Cenel Eogain II



Extracts from the Annals of Ireland

~~~ Section II ~~~

AU 803

Artgal son of Cathusach, king of Inis Cuilenrigi, of the Cenél Eógain, was killed.

AU 804

(This year, moreover, the clerics of Ireland were freed by Aed Oirdnide, at the behest of Fothad of the Canon, from the obligation of attendance on expeditions and hostings.)

AU 804

A hosting by Aed oirdnide to Laigin, and Fínnechta, king of Laigin, submitted to him.

AU 806

Patrick's law promulgated by Aed son of Niall.

AU 808

An expeditionary force of Muirgius son of Tomaltach, with the Connachtmen, was led by Conchobur son of Donnchad as far as Tír ind Aenaig, and they hastened away suddenly after three nights, and Aed son of Niall marched to oppose them, and burned the borders of Mide; and their flight was likened to that of goats and kids.

AU 809

The invasion of Ulaid by Aed son of Niall, as a result of the profanation of Patrick's shrine to the dishonour of Dúnchú.

AU 811

The fair of Tailtiu was prevented from being held on Saturday under the aegis of Aed son of Niall, neither horse nor chariot arriving there. It was the community of Tamlacht who caused the boycott after the Uí Néill had violated the sanctuary of Tamlacht of Mael Ruain; and many gifts were subsequently made to the community of Tamlacht.

AU 814

Gormgal son of Niall son of Fergal, died.

    FM 812
    Gormghal, lord of Magh Itha, died.

AU 815

Colmán son of Niall was killed by the Cenél Conaill. Aed afterwards made an expedition against Cenél Conaill, on which Rogaillnech son of Flaithgus fell.

AU 817: FM 813

Mael Duin son of Cenn Faelad, superior of Ráith Both, a member of Colum Cille's community, was slain.

AU 817

Colum Cille's community went to Temair to excommunicate Aed.

AU 818

Aed son of Niall went with forces to Dún Cuair and divided Laigin between the two grandsons of Bran.

AU 819

The laying waste of Laigin by Aed son of Niall, i.e. the land of Cualu as far as Glenn dá Locha.

AU 819

Death of Aed son of Niall—Aed the eminent son of Niall of the showers—near Áth dá Ferta in the plain of Conaille.

AU 819: CS 819

A skirmish between the Cenél Eógain and the Cenél Conaill in which Mael Bresail son of Murchad, king of Cenél Conaill, fell. Murchad son of Mael Dúin was victor.

AU 820

Murchad, with the northern Uí Néill, made an expedition to Druim ind Eich.

AU 822

Murchad son of Mael Dúin made an expedition with the men of the North to Ard Brecáin. The men of Brega, i.e. Diarmait son of Niall and the descendants of Aed Sláine, then went over secretly to Murchad and submitted to him at Druim Fergusa.

AU 822

Cumuscach son of Tuathal, king of Ard Ciannachta, was killed by Murchad.

AU 823

Murchad son of Mael Dúin was deposed by Niall son of Aed and the Cenél Eógain.

AU 827

The battle of Leth Cam won by Niall son of Aed against the Uí Chremthainn and Muiredach son of Echaid, king of Ulaid, in which fell Cumuscach and Congalach, two sons of Cathal, and many other kings of the Airgialla.

AU 833

Niall and Murchad routed the foreigners in Daire Calgaig.

AU 846

Niall son of Aed, king of Temair, died by drowning i.e. at Linne Néill on the Calann.

AU 835

Cinaed son of Niall son of Aed was killed by the Ulaid.

AU 849

Flannacán son of Echaid, king of Dál Araidi of the North, was killed by the Cenél Eógain.

CS 862

Aed son of Niall, king of Ailech, and Flann son of Conaing brought an army to plunder Mide.

AU 866: CS 866

Aed son of Niall plundered all the strongholds of the foreigners i.e. in the territory of the North, both in Cenél Eógain and Dál Araidi, and took away their heads, their flocks, and their herds from camp by battle (?). A victory was gained over them at Loch Febail and twelve score heads taken thereby.

AU 867: CS 867

Mael Dúin son of Aed, king of Ailech, died in religion after long suffering.

AU 868

Aed son of Niall won a battle at Cell Ua nDaigri against the Uí Néill of Brega, and the Laigin, and a large force of the foreigners, i.e. three hundred or more; and Flann son of Conaing, king of all Brega, and Diarmait son of Etarscéle, king of Loch Gabor, fell therein; and in this battle very many of the heathens were slaughtered; and Fachtna son of Mael Dúin, heir designate of the North, and many others, fell in the counter-attack of the battle.

AU 871

The storming of Dún Sobairche, which had never been achieved before: the foreigners were at it with the Cenél Eógain.

AU 879

Aed son of Niall, king of Temair, fell asleep on the twelfth of the Kalends of December 20 Nov. at Druim Inasclainn in the territory of Conaille.

CS 882: AU 882

Flann son of Mael Sechnaill led an army both of foreigners and Irish into the North. He camped at Mag eter dí Glais, and they invaded Ard Macha, and he took the hostages of Cenél Conaill and Cenél Eógain on that occasion.

AU 883

Aengus son of Mael Dúin, heir designate of the North, was beheaded by the Dál Araidi.

AU 889: CS 889

An expedition by Domnall son of Aed with the men of the north of Ireland against the southern Uí Néill.

CS 893: AU 893

A disturbance in Ard Macha at Whitsun 27 May between the Cenél Eógain and the Ulaid, in which many fell, i.e. between Aitid son of Laigne and Flaithbertach son of Murchad, until Mael Brigte separated them. Mael Brigte thereafter received his own award and compensation for the insult to Pátraic's honour from the provinces of Ireland, as well as taking their hostages, thirty-seven cumals, and four of the Ulaid hanged, not counting churches and monastic tenants.

FM 896: CS 901

Maelbreasail son of Maeldoraidh, lord of Cinel Conaill, was slain in the battle of Sailtin, by Murchadh son of Maelduin, lord of Cinel Eoghain.

Section IV AD 900 to AD 1099