Ailech Frigrenn


Cind cethri ndíni iar Frigrind

Compile by Flann of Monasterboice

Cind cethri ndíni iar Frigrind
forraig gleogal
Ailech ágmar
ro gab anrath airech Eogan.

(At the end of the four generations after Frigrind,
Eogan, a leader of lords, took warlike Ailech)

Eogan mac Néill
ro rígad i nAiliuch iaram
uaig arrálad.
ri ré da fichet buan bliadan.

(Eogan son of Niall was made king in Ailech thereafter,
… for the space of two long scores of years)

Baí Muridach and dia éis o
dún ni dichet
fialglan fethet
ri ré cethri mbliadan ficet.

(After him reigned Muredach – from his fortress they depart not,
They attend the illustrious man – during twenty-four years)

Fichi fa dí
do Murchertach mór Mac Erca
clethail chachta
& a cethair co certa.

(Twice twenty reigned great Murchertach Mac Erca,
War-rock of mastery, and four years for certain)

Certfichi a trí
do Fergus do Domnall cen deochaid
a .uii. do Baetán co mbrethaib
& d'Eochaid.

(Just twenty-three reigned Fergus and Domnall without,
Seven reigned Báetán with judgements, and with him Eochaid)

Oenocht mbliadan
do Cholgain mac Domnaill dírig
cobrad n-eolaig
la trí secht do Cholmán Rímid.

(Eight years reigned Colgu, son of Domnall the severe,
Thrice seven reigned Colman Rimid, learned man’s shield)

Oenocht mbliadan
do Aed Ollán mac Domnaill os iathbla
dá secht do Subni Mind mórtha
mac find Fiachna.

(Eight years reigned Aed Ollan, son of Domnall, over the meadowy land,
Twice seven Suibne Menn whom ye praise, fair son of Fiachna)

Fég a dó do Máel find Fithrig
iarna iarair
Ernain. mac Fiachnai in fénnid
ré sé bliadnaib.

(Behold two years reigned by Mael Fithrig, having been sought out,
Fianchna’s son Ernaine, the warrior, during six years)

A sé fo chethair do Chrundmáel
mac saer Subni.
cen locht do Fergus co foibdi
a .uiii. umli.

(Four times six reigned Crunnmael, noble son of Suibne,
Without fault, Fergus with …, eight years of homage)

A deich do Mael Duin mac Mael Fithrig
mar ro faemad
Fland let ós lind.
a .xuiii. do mac Cind Faelad.

(Ten reigned Mael Duin, Mael Fithrig’s son, as has been granted,
Thou hast Flann over the lake, son of Cenn Faelad, for eighteen)

Sé mís do Erthaile o Chrundmael
cétaib cure
gaine gaile
sé mis do mac Maile Tuile.

(Six months for Erthaile, grandson of Crunnmael, with hundreds of bands,
Six months for the son of Mael Tuile, sport of valour)

Tri secht mbliadan
do mac Maile Duin do Fergal
clandad chomram
tri .uii. do Aed Alláin na n-ergal

(Thrice seven years for Mael Duin’s son, for Fergal,
Thrice seven for Aed Allán of the combats who established glory)

Erbb úait.uii. cóic do Niall Frossach
cia fuair forrán
a .x. daena
do Mael Duin mac Aeda Allain.

(Grant thou seven fives to Niall Frossach, though he suffered stress,
Ten … for Mael Duin, son of Aed Allán)

Oen ar trichait do Aed Ordnide
naro fubthad
dá dó cen rúin
do mac Máele Dúin do Murchad.

(Thirty-one for Aed Ordnide who was not assailed,
Twice two without disguise for Mael Dunin’s son, for Murchad)

Mad Niall Caille
mac Aeda Orddnide airig.
xx. a trí os laech Maig Lí
ba rí Ailig.

(As for Niall Caille, son of watchful Aed Ordinide,
Twenty-three years over Mag Lí of heroes he was king of Ailech)
do Mael Duin do mac Aeda ind Orddain
a trí da secht
do Aed Findliath fecht ni terc torcaib.

(Thrice five for Mael Duin, son of Aed the dignified,
Three and two sevens for Aed Findliath, not seldom he fares to war)

Triallais Murchad mac Mel Duin
ré .uii. mbliadan.
réil ro rélad
conna gebad acht a giallad.

(Murchad, son of Mael Duin held on for seven years,
Clearly it was made known, from whom nothing less than submission was accepted)

Gabais a mac
Flathbertach fri ré .ix. mbliadan
omrand caemfer
malle & Domnall dianglan.

(His son Flaithbertach reigned nine years’ space,
along with active Domnall, a partnership of goodly men)

Domnall iar sin
fria .ix. déc fri dúrdul
fial in fáelur malle
& Niall Glundub.

(Domnall afterwards for nineteen years in peace,
along with Niall Glúndub, noble wolf-man)

Gabais Niall for Temraig tírig
ríge riarglain
Flaithbertach i nAiliuch Eogain
teora bliadnaib.

(Niall took the kingship of a famous ruler over dominant Tara,
Flaithbertach in Ailech of Eogan for three years)

Noí mbliadna déc
do Fergal mac Domnail dela.
a .u. iar céin
do Murchertach mac Néil neda.

(Nineteen years for Fergal, son of Domnall the friendly,
Five, after long delay, for Murchertach son of Niall …)

Teora bliadna déc do Domnall
cona degblaid.
i rríge Ailig co hergnaid
riasin Temraig.

(Thirteen years for Domnall with his renown,
In the kingship of Ailech worthily, before [his rule in] Tara)

arraid Flaithbertach is Chond is
Tadc co taigib
re ré .u. mbliadan co mbladaib
ar mag Ailig.

(Flaithbertach and Conn and Tadg hold sway in their houses,
for five years with fame over Ailech’s plain)

Oenbliadain déc
do Murchad Glún i lLár lainech
iar ngreis galach
cen anad ropo leis Ailech.

(Eleven years for Murchad Glún-i-llar …,
after valiant strife without delay he possessed Ailech)

A .uiii. do Domnall Ú Néill i
nAliuch ergnaid
firu fo dlaib
iar mbeith i rrígu for Temraig.

(Eight for Domnall, grandson of Niall, in renowned Ailech,
truest of sharings, having been in kingship over Tara)

A trí fó thrí
do Fergal i rrige Ailig.
tri cóic la hóen
eret ro gab Aed ind ainig.

(Thrice three for Fergal in the kingship of Ailech,
Thrice five with one the space that Aed of honour ruled)

Trícha bliadan
do Flathbertuch Hu Néill nemthruim
Aed and ro thriall.
málle & Niall mac Mael Sechnuill.

(Thirty years for Flaithbertach, grandson of vigorous Niall,
Aed came in then along with Niall son of Mael Sechnaill)

Sé rig déc dib
ro gabsat for Herind ule
na ríg aile
fuaratar bríg o cech dune.

(Sixteen kings of them ruled all Ireland,
the other kings won respect from every man)

Díb Murchertach & Domnall
Fergus fírdil.
Baetán na ndám
Eochaid is Cholman Rímid.

(Of those [who ruled Ireland] are Murchertach, Domnall, and Fergus truly beloved,
Baetán of the companies, Eochaid, and Colman Rímid)

Rím Aed Uaridnach Subne Mend
is Fergal fossad
Aed Ollan riam
& a brathair Níall Frossach.

(Reckon [with them] Aed Uaridnach, Suibne Menn, and Staunch Fergal,
Aed Ollán beforehand and his brother Niall Frossach)

Fég Aed Ordnide is Niall Caille
cetaib comland
Aed Findliath fial
in Glundub Niall & Domnall.

(Behold Aed Ordnide, and Niall Caille with hundreds of combats,
noble Aed Findliath, the “Black-knee” Niall, and Domnall)

Derb ro sechnus drem na llethríg
ciabtar lanfir
ardgus n-eolaig
connachas tarddus i n-arim.

(Truly I have omitted the list of half-kings, though they were whole men,
a learned man’s high task, so that I have not brought them into reckoning)

A cóic cethrachat do rígaib
ro gab Ailech
ó Eogan fíal co toract Niall
na ngiall ngraigech.

(Forty-five kings have ruled Ailech,
from noble Eogan down to Niall of the mounted hostages)

Gébas Ailech
armothá i rré arbia
acht dréch ros foid
ni fitir nech coich na cia. C.

(They that shall rule Ailech besides in the time to come,
except the Face that shall have sent them, none knoweth who or whose they are)

Note: According to section I (LL181 b2), Frigriu or Frigrind was a contemporary with Fiachu Sroptine, king of Ireland. In the genealogies, Eogan is fourth in descent from Fiachu – Eogan son of Niall son of Eochu son of Muredach son of Fiachu. In the Annal of Ulster, the obit of Eogan is dated to c.465.