Ui Conall VI



Extracts from the Annals of Ireland

~~~ Section VI ~~~


AI = Annals of Inisfallen 438-1450
AT = Annals of Tigernach 488-1178
AU = Annals of Ulster 431-1541
CS = Chronicon Scotorum 353-1150
FM = Annals of the Four Masters 123-1616

Names underlined refer to the kings of Cenel Conaill.


AU 1103

Ua Canann�n was expelled from the kingship of T�r Conaill by Domnall ua Lochlainn.

AU 1114

Aed son of Donnchad ua Eochada, heir designate of Ulaid, Donnchad ua Loingsigh, king of D�l Araide, Ua Canann�n, i.e. Ruaidr�, heir designate of Cen�l Conaill, Muirchertach ua Lochlainn, heir designate of Ailech, were unjustly killed.

CS 1135

Ruaidr� ua Canann�in, king of Cen�l Conaill, was killed by the Cen�l Eogain.

AU 1156

Aedh Ua Canannain, king of Cenel-Conaill, was killed by Ua Cathain and by the Men of the Craibh.

AU 1159

Three Ui-Maeldoraidh were killed by Ua Canannain in treachery.

AU 1160

Ua Canannain, king of Cenel-Conaill, was killed by the Cenel-Conaill themselves,�namely, a house was burned by Ua Baighill upon him.

AU 1165

Maghnus Ua Canannain, king of Cenel-Conaill, died.

AU 1188

Domnall Ua Cananna[i]n laid open his foot with his own axe, whilst cutting a faggot of firewood in Daire and he died thereof, by miracle of Coluim-cille.

AU 1204

A monastery was built by Cellach, abbot of Iona in the centre of the encolsure of Iona, without any right, in dishonour of the Community of Iona, so that he wrecked the place greatly. A hosting, however, was made by the clergy of Ireland, namely, by Florence Ua Cerballain, bishop of Tir-Eogain and by Mael-Isu Ua Dorig, that is, bishop of Tir-Conaill and by the Abbot of the Monastery of Paul and Peter in Ard-Macha and by Amalgaidh Ua Fergail, abbot of the Monastery of Doire and by Ainmire Ua Cobhthaigh and a large number of the Community of Doire and a large number of the clergy of the North, so that they razed the monastery, according to the law of the Church. That Amalgaidh aforesaid took the abbacy of Iona by selection of Foreigners and Gaidhil.

AU 1208

A foray by Eignecan Ua Domnaill into Fir-Manach, so that they seized cows and the Fir-Manach overtook them, so that Ua Domnaill, king of Tir-Conaill, was killed there, with slaughter innumerable of the nobles of Cenel-Conaill along with him.

AU 1209

A foray-hosting by Aedh Ua Neill into Inis-Eogain and Ua Domnaill overtook him, so that they gave battle, wherein were killed a countless number of persons on each side. Here was killed Domnall Mac Murchadha of the Cenel-Eogain; also Ferghal Ua Baighill and Cathbarr Ua Domnaill and Cormac Ua Domnaill and David Ua Dochurtaigh, with a multitude of the nobles of Cenel-Conaill along with them.

AU 1212

Aedh Ua Neill, king of Cenel-Conaill and of Cenel-Eogain and of the Airghialla overtook them and defeat was inflicted upon the Foreigners, wherein were killed a countless number of them.

AU 1212

Thomas, son of Uchtrach* with the sons of Raghnall, son of Somarle, came to Daire of St. Colum-cille with six and seventy ships and the town was greatly destroyed by them and Inis-Eogain was completely destroyed by them and by the Cenel-Conaill.

* Gaelic = �Tomas mac Uchtraigh�. Thomas was the son of Roland son of Uchtred.

AU 1247

Ruaighri Ua Canannain took the kingship of Tir-Conaill.

AU 1248

Ruaidhri Ua Canannain was killed by Geoffrey, son of Domnall Mor Ua Domnaill and many other persons were killed along with him and Geoffrey took the kingship of Tir-Conaill after him.

AU 1249

Niall Ua Canannain took the kingship of Tir-Conaill this year.

AU 1250

Maurice Fitz Gerald and Cathal Ua Raighillaigh and Eachaidh Mag Mathghamna went with a host into Tir Conaill and Niall Ua Canannan, namely, king of Tir Conaill, was killed by them.