Ua Canannáin

John Cannon, merchant in North Antrim

1630 - 1638

[1] John Cannon, barony of Dunluce

Muster Roll of the Barony of Dunluce c. 1630

The Earl of Antrim his British tenants, their names and arms

John Cannan, no arms.

In a foot note, Robert Hunter says, the earl of Antrim owned ‘Mr. Kannon’ £900 0s 0d with reference to the following list of creditors in 1638. There is also a Hugh McCullam in the same barony.

[Hunter, R. J.: ‘Men and Arms’ The Ulster Settlers, c. 1630 (Belfast, 2012), p. 133]

[2] Mr. Kannon, Co. Antrim

Sir Randall Macdonnell, 2nd Earl of Antrim and 1st Marquis of Antrim (c.1609-1683)

A letter of petition by the Creditors of London against Randal Lord Marquis of Antrim in 1638.

List of creditors in Appendix XIX

Accompt list debts owned in England and Ireland in 1638

Irish Debts

To Mr. Kannon, 1800 for payment of 900. 0. 0.

[Hill, Rev. George: An Historical Account of the MacDonnells of Antrim (Belfast, 1873), p. 325, 477]

Note: Antrim also owed debts to Widow M’Naghten, James Hamilton, Alex. Stewart, Widdow Wallace, John Oge M’Colman, Henry Kelso, Widdow Barrabay and Mr. Shaw.

[3] John Cannon

Hearth Money Rolls 1669

Parish of Antrim in the barony of Upper Antrim

John Cannon, Hurtletoot, Tobbernevaran

Parish of Killead in the barony of Massereene

Hugh O’Canan, BallymcEthaney [Ballymacilhoyle]

[Charleton, S.T.: Heads and Hearths - The Hearth Money Rolls and Poll Tax Returns for County Antrim 1660-69 (Belfast, 1991)]