Cenel Lugdach



Extracts from the Annals of Ireland

~~~ Section I ~~~


AI = Annals of Inisfallen 438-1450
AT = Annals of Tigernach 488-1178
AU = Annals of Ulster 431-1541
CS = Chronicon Scotorum 353-1150
FM = Annals of the Four Masters 123-1616

AU 870: CS 870

D�lach son of Muirchertach, chief of Cen�l Conaill, was killed by his own people.

Genelach Sil Lugdach M. Setnai (Rawlinson B. 502)

D�laich m. Muirchertaich m. Cind F�elad m. Airnelaich m. M�el D�in m. Cind F�elad m. Gairb m. R�n�in m. Lugdach m. S�tnai mic Fergus m. Conaill Gulban m. N�ill No�giallaig.

FM 901: AU 906: CS 906

Eigneachan son of Dalach, son of Muircheartach, lord of Cinel Conaill, died. Of his Eignechan's death was said:

Death has left destitute the hosts
who seek after precious gifts,
If it has changed the colour of a potent king;
great grief that Eigneach has died.

Eigneach, who was the sternest of youths,
King of the populous Cinel Conaill;
Alas that his shrunken,
colourless face is below the surface of the clay in death.

Innreachtach of populous Beannchair,
Ciarmhac of Gabhra of great renown,
Flann Feabhail generous and resolute,
Egneach of Sil Conaill of the good councils.

AU 906: CS 906

�icnech�n son of D�lach, king of Cen�l Conaill, died.

FM 950

Adhlann, son of Egneach, son of Dalach, comharba of Doire Choluim-Cille, the Guaire Aidhne of the clergy of Ireland, died.

FM 960

Murcheartach, son of Eigneachan, son of Dalach, died.

FM 962

CS 964

Mael Ruanaidh grandson of �icnech�in, king of Cen�l Conaill, was killed by his own people.

AU 1011

Mael Ruanaid ua Domnaill, king of Cen�l Lugdach, was killed by the Fir Maige Itha,

[and] Aengus ua Lap�in i.e. king of Cen�l �nna, by the Cen�l E�gain of Inis [E�gain].

AU 1019

Flaithbertach ua N�ill went to T�r Conaill and plundered T�r �nna and T�r Lugdach.

AU 1038

Gilla Cr�st, son of Cathbarr ua Domnaill, was killed by the son of Conn ua Domnaill.

Book of Ballymote

Gillicrist m. Cathbarr m. Domnaill m. Eignechan m. Dalaig m. Muircertaigh m. Cindfhaelad m. Gairbh m. Ronain m. Luigdheach m. Sedna m. Fergusa m. Conaill m. Neill .ix.g.

AU 1100

The grandson of Gilla Coluim ua Domnaill, king of Cen�l Lugdach, was killed by his own people.

AU 1106

Cathbarr ua Domnaill, king of Cen�l Lugdach, died.

AU 1160

Ua Canannain, king of Cenel-Conaill, was killed by the Cenel-Conaill themselves,�namely, a house was burned by Ua Baighill upon him.

AU 1203

Domnall Carrach Ua Dochartaigh, king of Tir-Conaill was killed by Muinnter-Baighill after pillaging many churches and territories.

AU 1208

A foray by Eignecan Ua Domnaill into Fir-Manach, so that they seized cows and the Fir-Manach overtook them, so that Ua Domnaill, king of Tir-Conaill, was killed there, with slaughter innumerable of the nobles of Cenel-Conaill along with him.

AU 1209

A foray-hosting by Aedh Ua Neill into Inis-Eogain and Ua Domnaill overtook him, so that they gave battle, wherein were killed a countless number of persons on each side. Here was killed Domnall Mac Murchadha of the Cenel-Eogain; also Ferghal Ua Baighill and Cathbarr Ua Domnaill and Cormac Ua Domnaill and David Ua Dochurtaigh, with a multitude of the nobles of Cenel-Conaill along with them.