Protestant Householder’s Lists of 1740

Religious Census of Ireland 1766

Cannon and Canning

The Religious Census was ordered by the government to be done, in March and April of that year, by the parochial clergy of the Established Church. The resolution, passed in the Irish House of Lords, prescribed - ‘that the several archbishops and bishops of this kingdom shall be and are hereby desired to direct the parish ministers in their respective dioceses to return a list of the several families to the House on the first Monday after the recess, distinguishing which are Protestants and which are Papists, and also a list of the several reputed Popish priests and friars residing in their parishes’. The returns were arranged in alphabetical order, within each diocese, and stamped with a running number. Many of these were only numerical returns but some give the names of the heads of families.

All the originals returns were destroyed in 1922, but transcripts survive for 8 parishes in Co. Armagh, 4 parishes in Co. Antrim, 6 parishes in Co. Down, 13 parishes in Co. Londonderry, 9 parishes in Co. Tyrone, 2 parishes in Co. Cavan, 6 parishes in Co. Donegal, and 3 parishes in Co. Monaghan. Some survive for other parts of Ireland. A transcript copy of the returns of Protestant Householders is available in Search Room at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. The returns are available under the PRONI Reference T808/15264, 15266 and 15267, T283/C, T664, T3709 and T3901. A typescript copy of the parish of Ahoghill is available in the National Archives (ref. M 2476), National Library (MS 4173) and Representative Church Body Library (MS 23). In 1766 Ahoghill was a much larger parish than it is now for it included Craigs and Portglenone, parishes created out of Ahoghill in 1840.


Parish of Lisburn

John Cannon, Protestant


Parish of Inch

Dennis Cannon, Papist


Barony of Keenaght

Parish of Drumachose

Th. M’Guineas, Gortcorbies, Dissenter (Presbyterian?)
Dan. M’Guineas, Newtown-Limavady, Roman Catholic
John Maguineas, Newtown-Limavady, Roman Catholic

Parish of Dungiven

Charles Canning, Protestant

Parish of Banagher

Hugh Canon, Protestant
John Canon, Protestant
John Cannon, Protestant

Barony of Loughinsholin

Parish of Magherafelt

John Cannon, Dissenter (Presbyterian?)

Archibald McGinnis, Dissenter (Presbyterian?)
Gloshey McGinnis, Roman Catholic

Parish of Desertmartin

Hendry m’Ginnes, Roman Catholic

Parish of Desertlyn

John Cannon, Protestant

Parish of Artrea

Charles Cannon, Ballindrum


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