript Commission Report, Ormond MSS 2 (1899), p. 169]

September 15, 1660
Copy of Record of a Coroner's Inquest held at Duncanalley [Dunkineely in the parish of Killaghtee?] the 15th of September, 1660, " be " [by] Edmund Collo McSweine, one of His Majesty's Coroners for the Co. Donegal, to inquire how Alexander and John Murray came to their deaths.

The Jury are, Wm. Hamilton, foreman, Alexr. Montgomerie, gentleman, Edward Creichtoune [Crichton] of Duncanalle [Dunkineely], Thomas Clerke of Drumrenny [Drumrainy], Thomas Irving of Auchend [Aughnish ?], Thomas Cawnes of Burnecronen [Buncrana ?], John Paterson of Burnecronen, Francis Herries of Enver [Inver], James Scot of Courne [Carne], John Turbet of Calebegs [Killybegs], John Warnenocke of Machrebollie [Magheraboy], David Montgomerie of Killochtie [Killachtre], John Mulligan of Bellilocheny [Ballyloughan] and Wm. Watson of Auchend.

They find the two dead men were murdered be [by] George Cunningham, Wm. Cunningham, Andrew Cunningham, Alexr. Cunningham, Charles Murray, James Lindsay, John Walker, Owen Roe McDonochy and John Craige, and that George Cunningham and James Lindsay did fly for it.

One page with signatures (copies) of the jurymen, and attested by Andrew McWilliam, coroner.
[Mahaffy, Robert P.: Calendar of State Papers relating to Ireland 1660-1662 (London, 1905), p. 37]

Note: Ballyloughan is a townland located in the civil parish of Killaghtee and barony of Banagh.

April 30, 1678
Lease by Thomas Pidcock, of Harristowne, Co. Meath, to Richard Daniell, mason, of same place, of 100 acres of land with various tenements, backsides, etc. (inhabitants Patrick Mullegan, William Carton, John Murphy, mentioned) for 21 years at 4s. per acre. Witnesses to Daniell's signature: Roger Young, Edm. Butler, Wm. Velden (by mark), Mildred Barnwell (by mark).
[MacLysaght, Edward: Doneraile Papers in Analecta Hibernica, 1st Series (November, 1944), p. 345]

January 24, 1681
Index of Exchequer Bill, John Mulligan, Nial O Dogherty, Phelim O Dogherty, James Jordan, James McCalvagh Jordan, Sarah Jordan widow and many other names (probably from Co. Donegal) vs Theobald Lord Viscount Dillon & others.
[Exchequer Bills, Crossle Genealogical Collection, National Archives of Ireland]

December 8, 1682
Index of Exchequer Bills, John Mulligan & others (see above) vs Theobald Lord Viscount Dillon, [his son] Chris Viscount Down Dillon, Col. Samuel Moore and Denis Daly, continued, Chris. Viscount Dillon 20 November 1682, also Moore and Daly 20 November, 1682.
[Exchequer Bills, Crossle Genealogical Collection, National Archives of Ireland]

Letter addressed to King James II by sovereign, recorder, bailiffs, burgess, and freemen of the borough of Athlone, offer condolence to him for the death of his late brother, Charles II, and declare their loyalty and obedience freely to James. Signed by 84 freemen, including Edw. Molegan, freeman of Athlone and Colonel Charles O�Kelly of Castle Kelly, Co. Galway.
[Athlone in the Seventeenth Century in The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Fifth Series, Vol. 1,No. 3 (3rd Quarter, 1890), pp. 198-215]

Prelude to confiscation: a survey of Catholic estates in Leinster

In the Irishtowne of ye Liberties of Athlone, Westmeath

Tenants of the Earl of Clanrickard and Edmund Ffallan.
Property burned during Rebellion.
Bartholemew Emery Dier, 2 tenements and gardens.
Henry Dillon, 1 tenement and garden.
Terence McCabe, 1 tenement and garden.
Patrick Rian, 1 tenement and garden.
Hew Brian, 1 tenement and garden.
Frarral Moran, 1 tenement and garden.
Edmond Molligan, 1 tenement and garden.

[Prelude to Confiscation: A Survey of Catholic Estate in Leinster in 1690, The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Vol. 131 (2001), p.109]

November 26, 1717
Index of Exchequer Bill, Derby McCormelly, Patr Greenan, Hugh McCormelly and Owen O�Mulligan vs Isaiah Curry, Philip McMahar, Roger Smith, Francis Ellis and James Litter.
[Exchequer Bills, Crossle Genealogical Collection, National Archives of Ireland]