Cenel Enna



Extracts from the Annals of Ireland


AU = Annals of Ulster 431-1541
FM = Annals of the Four Masters 123-1616
LC = Annals of Loch Ce 1014-1648

FM 957

Oenghus Ua Lapain, Bishop of Rath-bhoth.

AU 959

Aengus ua Lap�n, died.

FM 983

Uissine Ua Lapain, airchinneach of Doire-Chalgaigh.

AU 984

Uis�ne ua Lap�in, superior of Daire Calgaig, rest.

AU 1011

Mael Ruanaid ua Domnaill, king of Cen�l Lugdach, was killed by the Fir Maige Itha.

Aengus ua Lap�in i.e. king of Cen�l �nna, by the Cen�l E�gain of Inis [E�gain].

AU 1019

Flaithbertach ua N�ill went to T�r Conaill and plundered T�r �nna and T�r Lugdach.

LC 1019

Flaithbhertach Ua Neill went into Tir-Conaill, and he destroyed Tir-Enna and Tir-Lughdech.

AU 1036

C� Ch�che son of �icnech�n, king of Cen�l �nna, died.

LC 1036

Cuchiche, son of Eignechan, king of Cenel-Enna, obiit.

AU 1057

Niall ua h�icnech�n, king of Cen�l �nna, was killed by his own people.

AU 1078

Cathal son of Domnall, king of Cen�l �nna�was killed by the Cen�l E�gain of Inis E�gain.

LC 1078

Cathal, son of Domhnall, king of Cenel-Enna, was killed by the Cenel-Eoghain of the Island.

AU 1083

The king of Cen�l �nna was killed by Donnchad ua Mael Sechlainn, king of Ailech.

[There is an unexplained gap of almost 100 years before the next reference to the Cenel Enna]

AU 1175

Defeat [was inflicted] on the Cenel-Enna by Echmarcach Ua Catha[i]n and by Niall Ua Gailmredhaigh and great slaughter was put upon them.

LC 1175

A victory was gained over the Cenel-Enna, by Echmarcach O'Cathain and Niall O'Gairmledhaigh, and a great slaughter was inflicted on them.

FM 1175

The Kinel-Enda were defeated, and a great slaughter made of them by Eachmarcach O'Kane, and Niall O'Gormly.

AU 1177

Niall Ua Gailmredhaigh, king of the Men of Magh-Itha and of Cenel-Ennai, was killed by Donnchadh Ua Cairella[i]n and by the Clan-Diarmata, in the centre of Daire of Colum-cille: and [it happened thus:] a house was burned upon him there, so that he came out from it [and] was killed at the door of the house. However, Donnchadh Ua Cairella[i]n, chief of Clann-Diarmata, made peace with Colum-cille and with the Community of Daire then, on behalf of himself and his son and his grand sons,�to wit, the monastic service of himself for ever and of his son and of his grandsons and of his posterity to doom unto Colum-cille and unto the Community of Daire and [to give] a bally-betagh in the neighbourhood of Domnach-mor. And �The Gray Son,� that is, the best goblet that was in Ireland, was given to the Community of Daire, in pledge for three score cows. And [he agreed] to make a house for the cleric whose house was burned upon Ua Gairmledhaigh and to pay him all the chattel that they burned about him. The Clann-Diarmata also made peace on their own behalf.

FM 1177

Niall O'Gormly, Lord of the men of Magh-Ithe and Kinel-Enda, was slain by Donough O'Carellan and the Clandermot in the middle of Derry Columbkille. The house in which he was was first set on fire, and afterwards, as he was endeavouring to effect his escape out of it, he was killed in the doorway of the house. Donough O'Carellan then made his perfect peace with God, St. Columbkille, and the family i.e. clergy of Derry, for himself and his descendants, and confirmed his own mainchine (gifts) and those of his sons, grandsons, and descendants, for ever, to St. Columbkille and the family of Derry. He also granted to them a ballybetagh near Donaghmore, and, moreover, delivered up to them the most valuable goblet at that time in Ireland, which goblet was called Mac Riabhach i.e. the tan-coloured son, as a pledge for sixty cows. There was also a house erected for the cleric, in lieu of that burned over the head of O'Gormly, and reparation was made by him for all damage caused by the burning. All the Clandermot gave likewise full satisfaction on their own behalf.

AU 1177

Conchobur Ua Cairella[i]n before that (namely, in the Spring) inflicted defeat upon the Cenel-Eogain and upon Ua Maeldoraidh; where a great number of the Cenel-Eogain were killed, around the son of Mac Sherraigh and around many nobles besides.

FM 1177

O'Muldory and the Kinel-Connell were defeated by Conor O'Carellan in a battle, in which O'Sherry and many other distinguished men of the Kinel-Enda were slain.

LC 1177

Conchobhar O'Cairellain, indeed, gained a victory over O'Maeldoraidh and the Cenel-Conaill, in which a great number of the Cenel-Enna were slain, along with the son of O'Serrigh, and many other chieftains likewise.

AU 1180

The son of Aindiles Ua Dochurtaigh was killed by the son of Maghnus Ua Cellaca[i]n.

AU 1180

Aindiles Ua Dochartaigh died in Daire of Colum-cille.

AU 1199

Great war between [Cenel-]Cona[i]ll and [Cenel-]Eoga[i]n, so that Cenel-Conaill gave the king ship to Ua Eicnigh. Then he came to meet them to the Termonn of [St.] Dabeoc. Ua Neill with the Men of Magh-Itha came against him, to prevent him, so that each of them saw the other. And Ua Eicnigh was defeated and left pledges. From here Aedh Ua Neill and the Cenel-Eogain [went] on the same day, until they harried Cenel-Conaill around the Plain of Magh-Itha and took countless cattle-spoil away with them. And it is on that foray Niall Ua Duibhdirma was killed on a surprise party. After that, a hosting [was made] by Aedh Ua Neill and by the Cenel-Eogain to the Plain of Magh-Itha, to give battle to the Cenel-Conaill, so that the Cenel-Conaill abandoned the camp and they made a kind of peace then.

FM 1199

Donnell O'Doherty, Lord of Kinel-Enda and Ard-Mire, died.

FM 1200

Hugh O'Neill was deposed by the Kinel-Owen, and Conor O'Loughlin was elected in his stead. The latter plundered Tir-Enda, killed many persons, and drove off many cows.

AU 1201

Aedh Ua Neill was deposed by the Cenel-Eogain and the coronation of Conchobar Mac Lachlainn [was effected] by them. And he made a foray into Tir-Ennai, so that he took away cows innumerable and killed people. Then came Eicnechan Ua Domnaill with the fleet of Cenel-Conaill and with their host on land, so that they formed a camp at Gaeth-in-cairrgin. Thereafter came the Clann-Diarmata to Port-rois on the other side, to act against the fleet. After that, there were sent against them the thirteen ships full of the host, so that [the battle] went against the Clann-Diarmata. Thereupon Mac Lachlainn (namely, Conchubhur the Little) came to their aid, until his horse was wounded and he fell of that fall by the Cenel-Conaill, in reparation of [St.] Colum-cille and of his successor and of his Shrine that he dishonoured. And through the same miracle Conchobur killed Murchadh Ua Crichain, king of Ui-Fiachrach.

AU 1339

Domnall Ua Dochartaigh, arch-chief of Ard-Midhair and it is not this alone, for there was little wanting from his having the lordship of Inis-Eogain and the lordship of the Cantred of Tir-hEnna and there was scarcely in Ireland a chief that had more people and a larger horse-host and better spirit and valour, hospitality and bestowal than he�and he died in the centre of his own house and John Ua Dochartaigh took his place.

FM 1342

Donnell O'Doherty, Chief of Ardmire, and of the cantred of Tir-Enda, a man full of hospitality and prowess, died, and John O'Doherty assumed his place.

FM 1438

Donough na Coille O'Donnell was slain by Conor Don O'Donnell in Tir-Enda, after he had plundered that territory.

AU 1511

A hosting by O'Neill, namely, Art son of Aodh, into Tir Conaill, whereon he burned the Glen of the river Finn and Tir-Enna and the Lacan. And he goes after that to Inis and very severe illness seizes him and he returns to his country and brings the hostages of O'Dochartaigh with him.