Ua Cananáin

Cannons in the Tithe Applotments, Co. Donegal



Parish of Moville Lower 1827

Cannon, Patrick, Carahue

Parish of Culdaff 1828

Cannon, Owen, Leitrim


Parish of Muff 1837

Cannon, George, Aught


Parish of Clonleigh 1826

Cannon, Charles, Mullanavehy

Parish of Raymoghy 1826

Cannon, David, Corkey
Cannon, Neal, Maghrebeg

Parish of Raymunterdoney 1826

Cannon, John, Carroweannon

Parish of Stranorlar 1830

Cannon, Owen, Ballinaghlack
Cannon, John, Ballybofey

Parish of Taughboyne 1826

McCannon, Michael, Kildrum


Parish of Mevagh 1828

Cannon, Dennis, Dundooan
Cannon, James, Glenhoe

Parish of Clondevddock 1834

Cannon, Jno, Coshia
Cannon, Jas, Coshia
Cannon, Andw, Coshia
Cannon, Andw, Coshia
Cannon, Pat, Coshia
Cannon, Owen, Doughcrabin
Cannon, Chas, Fanavolty
Cannon, Chas, Fanavolty
Cannon, Chas, Fanavolty
Cannon, Andw, Fanavolty
Cannon, Andw, Fanavolty
Cannon, Chas, Fanavolty Parks
Cannon, Chas, Fanavolty McElwees Park
Cannon, Pat, Kinnalough
Cannon, Jno, Moross Upper
Cannon, Jno, Moross Upper
Cannon, Michl, Maghrydrummond
Cannon, Michl, Maghrydrummond
Cannon, Shannaghdoo
Cannon, Shannagh
Cannon, Shannagh

Parish of Clondahorky 1834

Cannon, Pat, Drumnakillew

Parish of Tullaghobegly 1830

Cannon, Daniel, Baltony Upper
Cannon, Michael, Binn Boye
Cannon, Michael, Baltony Upper
Cannon, Manus, Cashelforge Park
Cannon, John, Cloonbard
Cannon, James, Derry Connors
Cannon, Michael, Killdrin Rockstown
Cannon, Manus, Killdrin Rockston
Cannon, Hugh, Kildrim Lower
Cannon, Michael, Meenacreeve
Cannon, Hugh, Maheraroarty
Cannon, Michael, Maheraroarty
Cannon, Daniel, Strohan

Parish of Kilmacrenan 1825

Cannon, Patk, Drumabodan
Cannon, Eneas, Drumabodan
Cannon, Dominick, Milltown
Cannon, James, Milltown
Cannon, Shane, Milltown
Cannon, Charles, Drumfergus
Cannon, Brian, Drumfergus
Cannon, Cornelius, Drumfergus
Cannon, Charles, Drumfergus
Cannon, Charles, Kilmacrenan


Parish of Lettermacaward 1833

Cannon, Cormick, Dooly
Cannon, Monus, Dooly
Cannon, John, Dooly
Cannon, Andr, Dooly
Cannon, Hugh, Dooey
Cannon, Pat, Dooey
Cannon, James, Tuam
Cannon, Susan, Derrynanaspil
Cannon, Phil, Derrylough
Cannon, Rocher, Derrylough
Cannon, Darby, Derrylough
Cannon, Thomas, Derrylough
Cannon, Pat, Derrylough
Cannon, Thomas, Derrylough

Parish of Inishkeel 1833

Cannon, Edward, Owenlaskna
Cannon, Magy, Owenlaskna
Cannon, Denis, Meenvally
Cannon, Catherine, Kiltorisk


Parish of Killybegs 1834

Cannon, Owen, Brockagh
Cannon, Patt, Brockagh
Cannon, Michl, Conlan (mountain land)
Cannon, Bryan, Croaghlin Mere
Cannon, James, Croaghlin Mere
Cannon, Owen, Carricknabolul
Cannon, Cormick, Carricknabolul
Cannon, Bryan, Carricknabolil (mountain land)
Cannon, Denis, Carricknabolil (mountain land)
Cannon, Francis, Doughill
Cannon, Thomas, Killybegs
Cannon, Thomas, Knockahunny
Cannon, Patt, Largysillagh

Parish of Kilcar 1833

Cannon, James, Kill Strabrinna Upper
Cannon, Pat, Kill Strabrinna Upper
Cannon, Michl, Meentekerehan
Cannon, Hugh, Tawney East
Cannon, Owen, Tawney East
Cannon, Pat, Upper Croaghkeeragh
Cannon, Widow, Upper Croaghkeeragh
Cannon, Michl, Upper Croaghkeeragh
Cannon, Owen, Lower Croaghkeeragh
Cannon, Edward, Stranakirk
Cannon, Widow, Meenacahan
Cannon, Anne, Grove Bawn
Cannon, Bryan, Grove Bawn
Cannon, Henery, Grove Doughrow
Cannon, Pat, Grove Doughrow
Cannon, Edwd, Croweighter
Cannon, Hugh, Croweighter
Cannon, Conel, Croweighter
Cannon, Michl, Croweighter
Cannon, Michl, Straleel
Cannon, Michl, Churchtown
Cannon, James, Rocksborough

Parish of Killaghtee 1834

Cannon, Owen, Drumbardogue
Cannon, Owen, Croagh Altwigh
Both townlands shared with partners, Cunningham, Gallagher and O’Donnell

Parish of Inver 1825

Cannon, [James], Ballybrollaghan
Cannon, James, Ballybrollaghan
Cannon, Widow, Ballybrilihan
Cannon, James, Ballybrilihan
Cannon, James, Coolshannon
Cannon, Neal, Drimkeelan
Cannon, Patt, Drimkeelan
Cannon, Wm, Drimkulan
Cannon, Patt, Drimkulan
Cannon, Charles, Drimnahirk W.
Cannon, Widow, Drimbeigh and Castle Kenny
Cannon, Hugh, Drimbeigh and Castle Kenny
Cannon, John, Drimmadarrow
Cannon, Bryan, Drummacapple
Cannon, Patt, Drimnacarrow
Cannon, Cornelius, Drumconor
Cannon, Patt, Dromore
Cannon, James, Glencoagh
Cannon, Patt, Tullynagreana
Cannon, Patt, Tullynagrene

Parish of Killymard 1825

Cannon, Patt or Manus, Goland
Cannon, Connel, Goland
Cannon, James, Glencoagh
Cannon, Jas, Lyneleagh or Pat Wards Farm
Cannon, Wm, Mullans
Cannon, Catherine, Mullans
Cannon, Darby, Rossylongan


Parish of Donegal 1825

Cannon, Michl, Drimadowny
Cannon, Cathe, Town tenements
Cannon, [blank], Town tenements