Ua Lochlainn

Ua Lochlainn of Tir Eogain

Extracts from the Annals of Ireland


AU = Annals of Ulster 431-1541
AI = Annals of Inisfallen 438-1450
FM = Annals of the Four Masters 123-1616
LC = Annals of Loch Ce 1014-1648

AU 845

Niall son of Aed inflicted a battle-rout on the heathens in Mag �tha.

AU 846

Niall son of Aed, king of Temair, died by drowning i.e. at Linne N�ill on the Calann.

(I love not the gloomy waters
Which flow past my dwelling:
O Calann, though you pray boast of it,
You have drowned the son of an affectionate woman.)

AU 863

Muiredach son of Mael D�in, prior of Ard Macha and king of Int Airthir, was killed by Domnall son of Aed son of Niall.

AU 889

An expedition by Domnall son of Aed with the men of the north of Ireland against the southern U� N�ill.

AU 905

(Preparation was made for a battle between the two sons of Aed, i.e. Domnall and Niall, and it was prevented through the entreaty of the Cen�l E�gain.)

AU 906

Flann son of Domnall, heir designate of the North, died.

AU 908

An expedition by the Cen�l E�gain, i.e. by Domnall son of Aed and by Niall son of Aed, and Tlachtga was burned by them.

AU 911

(Domnall son of Aed assumed the pilgrim's staff.)

AU 914

A naval battle at Manu between Barid son of Oitir and Ragnall grandson of �mar, in which Barid and almost all his army were destroyed.

AU 915

Domnall son of Aed, king of Ailech, dies in penitence at the spring equinox 21 March.

AU 919

The heathens won a battle against the Irish at Duiblinn in which fell Niall Gl�ndub son of Aed, king of Ireland, in the third year of his reign, on the fourth feria, the eighteenth of the Kalends of October 14 Sept., and here fell also Aed son of Eochuc�n, king of Conchobor's Province, and Mael Mithig son of Flannac�n, king of Brega, and Conchobor grandson of Mael Sechnaill, heir designate or king of Temair, and Flaithbertach son of Domnall, heir designate of the North, and the son of Dub S�naig, i.e. Mael Craibe, king of Airgialla, and many other nobles.�The battle of �th Cliath won by the foreigners.

AU 921

A fleet of the foreigners came into Loch Febail, i.e. Acolb with thirty-two ships. Cennrig was quickly(?) and completely abandoned by them, except for a few who remained behind in it through sloth. Fergal son of Domnall, king of the North, was in hostilities with them, and killed the crew of one of their ships and wrecked the ship and took its booty. Another naval force was at Cenn Magair on the coast of T�r Conaill, i.e. under the son of Uathmar�n son of Barid, with twenty ships.

AU 928

Donnchad son of Domnall son of Aed, was killed by the Norsemen.

AU 933

Fergal son of Domnall son of Aed and Sicfrith son of Uathmar�n, i.e. the son of Domnall's daughter, inflicted a rout on Muirchertach son of Niall and on Conaing in Mag Uatha, where fell Maelgarb, king of Derlas, and Conmal, king of Tuath Achaidh, and two hundred others.

AU 935

(Conchobor son of Domnall, heir designate of Ailech, died, and was buried in the cemetery of the kings in Ard Macha.)

AU 938

Fergal son of Domnall, king of Ailech, died.

AU 940

Niall son of Fergal was wounded and drowned, that is, by Muirchertach son of Niall.

AU 941

Mael Ruanaid son of Flann, i.e. heir designate of Ailech, was killed by the Cen�l Conaill.

FM 957

A plundering army was led to Inis-Eanaigh by Fearghal Ua Ruairc; and the battle of Magh-Itha was gained, wherein Aedh, son of Flaithbheartach, heir apparent of Cinel-Eoghain, was slain.

Note: Aed son of Flaitbeartach was the grandson of Muircheartch and great grandson of Niall Glundubh, king of Ailech, and over king of the Cenel Eogain. Inis-Eanaigh is preserved in the townland of Incheeny and is located in the parish of Urney in Co. Tyrone near Strabane. After the destruction of the Ailech in 1101, it became the seat of the kings of Ailech.

AU 980

Domnall ua N�ill, over-king of Ireland, died after penance in Ard Macha.

AU 980

Dubgall son of Donnchad, heir designate of Ailech, was killed by his own kinsman, i.e. Muiredach son of Flann. Muiredach son of Flann was beheaded by his own sept before a full month had passed.

AU 994

The son of Dubgall son of Donnchad, i.e. Aed, heir designate of Ailech, was killed.

AU 997

Mael Sechnaill son of Mael Ruanaid, heir designate of Ailech, died of a fesaigi
AU 1009

Donnchad ua C�ili was blinded by Flaithbertach in Inis E�gain and put to death afterwards.

AU 1011

Mael Ruanaid ua Domnaill, king of Cen�l Lugdach, was killed by the Fir Maige Itha.

Aengus ua Lap�in i.e. king of Cen�l �nna, by the Cen�l E�gain of Inis [E�gain]
AU 1016

The son of Muiredach son of Flann, king of the Fir Maige Itha, was killed by his own people.

LC 1016

Coscrach, son of Muiredhach, son of Flann, king of Feara-Maighe-Itha, a suis occisi sunt.

AU 1017

Fergal son of Domnall son of Conchobor, heir designate of Ailech, was killed by the Cen�l E�gain themselves.

AU 1019

Ardgar and �rch�, sons of Mael Sechnaill son of Mael Ruanaid, two heirs designate of Ailech, were killed by their own people.

AU 1023

Lochlainn son of Mael Sechnaill was killed by his own people.

AT 1023

Lochlainn son of Maelseachlainn, king of Inishowen and Mag Itha was killed by his own brother, namely, Niall, and by the Cianacht of Glenn Gemin.

AU 1044

Niall son of Mael Sechnaill, king of Ailech, made a raid on U� M�ith and Cuailnge and took away two hundred cows and a large number of captives in revenge for the profanation of the Bell of the Testament. Muirchertach ua N�ill moreover made another raid on the Mugdorna and took away a cow-tribute and captives in revenge for the profanation of the same bell.

AU 1051

Lochlainn's son was expelled from the kingship of Tulach �c and Aed ua Fergail was made king.

FM 1051

Mac Lachlainn was expelled from the lordship of Tulach-Og; and Aedh Ua Fearghail took his place.

AU 1050

A skirmish between the Fir Maige Itha and the Airgialla, in which Eochaid ua hOis�ni fell.

AU 1053

Lochlainn's son and the men of Mag Itha made a raid on the Cen�l Binnig of Loch Drochait, and took away three hundred cows and killed Dub Emna son of Cinaed, prior of Cluain Fiachna, and C� Macha son of Cleirch�n, steward of the D�l Cais.

AU 1054

Aed ua Fergail, king of Tulach �cc, and the son of �rch� ua C�ilec�in, king of U� Bresail, were killed by the men of Fernmag.

FM 1054

Aedh, grandson of Fearghal, son of Conaing, son of Niall, royal heir of Oileach, and lord of Cinel-Eoghain of Tealach-Og, was slain by Leathlobhar, son of Laidhgnen, lord of Airghialla, and by the Feara-Manach.

AU 1056

Eochaid ua Flaith�in went on Christmas night on a raid in Mag Itha, and he brought away 500 cows as far as Uisen, i.e. a river in Mag Uatha, and they left the cows in the river and forty-eight were drowned along with Cuilenn�n son of Derg�n.

AU 1059

A raid was made by Ardgar son of Lochlainn and the Cen�l E�gain into D�l Araide, and they carried off a great cattle-prey, and killed or captured two hundred people.

AU 1061

Niall son of Mael Sechlainn, king of Ailech, died.

AU 1062

A raid was made by Ardgar son of Lochlainn into the province of Connacht, and they carried off six thousand cows and a thousand people.

AU 1064

Eochaid ua Doired, superior of Domnach M�r of Mag Itha, fell asleep in the Lord.

AU 1064

Ardgar son of Lochlainn, king of Ailech, died in Telach �c and was buried in Ard Macha in the cemetery of the kings.

AU 1068

Domnall son of Niall son of Maelsechlainn i.e. Domnall of the poor, king of Ailech, was killed, i.e. in the defeat of Sithbe, by Aed ua Maelsechlainn, i.e. his brother.

AU 1076

The defeat of Belat was inflicted by Aed ua Mael Sechlainn and the men of Mag Itha on the Ciannacht, and a bloody slaughter was inflicted on them.

AU 1077

The defeat of Mael Dergi, in which many fell, was inflicted on the Fir Manach by the Cen�l E�gain of Telach �c.

AU 1078

Cathal son of Domnall, king of Cen�l �nna�by the Cen�l E�gain of Inis E�gain, was killed.

AU 1080

The defeat of �th Ergail beside Clochar was inflicted on the Fir Manach by Domnall ua Lochlainn and the men of Magh Itha, and therein fell the persecutors of Ard Macha, i.e. Sitriuc ua Coem�n and the son of Niall ua Serraigh and others.

(�th Ergail
Where warriors inflicted severance:
A company that will be unloved
On account of the clash at �th Ergail.)

AU 1083

The king of Cen�l �nna was killed by Donnchad ua Mael Sechlainn, king of Ailech.

AU 1084

Domnall ua Gailmredaigh was killed by Domnall ua Lochlainn.

AU 1091

Donn Sl�ibe ua Eochada, king of Ulaid, was killed in battle by Lochlann's grandson, king of Ailech, at Belach Goirt in Ibair.

AU 1093

Aed ua Canann�n, king of Cen�l Conaill, was blinded by Domnall ua Lochlainn, king of Ailech.

AI 1093

A conference between the king of Ailech, i.e. the grandson of Lochlainn Ua Ma�l Shechnaill, and Ua hEochada, king of Ulaid, at Dornann Dabaill on the edge of Loch nEchach, and by reason of a common hostility they made a covenant, with many relics including the Staff of Jesus as pledges, against Ua Briain and Leth Moga.

AU 1097

An expedition was made by Domnall ua Lochlainn also with the north of Ireland to Fid Conaill to give them battle, and Domnall, successor of Patrick, restrained them in a semblance of peace.

AU 1099

An expedition was made by Domnall ua Lochlainn and the North of Ireland over Tuaim into Ulaid; the Ulaid, however, were in camp at Craeb Telcha. Their two forces of horsemen meet, the force of the Ulaid is defeated, and ua hAmr�in is killed there. The Ulaid then leave their camp and Cen�l E�gain burn it and cut down Craeb Telcha. Two hostages are given to them thereafter, and the successor of Comgall as surety for two other hostages.

The hostages of the Ulaid were taken by force,
Witnesses state distinctly,
By Domnall grandson of Flann like a lion,
And the descendants of generous Eogan.
Two stout hostages were given
Just now by the warriors of the Ulaid;
The third of them was Comgall's abbot,
To make a king of Domnall ua N�ill.
The ninety-ninth year
And the thousandth in fame
From the birth of unwithered Christ,
It is then that that was beheld.

AU 1100

Donnchad son of Eochaid, king of Ulaid, and a number of the nobles of the Ulaid with him, was captured by Domnall ua Lochlainn, king of Ailech, on the fifth of the Kalends of June 28 May.

AU 1100

A raid was made by Domnall ua Lochlainn, and he plundered the men of Brega and Fine Gall.

AU 1100

The fleet of �th Cliath went to Inis E�gain, and they were slaughtered, both by drowning and killing.

AU 1101

An expedition was made by Muirchertach ua Briain and by Leth Moga into Connacht, and over Eas Ruaidh into T�r E�gain, and they razed Ailech and burned and outraged many churches also, including Fathain of Muru and Ard Sratha. They went thereafter over Fertas Camsa and burned C�l Rathain and committed slaughter there. They afterwards took the hostages of the Ulaid. They went home over Slige Midluachra.

AU 1101

Donnchad ua Eochada, king of Ulaid, was released from bonds by Domnall grandson of Lochlainn, king of Ailech, for the sake of his son and his co-fosterling, i.e. in the stone church of Ard Macha, through the intercession of the successor of Patrick and the community of Patrick also, after making mutual oath on the Staff of Jesus and other relics, on the eleventh of the Kalends of January 22 Dec..

AU 1102

The hostages of the men of Ireland were handed over to Domnall, successor of Patrick, as surety for a year's peace between ua Briain, i.e. Muirchertach, and ua Lochlainn, i.e. Domnall, etc.

AU 1103
Ragnall ua �can, steward of Telach �c, was killed by the men of Mag Itha.

AU 1121

Domnall son of Ardgar son of Lochlainn, over-king of Ireland, pre-eminent among the Irish in form and lineage, in sense and valour, in happiness and prosperity, in giving valuables and food, died in Daire Coluim Cille in the thirty-eighth year of his reign, the seventy-third year of his age, on Wednesday night, the fourth of the Ides 10th of February and the eighteenth of the moon, the feast of Mo-Chuar�c the wise.