Allanton and Kellieston

Allanton and Kellieston

Parish of Dunscore

[1] Accounts of Certain Sheriffs and other Officers in Scotland 1335-36

October 15, 1336: Compotus Eustachii de Makesavelle vicecomitis de Dunfres de exitibus eiusdem comitatus a xv die Octobris anno Regis E[dward] tercii post conquestum non usque festum Sancti Michaelis proximo sequentem.

Land of Barrendonan

Et de xij s. receptis de consimili firma de terra de Barrendonan ad eosdem terminos.

[Note] Barrendonan is Barndonan in Keir parish, 12 shillings blench farm paid.

Land of Alaynton

Et de x s. de consimili firma de terra de Alaynton ad eosdem terminos.

[Bain, Joseph: Calendar of Documents related to Scotland 1307-1357, Vol. III, p. 317-319]

Note: Allanton in Dunscore parish, 10 shillings blench farm paid.

[2] Alan of Allantoun
[January 5], 1355-6: Charter by John of Grame, son and heir of Sir John de Grame, knight, sometime laird of Maskessewra, narrating that he had wadset to Roger de Kirkpatrik, laird of Thorthorald, the whole annual rent of 40 shilling due to him from the land of Over Dryfe, in the tenement of Hotoun, within Annandale, for £200 sterling paid to the granter in his necessity; the said annual rent to be held to Roger and his heirs, of the granter and his heirs until the granter can pay the £200 within the chapel of Kyrkbride, in the tenement of Kyrkpatrik juxta (near) Moffet, in Annandale, upon the a green cloth before the high alter. Further, the annual rent is granted with its arrears as a free gift, without compensation, to be made to the granter. Dated at Carlaverock, the Monday after Epiphany (5th January) 1355-6. Witnesses, Thomas, abbot of Sweetheart, Walter, abbot of Holywood, John Stewart, laird of Dalswinton, Thomas Kirkpatrik, laird of Kylosberne, and Alan of Alayntoun.
[Manuscripts of His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, Historical Manuscript Commission (HMC), 15th Report, appendix, pt. VIII, no. 78]

[3] Alan de Alayntoun
May 2, c.1365: Inquest held by Hugo de Eglinton, knight, Justiciar of the King, at Dumfries before an assize comprised of Thomas de Kirkpatrick, William Fraser, Phillip de Lyndesay, William de Echlys, William de Gordoun, Gilbert son of Lachlan, Gillespsyk McMenacht, Cuthbert McGilkenyn, John son of Dom. Mathew, Henry the clerk, John de Dorand, John McBrenyn, Reginald McBrinyn, John de Comstoun, John de Rerrayk, Alan de Alayntoun, Robert de Mortoun and William clerk of Duncoll, who on oath declare that Sir Philip de Mowbray father of Phillip de Mowbray died vest and seased in the fee of the lands of Garvalde, Dalfobyl, Knok and Achynskeach, in the barony of Kirkmichael at faith and peace of King Robert; and declare that the said Phillip is lawful and nearest heir of his said deceast father of the aforesaid lands and is of lawful age; and their value in time of peace is £40 and at present 43/4d, held in chief of the lord of the said barony by source unknown to the assize, and now in the hands of the King through defect of execution (formal infeftment). That Sir Phillip died vest in the barony of Prestoun in Galloway and also in the land of Borg in Galloway but John de Mowbray son and heir of the said deceased [Sir] Phillip, after the death of his father, was vest and seased in the said land of Borg and forfeited the same and that the land fell into the hands of the King by escheat and the crown afterwards gave the land of Borg to Dougall McDowyell in heritage in free barony. They also declare that the said Phillip is lawful and nearest [heir] of his said father in the said barony of Preston but not in Borg by reason of forfeiture of the said John his brother, and that the land of Preston is valued in time of peace at 80 merks and now at 40 merks and is now in the hands of the Earl of Douglas for reason unknown to the assize and that from the time of the death of Sir William de Douglas.
[Reid, R. C.: ‘A Mowbray Service, c.1365’ in the Transactions and Journal of Proceedings of Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History & Antiquarian Society, 3rd Series, Vol. 33, p. 199]

[4] £4 land of Alanetown
October 17, 1522: Charter by John, Abbot of the Monastery of Holywood (Sacri Nemoris) and convent thereof, of the Premonstratensian order, of Glasgow diocese, whereby for the good and thankful council, help, and assistance rendered to them by a noble lord, Robert, lord Maxwell, and to be rendered to them and their monastery and their successors, by him and his heirs, and for augmentation of their rental extending yearly to the sum of £10 Scots more than ever the underwritten lands paid in firm, grassum, and secular service, they grant and in feu-farm let to Robert, Lord Maxwell, and his heirs and assignees, the £16 land of old extent of Keyr, £4 land of Bardanachis, £4 land of Kirkbridis, £3 land of Barjarg, Ferdyne James and Barboy, 40s. land of Blakwod and Ronandstovne, 40s. land of Barscotland, £4 land of Alanetovne, and 20 s. land of Swyre all of old extent, in the lordship and barony of Holywood, and sheriffdom of Dumfres and diocese of Glasgow, with the office of bailliary of all and sundry the lands of the lordship and barony of Holywood; reserving to the abbot and Convent and their successors the teind sheaves and multures of grain of all the foresaid lands, with the mortuaries (mortuariis) and all and sundry other tithes of the said lands; to be held by him, his heirs and assignees, of the abbot and convent and their successors, in feu farm and heritage forever, for payment of £10 Scots, and beyond that the sum of £78 Scots which the lands paid formerly in ferm, grassum, and secular service, extending in whole to £88 in name of annual rent and feu ferm. Contains clause of warrandice, and the common seal is attached, at the Monastery of Holywood, 17 October 1522. Witnesses, Mr. Archibald Stewart, rector of Kirkmahoe, Schir John Turnour, pensionary of Kirkgunzeane, notary public, and others Subscribed.

Johanes Abbas, manu
Thomas Hanna manu
Wilelmus Corssen, manu
Thomas Roxburch, manu
Adam Cunygham, manu
Robertus Edzar, manu
Robertus Welch, manu
Andrew Hanyng, manu
Thomas Schortryg, manu
[Manuscripts of His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry (HMC), 15th Report, appendix, part VII, p. 71, no. 170]

[5] £4 land of Alanetown
December 4, 1523: A precept of sasine followed on the 14 October 1523 and sasine was given first to Alanetoun and Swyre, at the Cairn of Alanetoun (congeriem); of Bar Scotland at the house of William McNysch, of Blakwod, near "lee March dyke" between Barscotland and Blakwod of Barjarg at a cross upon the lands of Barjarg; of Keyr at the house of Fergus Grersone there, &c., all given to Robert, Lord Maxwell personally present. Sasine of the bailliary is given by a rod (virga) 4 December 1523.
[Manuscripts of His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry (HMC), 15th Report, appendix, part VII, p. 71, no. 170]

[6] Humphry Kelle and John, his son
1543: Compositiones Bonorum Eschaetorum et Americamentorum Et non onerat se de xxij li vj s viij d, compositionis bonorum eschaetorum Umfridi Kelle et Johannis Kelle ejus filli pro interfectione [killing of] quondam Johannis Kennedy de Culzene, concessorum Jacobi Park.
[Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer A.D. 1541-1546 (Edinburgh, 1908), Vol. VIII, p.213]

Nec de vj li, xiij s. iiij d., compositionis bonorum eschaetorum Johannis Makcaw in Makcawstoun, in minibus regine existentium pro interfectione quondam Georgei Kennedy, concessorum Johanni Kennedy de Kirkmychel.
[Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer A.D. 1541-1546 (Edinburgh, 1908), Vol. VIII, p.216]

[7] Humphry Kelle and John, his son
March 9, 1544-45: At Edinburgh, ane Lettir maid to James Park, his airis and assignais, ane or ma, of the gift of the escheat of all gudis, movable and unmovable, quhilkis pertenit to Umfra Kile, Johne Kile, his sone, Alexander Maxwell, and Andro Luffe, and now pertenying, or (etc), to oure soverane lady be resound of escheat, throw being of the saidis personis fugitive fra the law and at the horne, for the slauchter of umquhill Johne Kennedy of Culzane, committit be the said Alexander Maxwell and Andro Lufe, and of umquhill Martyne Caldwell, commitit be the said Umfra, etc. Per Signaturam.
[Register of the Privy Seal of Scotland 1542-48, Vol. III, p. 169, no. 1087]

[8] Humphry Kelle and John, his son
April 24, 1545: At Edinburgh, ane Respitt maid to Umfra Kile and Johnne Kile, his sone, for art and part of the slauchter of umquhill Martyne Cauldwell, committit upoun suddante; and for all action and cryme (etc) allanerlie: And for the space of nynetene yris to indure, etc. Per Signaturam.
[Register of the Privy Seal of Scotland 1542-48, Vol. III, p. 179, no. 1147]

[9] Johnne McKelle
October 31, 1546: Ane Lettir maid to Gilbert, Erle of Cassillis, and his assignais, ane or ma, of the gift of all gudis, actis, contractis, quhilkis pertenit to Johnne Henrysoun in Cragnar, Gillespy McCrakane, Johnne McCrakane, his sone, Gilbert Adonell, Johnne Acarsane, Gilbert McBride and Gilbert Makbride, brethir, Alexander McBride, Gilbert Ahanny, Eduard Story, Robert McKe, George Patersoun, William McIlroy, Johnne Makclanachane, John McWilliam, Patrik McBlane, George Levenax, Johnne Lowsoun, Johnne McIlviane, Johnne Philpsoun, Gilbert Agnew, Alexander Agnew, brethir, Donald McNebey, Alexander McDowell, Henry McCullocht, Thomas McKe, Thomas McCrakane, Cuthbert McNeill, Patrik McLinquhy, Nevin McIlroy, Johnne McKelle, Thomas Tempiltoun, Donald McMaister, Michell McBlane in Dalrumpaill, Johnne McCristein, Harbart McCrakane, Gilbert Bane Cludstoun, within the schirefdome of Wigtoun, and now pertaining to oure soverane lady be resound of eschete, throw their remaning and byding away fra the army and gaddering maid and convenit in the clete of Sanctandrois, for assegeing of the castell thairof and recovering of the samin, now at the ferd quarter of the realme; incontrare the tennour of the lettiris, chargeis and proclamationis maid for convening of the said army for the ferd quarter, incurrand thairthrow the panis contenit thairintill, that is to say, tinsale of life, landis and gudis. At Sanctandrois.
[Register of the Privy Seal of Scotland 1542-1548 (Edinburgh, 1936), Vol. 3, no. 1970]

[10] John Fute in Edgarton
July 27, 1565: Charter to John Fute in Ferdindonane of the 6s. 3d. lands of Ferdindonane alias Edzarstoun presently occupied by the said John Fute, in the parish of Dunscoir, paying yearly 10s. as the old rent, and 6d. of augmentation, with duplication at entry of heirs. Dated 27th July 1565. Signed by the Commendator and several members of the convent. This charter is confirmed by the king at Holyrood House, 31st December 1583.
[Records of the Regality of Melrose 1547-1706 (1917), Vol. III, p. 392]

[11] William Smyth in Kelleston
August 16, 1565: Instrument of Sasine following thereupon, dated 16th August 1565, given by John Kirkauche of Soundaywell as bailie; witnessed by John Baty, prebendary of Lincloudane, Oswald Portar, messenger, William McFadzeane and William Smyth in Kellestoun, John Lauder of the diocese of Glasgow being notary.
[Records of the Regality of Melrose 1547-1706 (1917), Vol. III, p. 393]

[12] William Smyth in Kellieston
March 22, 1592: Testament testamentar of William McFaddzen elder in Bersiewalla in the parish of Dunscore who died on 2 April 1592, given up by himself on 22 March 1592 in the presence of John Kirkpatrick of Ellisland, Henry Grier in Laggan, William McFaddzen in Newtown and Andrew Amuligane. There were sums owing to the defunct by a number of people including William Edgar in Newtown, John McKinney in Dempsterton, John Amuligane, Andrew Amuligane and William Smyth in Kelliston.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Edinburgh on November 12, 1592.
[Edinburgh Commissariot (ELD), R. C. Reid, Vol. 161, p. 98]

[13] Thomas Smyth in Kelliestoun
January 12, 1602: Complaint by Johne Smyth, son of the late Thomas Smyth, sometime in Killistoun, as follows: His said father, having obtained a decree upon 30th July 1596 against Robert Greirsoun in Kirkbryd for coming to the lands of Killistoun, breaking open the doors, chests, and lockfast places in the house, and spuilyieing goods specified in the said decree, had caused charge the said Griersoun in all the four forums to deliver back the said goods; but Griersoun, having disobeyed the charge, had been put to the horn. Now, the said action having been transferred to complainer by a decree of the Lords of Council and Session, complainer also had charged Greirsun in all the four forms to re-deliver the said goods. Having again disobeyed, he has been again put to the horn, at which he has remained these six years; and, as he is Lord Maxwell’s tenant and William Griersoun of Lag’s household man, they are answerable for him by the general band. The complainer appearing by his mother, and the Laird of Lag, defender’s chief, appearing personally, the Lords assoilzie Lag, because he declares by his “grit aith” that the accused is not household man or tenant of his; but they order Lord Maxwell to be denounced rebel for non-appearance.
[Register of the Privy Council of Scotland 1599-1604, Vol. VI, p. 334]

[14] Thomas Smyth in Kelliestoun
October --, 1605: [Imperfect record] to the effect that the said Robert Greirsoun of Kilbryd having been charged to answer this day for this “proud and contemptuous rebellioun”, and not appearing, while the pursuer appears by his procurator, the Captain of the Guard is to take and enter the said Greirsoun, seize his houses, and inventory his goods for the King’s use.
[Register of the Privy Council of Scotland 1604-07, Vol. VII, p. 140]

[15] Thomas Smyth in Kelliestoun
February 18, 1606: John, Lord Maxwell, ordained to be denuncit for not exhibiting Robert Greir of Kirkbryde, his man, tennent, servant, and depender, quho had woundit Thomas Smith in Kelliestoun, and Bessie, his daughter; of quhich wounds they both died shortlie thairafter.
[Register of the Privy Council of Scotland 1604-07, Vol. VII, p. 182]

[16] £4 land of Alanetown
November 30, 1613: Crown precept of sasine directed to George Greirsone, burgess of Dumfries, in favour of Sir Willam Greirsone of Lag, of the £4 land of Penfillane, 40s land of Watersyde, 40s land of Beoquhen, merkland of Penmurtie, 2 merkland of Portarstoun, 2 merkland of Penfillane, called Nether Keir, 53s 4d land of Parkjarg and Barboyis, 20s land of Ovir Bardannoch, 40s land of Nether Bardannoch, 20s land of Clinstoun, 20s land of Hillend, 20s land of Swyre, £4 land of Kirkbrydis and Ferdingjames, £4 land of Allantoun and 20s land of Glenlach; in the barony of Holywood, sheriffdom of Dumfries, excepting the Mill and Mill lands of Keir, 6 merkland of Capenoch, 6 merkland of Blackwood, Ronnaldstoun and Barscotland, belonging to William Maxwell of Kirkhouse and James Maxwell, his brother; which lands pertained to John, lord Maxwell, and fell into the King’s hand by forfeiture for certain treasons and other crimes, or by the resignation of Robert, earl of Rochester. [Calendar of the Lag Charters (p. 35, No. 180]

[17] Rental of the Parish of Dunscore, stocking and teinds

1634: “Rentall of the Stipend of Dunscore of the minister pursues, as declaritor.”

Parts of the lands and barony of Lag paid yearly by (the laird of) Lag ... 40.00.0
Dempstertoun by Robert Milligane and Isabel Edgar ....... 22.00.0
The lands of Newtoun by Hailstone & Robert Milligane
Kellistoun by Mr. Fraser and Mr. Fraser ...... 10.10.0
Milligantoun by Alexander Aluos ................. 18.00.0

[18] Extracts from the Valuation Roll of Dumfriesshire

May 1671: Valuation of Book of the Sheriffdom of Dumfriesshire

Parish of Dunscore, Nithsdale

Valued Stocks and Tithes (valued by merks, shillings & pennies)

The 40 shilling land of Lag and
The 40 shilling land of Hallidayhill and
The 40 shilling land of Croftown (Crawstown) and
The 40 shilling land of Allantoun all valued .... 425.0.0
The Milne of Allantoune ......................... 120.0.0
The 20 shilling land of Kellistoun .............. 75.0.0
The 20 shilling land of Edgartown ............... 105.0.0
The 20 shilling land of McCubbintoun ............ 112.6.0
The 20 shilling land of Milligingingtown ........ 98.0.0
The 30 shilling land of McCheynstown ............ 115.0.0
The 50 shilling land of Dempstertoun ............ 122.6.0
The 30 shilling land of Newtoune ................ 98.0.0

[19] Extracts from the Valuation Roll of Dumfriesshire

April 30, 1827: Valuation Roll of the County of Dumfries

Parish of Dunscore, Nithsdale

Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry
Miln (Mill) of Allanton ........................... 120.00.0

Alex. Harley Maxwell of Portrack
Mains of Friar’s Carse ...................... 150.00.0
Part of Allanton ............................ 50.00.0

James Lawrie of Milliganton
Twenty-shilling land of Milliganton ................ 98.00.0
Forty-shilling land of Nether Killyleoch ........... 80.00.0
Upper or West Burnheads ............................ 50.00.0
Part of Three-shilling land of Over Killyleoch ..... 18.00.0

George Whigham of Hallidayhill
Allanton, par of Friar’s Carse and others ......... 152.06.8
Lagg .............................................. 95.00.0
Croftstown or Crawstown ........................... 45.00.0
Part of Merkalnd of Kelliestown ................... 41.08.10 2/3

Thomas Milligan of Merkland
Part of Allanton, and others ....... 41.00.0
Part of Kelliston ........................ 08.04.5 1/3
Total ...... 49.04.5 1/3

Mrs. Blaikie
Part of Kellieston ...................... 08.04.5 1/3

James Swan of Brae
Thirty-shilling land of M’Cheynstown .... 115.00.0
Fourth of Twenty-shilling land of Edgartown ... 26.03.4
Part of Kellieston ............. 16.08.10 2/3
One-eighth of Twenty-shilling land of Edgartown ..... 13.01.8
Another Eighth thereof .............................. 13.01.8

Jacob and William Milligan
One-fifth of the Fifty-shilling land of Dempstertown ............ 24.06.8

Godolphin Hunter Arundell of Barjarg
Four-fifths of the Fifty-shilling land of Dempstertown ........ 98.00.0

James Grierson of Dalgonar
Forty-shilling land of Dalgoner .......... 400.00.0
Half of Thirty-shilling land of Newton ... 49.00.0

Robert Barr
Part of the Twenty-shilling land of M’Cubbington ......... 28.01.8
Half of Thirty-shilling land of Newtown .................. 49.00.0

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