Protestant Householder’s Lists of 1740

Protestant Householder's 1740

Cannon and Canning

In 1740, the Irish House of Commons required the compilation of returns of Protestant householders in the North of Ireland. The work seems to have been undertaken by the Hearth Money collectors in their various ‘walks’. The collectors were given the responsibility for a particular geographical area known as a ‘walk’ and some of the 1740 returns make reference to a walk. Bill Macafee found that those for the Toome walk, which included the barony of Loughinsholin in County Londonderry, were not as accurate the collector’s colleagues in other baronies. He found some 22% of names in Loughinsholin are Gaelic Irish surnames and whilst some of these may have been Protestants, they figures were much higher than in other baronies, which had numbers no higher 4%. This suggests the names of Catholics included in the list of Protestants.

See his notes in the following link: Protestant Householders' Returns 1740

The original records of this survey were destroyed in Public Record Office of Ireland in 1922, but copies survive in the Tenison Grove transcripts and are entitled the ‘Londonderry Survey’. In spite of the title the collection includes counties outside Londonderry, covering parts of Co. Antrim, Armagh, Down, Donegal and Tyrone. Information is provided for 37 parishes in Co. Londonderry, 21 in Co. Antrim, 4 in Co. Armagh, 2 in Co. Down and 3 in Co. Tyrone. A transcript copy of the Protestant Householder’s list is available at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland [T.808/15258].


Barony of Toome

Parish of Ahoghill

James Canning
John Canning

None in the civil parishes of Armoy, Ballintoy, Culfeightrin, Ramoan and Rathlin in the barony of Cary; Ballywillan, Ballyrashane, Billy, Derrykeighan and Dunluce in Lower Dunluce; Ballymoney, Kilraghts and Loughguile in Upper Dunluce; Clogh, Finvoy and Rasharkin in Kilconway; and Manybrooks (Grange of Ballyscullion) in the barony of Toome.


Barony of Inishowen

Parish of Templemore

Daniel Cannon, Church Towne
Edward Cannon, Drumskellan
Thomas Cannon, Muff
Joseph Cannon, not given
Moses Cannon, not given
Thomas Cannon (1), not given
Thomas Cannon (2), not given
William Cannon, not given

Parish of Moville

John Cannon (1), Clare
John Cannon (2), Clare

None in the civil parishes of Clonca, Clonmany, Culduff, Desertegny, Donagh and Fahan.


Northwest Liberties of Londonderry

Parish of Templemore

Edward Cannon, Cash Quinn [Coshquin]

Barony of Tirkeeran

Parish of Clondermot

Charles Cannon, Tamnymore

Parish of Cumber Lower

James Cannon, Irvey [Ervey]

Parish of Banagher (part in Tirkeeran)

James Cannon, Drumcommat [Drumcovit]

None in the civil parish Cumber Upper, Faughanvale and Learmount in the barony of Tirkeeran.

Barony of Keenaght

Parish of Aghanloo

William Cannon, Largan Tea [Largantea]
James Cannon, Largan Tea [Largantea]

Parish of Dungiven

William Canning, Tamnearing [Tamniarin]

Parish of Tamlaght Finlagan

Joe Cannon, Mulkeeragh

None in the civil parishes of Balteagh, Banagher, Bovevagh, Carrick, Drumachose and Tamlaghtard in the barony of Keenaght.

Barony of Coleraine

Parish of Errigal

Geo Caning
Chars Caning
Jn Caning

Note: Townland address no given. The Canning family descend from English settlers.

None in the civil parishes of Aghadowey, Ballyrashane, Ballywilliam (part of), Desertoghill, Dunboe, Killowen and Macosquin in the barony of Coleraine.

Barony of Loughinsholin

Parish of Ballynacreen

Roger Kennan?

Parish of Kilrea

Dan McCannon

Parish of Lissan

James Canning

Parish of Tamlagh

Saml Canning
Saml Canning

None in the civil parishes of Artrea, Ballinderry, Ballyscullion, Derryloran (part of), Desertlyn, Kilcronaghan, Killelagh, Magherafelt, Maghera, Tamlaght O’Crilly and Termoneeny in the barony of Loughinsholin.


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