Cenel Conall I



Extracts from the Annals of Ireland

~~~ Section I ~~~


AI = Annals of Inisfallen 438-1450
AT = Annals of Tigernach 488-1178
AU = Annals of Ulster 431-1541
CS = Chronicon Scotorum 353-1150
FM = Annals of the Four Masters 123-1616


FM 405

After Niall of the Nine Hostages, son of Eochaidh Muighmheadhoin, had been twenty seven years in the sovereignty of Ireland, he was slain by Eochaidh, son of Enna Ceinnseallach, at Muir nIcht, i.e. the sea between France and England.

CS 411

Niall of the Nine Hostages died, after being wounded by Eochaidh, son of Enna Cennsealach, at the Ictian Sea.

CS 412

Nathi, son of Fiachra*, reigned twenty-three years.

* Fiachra son of Eochaidh Muighmheadhoin.

CS 428: FM 428

Nath�, son of Fiachra, perished by lightning at Sliabh Ealpa, after possessing the sovereignty of Erinn, and of the world, so far.

CS 430

Laeghaire, son of Niall, held the kingdom of Hibernia thirty years.

CS 432

The fourth year of the reign of Laeghaire, son of Niall.

AU 440: SC 440: AT 400: FM 440

Some books state that Maine son of Niall perished this year.

AU 445: AI 445

Nath* � son of Fiachra of Mag T�il, son of Eochu Mugmed�n was killed at the Alps mountain, or died after having been struck by a thunderbolt when he invaded its confines; and he reigned in Ireland for 23 years.

* Dath I son of Fiachra.

Battle of Feimen or Mag Femin

AU 446

The battle of Feimen in which Mac Cairthinn son of Caelub fell. Some say he was of the Cruithin.

CS 445

Battle of Feimin, in which fell the son of Cairthind, son of Colboth, son of Niall. Some say that he was of the Picts.

AI 447

The battle of Mag Feimin between the Munstermen and the Laigin, in which fell Mac C�irthinn son of Caelub, who ...(?)

AU 456: CS 455: AI 458: 456

Death of �nna, son of Cathub or Cathbadh.

AU 458: CS 452: AI 459: FM 457

Battle of Ath Dara

The battle of �th Dara was won by the Laigin over Laegaire, and in it he himself was taken prisoner, but was then freed on swearing by sun and wind that he would remit to them the cattle-tribute.

CS 458

The battle of Ath Dara gained by the Lagenians over Laeghaire, in which he was taken prisoner; but he was straightway set at liberty, upon swearing by the sun and wind that he would forgive them the Borumha.

CS 459

The battle of Ath Dara gained against Laeghaire by the Lagenians, over whom Crimthand was then commander.

AU 462: CS 460: AI 463: FM 458

Death of Laegaire son of Niall, at Grellach Dabhaill or Grellach Ghaifil on the side of Caisse in Magh Life, between two hills called Eiriu and Albu; for the Laigin thought that it was sun and wind that killed him.

AU 563: CS 461: AI 464: FM 459

Beginning of the reign of Ailill Molt, son of Nath �.

FM 464

Conall Gulban, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages (from whom are descended the Cinel Conaill), was slain by the old tribes of Magh Slecht, he having been found unprotected, and was buried at Fidhnach Maighe Rein, by Saint Caillin, as the Life of the aforesaid saint relates.

AU 465

E�gan son of Niall died.

FM 465

Eoghan, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages (from whom are descended the Cinel Eoghain), died of grief for Conall Gulban, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, and was buried at Uisce Chain, in Inis Eoghain; concerning which was said:

Eoghan, son of Niall, died
Of tears,�good his nature,�
In consequence of the death of Conall, of hard feats,
So that his grave is at Uisce Chain.

AU 473 or 476: AI 470: CS 471: FM 468

The battle of Br� �ile won by Ailill Molt over the Laigin.

AU 468, 474 or 476: CS 472: AI 470: FM 470

The battle of Duma Aichir, i.e. won against Ailill Molt. Illann was victor.

FM 474

Eirc, son of Eochaidh Muinreamhar, died.

AU 480: AI 480: CS 476: FM 480

Death of Conall* of Cremthann, son of Niall.

* Annals of Inisfallen, �Mc. Conaill m. Cremthaine meicc Neill moritur.�

Battle of Ochae

AU 482

The battle of Ochae i.e. won by Lugaid son of Laegaire and by Muirchertach Mac Erca, in which Ailill Molt fell.

CS 482

Oilill Molt^ fell in the battle of Ocha by Muircertach Mac Erca*; and by Lughaidh+, son of Laeghaire; and by Fergus Cirrbel, son of Conall Crimthainn; and by Fiachra Lonn, son of Caelboth, King of D�l Ar�idhe, of which Bec Mac De said:�

The great battle of Ocha was fought,
Through which many fights were contested;
Over Oilill Molt, son of Dathi,
It was gained by the D�l Ar�idhe,
By Lughaidh, by Fiachra Lonn,
And by the great, puissant Muircertach,
By Fergus, son of mild Conall�
By them fell the noble King Ailill;
And by Fergus of the blemish�
By them fell the noble Ailill Molt.

^ Ailill Molt son of Nath � son of Fiachra son of Eochaid Mugmedon.
* Muircertach son of Muircertach son of Eogan son of Niall son of Eochaid Mugmedon
+ Lughaidh son of Laeghaire son of Niall son of Eochaid Mugmedon.

AU 483

Or, this year the battle of Ocha according to others, won by Muirchertach Mac Erca* and by Fergus Cerball^ son of Conall of Cremthann, and by Fiachra Lon son of the king of D�l nAraide.

* Muircertach son of Muircertach son of Eogan son of Niall son of Eochaid Mugmedon.
^ Fergus Cerball son of Conall Cremthann son of Niall son of Eochaid Mugmedon.

CS 483: AU 484

Beginning of the reign of Lugaid son of Laegaire this year.

AU 483 or 485: AI 485* or 487: FM 465

The slaying of Cremthann son of Anna Cennselach son of Bresal B�lach son of Fiacha ba Aiccid son of Catha�r M�r, king of Laigin.

* Annals of Inisfallen gives AD 485 for the slaying of Cremthann by Eochaidh Guinech.

CS 484

Criomthann, son of Enna Cennsealach, King of Laighen, wounded by Eochaidh Guinech* of the Ibh Bairrche, and by the men of Aradh Cliach.

* Annals of Four Masters states Crimhthann, son of Enda Censelach, King of Leinster, was killed by the son of his own daughter, i.e. Eochaidh Guineach, one of the Ui Bairrche.

The First Battle of Graine

CS 483

First battle of Graine, in which Muircertach Mac Erca was the victor.

Another battle was fought, at Graine, in the land of Laighen, between the Lagenians themselves, in which Finnchadh, King of Ui Cennsealaigh, fell, and Eochaidh Mac Coirpre was the victor.

CS 484

First battle of Graine, in which Muircertach Mac Erca was the victor.

Another battle was fought, at Graine, in the land of Laighen, between the Lagenians themselves, in which Finnchadh, King of Ui Cennsealaigh, fell, and Eochaidh Mac Coirpre was the victor.

AU 485 or 486: AI 485

The first battle of Granairet. Coirpre, son of Niall Na�giallach, was victor, and Finnchad fell; or, Mac Erca was victor, as others state.

Battle of Cell Osnada or Cenn Losnada (Kellistown, Co. Carlow)

CS 487: AU 490: AI 492

The battle of Cill Osnaigh in Magh Fea*, in which fell Aengus Mac Nathfraeich, King of Mumhan, and his wife, i.e. Eithne the hateful, daughter of Criomthann, son of Enna Cennsealach. Iollann, son of Dunlaing, and Oilill, his brother, and Eochaidh Guinech, and Muircertach Mac Erca^, King of Ailech~, were victors, as was said:�

A branch of the great spreading tree died�
Aengus the praiseworthy, son of Nathfraeich;
His head was left with Iollann,
In the battle of foul Cill-Osnaigh.

* Magh Fea lies the plain of the Barrow in Co. Carlow.
^ The Annals of Ulster and Inisfallen omit Muircertach Mac Erca�s name.
~ Chronicon Scotorum makes him �ri Ailigh�. See Annals of Tigernach below.

AT 489

Cath Cella Asnada i Muig Fhea, ubi cecidit Aengus mac Nad Fraich &uxor eius & Eithni Uathach ingen Cremthainn maic Enna Cendselaig. Illand mac Dungaili & Ailill a brathair & Eochaid Guinech & Murchertach mac Erca rig Ailigh uictores erant. Vnde dictum est:

Ad-bath craeb dos-bili moir
Aengus molbtach mac Nad Fraich,
facbadh la h-Illand na rath
sin cath a Cell Osnad clain.

Illand ocus Muirchertach,
Ailill, Eochaid tend tolchar
ro chuirset cath Cell Osnad
re h-Aengus Muman molbthach.

The Second Battle of Graine

CS 492: AT 495: AU 497

The second battle of Graine, in which fell Fraech, son of Finnchadh, King of Southern Leinster. Eochaidh, son of Coirpre, was the victor.

FM 476*

The battle of Granard by Eochaidh, son of Cairbre, son of Oilioll, son of Dunlaing, son of Enda Niadh, against the King of Leinster, Fraech, son of Finuchadh, son of Garchu, son of Fothadh, son of Eochaidh Lamhdoidh, son of Mesincorb; and Fraech fell therein.

* I believe this entry has been wrongly dated.

AI 493

The battle of Srath Echaill, in which Fraech son of Finnchad, king of Laigin, fell, and Eochu, son of Cairpre, was victor.

AT 494: AU 494: CS 491

The battle of Tailtiu won over the Laigin by Cairpre son of Niall.

AT 497: AU 499: CS 494

The battle of Slemain of Mide won, by Cairpre son of Niall over the Laigin.

AT 499: CS 496: AU 501

The battle of Cenn Ailbe won over the Laigin by Cairpre son of Niall.

CS 498: AT 501

Feargus Mor mac Earca cum gente Dal Riada partem Britaniae tenuit, et ibi mortuus est.

Translation: Fergus Mor Mac Erca, with the tribe of D�l Riada, held a part of Britain and died there.

CS 500: AI 500: AT 502: AU 498

The battle of Inne M�r in the territory of U� Gabla, won over the Laigin. Muirchertach Mac Erca was victor.

CS 497: AT 500: AU 502: AI 502

The battle of Seghais gained by Muircertach Mac Earca over Duach Tengumha, King of Connacht, in which Duach was slain; of which Cennfaeladh said:�

The battle of Seghais�
A certain woman caused it;
Red blood was brought over lances
By Duisech, daughter of Duach.
The battle of Delg, and battle of Mucremhe,
And the battle of Tuaim Drubha,
With the battle of Seghais, wherein fell
Duach Tengumha

AT 501: AU 503: CS 499

The battle of Druim Lochmaige won by the Laigin over the �� N�ill.

AT 501

Eoghan Bel regnauit annis i Cruachain .xlii.

CS 505

The battle of Fremhain, in Midhe, gained over Fiachaidh, son of Niall, by Foilge Berraidhe; of which was said:�

The other king they mention,
Fiachaidh, son of Niall, they deny not;
Over him, against a false prophecy,
The battle of Slemhain of Midhe, was won.

CS 507: AU 507 or 508

Death of Lughaidh, son of Laeghaire, King of Temhair, in Achadh Farcha. He was struck on the head with lightning from heaven, for denying Patrick.

CS 507: AU 513: AT 510

Muircertach Mac Earca begins to reign.

AU 516 or 517: AI 513: CS 512

The battle of Druim Derg against Failge. Fiacha was victor. Thereafter the plain of Mide* was taken away from the Laigin.

The other king that you mention (?),�
You do not hide Fiachu son of Niall�
It was he who, despite a false prophecy, (?)�
Was defeated in the battle of Fremain of Mide.
Vengeance in seven years' time
was his heart's desire:
The battle at Druim Dergaide,
It was thereby that Mag Mide was forfeited.

* The Annals of Four Masters state that from this time forward the land extending from Cluain In Dibhair to Uisneach belongs to the Cenel Fiachach.

CS 518: AU 520 or 523: AT 520

Battle of Detna, in Droma-Bregh, in which fell Ardgal, son of Conall Crimhthann, son of Niall. Muircertach Mac Earca, and Colga, son of Cloith, son of Crunn, son of Fedhlimidh, King of Airghiall, were the victors.

AT 529: AU 528 or 533: CS 528: AI 530

The battle of Cenn Eich and the battle of �th Sige won over the Laigin. Muirchertach Mac Erca was victor.

AT 531: AU 533: CS 530: AI 531

The battle of �blenn won by Muirchertach; and the battle of Mag Ailbe won against the Laigin, and the battle of Aidne against the Connachta, and the battle of Almuin, and the battle of Cenn Eich against the Laigin, and the ravaging of Cl�u in one year.

AT 532: CS 531: AU 534 or 536

Muircertach Mac Earca immersed in a vat of wine, and burnt and mortally wounded, on the night of Samhain, on the summit of Cleitech, over the Boyne, as was said by Saint Cairnech:�

I am fearful of the woman
Round whom many storms shall move;
For the man who shall be burned
On the side of Cleitech, wine shall drown.

S�n is the woman that killed thee,
O, Mac Earca, as I perceive;
Numerous will her names be here�
She will set one astray.

Not beloved is the woman
Whose name is S�n;
As for the King, fire shall burn him,
In the house of Cleitech wine shall drown him.

The King, Mac Erca, returns
To the side of the Ui N�ill;
Blood reaches girdles in the plain;
Territories increase afar.

Seven times he fights nine battles,
And long shall it be remembered;
He carried off the hostages of the Ui Neill,
With the hostages of the plain of Mumhan.

Tuathal Maelgarbh son of Cormac Caech son of Cairpre son of Neill

CS 532: AT 533: AU 537

Tuathal Maelgarbh reigned eleven years.

The church of Doire Calgaigh was founded by Colum Cille, the place having been granted to him by his own tribe, i.e. the race of Conall Gulban, son of Niall.

CS 533

The battle of Luachair-m�r edir-da-Inbher gained by Tuathal Maelgarbh over the Ciannachta.

AT 533

The battle of Great Luachair between two estuaries, gained by Tuathal Maelgarb over the Cianacht.

AI 534

The battle of Luachair [gained] against Tuathal Mael Garb.

AU 535

The battle of Luachair M�r between the two estuaries, won by Tuathal Maelgarb son of Cormac Caech son of Cairpre son of Niall Na�giallach, over the Ciannacht.

AU 539

The battle of Luachair. Tuathal Maelgarb son of Cormac Caech son of Cairpre son of Niall Na�giallach was victor as some state.

AT 537: CS 538: AU 538

The battle of Claenloch*, in which Maine, son of Cerbhall, was slain, defending the hostages of the Ui Maine of Connacht. Goibhnenn son of Conall, King of Ui Fiacrach Aidhne, was the victor.

* The Annals of Four Masters state this battle of Claenloch was fought in Cenel Aedh.

AT 541: CS 542

Ailbe Senchua Ua n-Ailello obit.

Section II AD 542 To AD 562