Kelly-McKelly in SW Scotland

Kelly-McMaster in Co. Down

1570 - 1700

July 29, 1570
General Pardon of men from Co. Down

Cormock modder O'Kelly, horseman

Note: Listed in the company of Hugh M'Gennies, of Rathfryland, chief of his nation in Co. Down.

November 4, 1590
Indented Bond by Patrick Savage, "Lord of the Little Ards" to William Moore of Barmean, in the Co. Louth (ancestor of the Lords Drogheda), Richard Bellew, Edward Plunkett of Castleconagh, Co. Louth, Edward Moore of Priestown, Co. Louth, George Russell of Rathmullen, and John Audley of Audleystown, the object of which was to secure a yearly income for Anne Plunkett, wife of Patrick, Lord Savage, and his daughters. After the death of Anne his wife, his sons legitimate were to have each £900, except his son and heir. This document is signed "Rolland Bath, his mark", "Aiden M’Mullan, and Donald Kelly" (in Irish).
[A Genealogical History of The Savage Family in Ulster (London, 1906), p. 114]

December --, 1590
General Pardon to men from Co. Down

Cormock modder O Kellie, Owen carragh O Kellie, and Brian boye Kellie

Note: Listed in the company of Hugh Magenisse, knt., of Rathfryland.

October 28, 1603
General Pardon to following men from the ‘county of Lecale’ in Co. Down

Robert McKelly, gent

December 21, 1603
General Pardon to men from Co. Antrim

Brey O’Kelly, Neale O’Kellie, Pat. O’Kelly, Will. O’Kellie, Donnagh O’Kelly, Hugh O’Kelly, Gilleduffe O’Kelly

June 18, 1605
General Pardon to men from Co. Down

Gilliduffe O’Kellie, yeoman

July 6, 1606
General Pardon to men from Co. Down

Patrick Kellie of Loughgayle, yeoman
Daniel Kelly of Loughgayle, gent

January 18, 1607
General Pardon to men from Kilmachevet in Co. Antrim

Thomas O’Kelly, yeoman

July 11, 1609
General Pardon to the following men from Co. Down

Donnell O’Kelly of Evagh
Donell Crone O’Kellie of Evagh

Muster Rolls of Ulster c.1630

The Lord Cromwell
His British tenants upon his servitors and church lands in Kinelarty and Lecale

Patrick Kelly, sword only
James Kelly, sword and halberd
John Kelly, no arms
Thomas Kelly, no arms
John Kelly, no arms
Walter Kelly, no arms
Neal McMaister, no arms

Note: Thomas Cromwell, 4th Lord Cromwell, was the son of Edward Cromwell, 3rd Lord Cromwell, who had in 1605 entered into an agreement with the Irish Chief, Phelim McCartan, to receive a large part of the McCartan's territory in County Down on condition that he educated and provided for McCartan's son in his household. On 4 October 1605, McCartan and Cromwell, by arrangement, resigned their estates to the king, who formally re-granted them to the owners, and Cromwell was at the same time made governor of Lecale. He purchased the Barony of Lecale in 1606 and built an imposing house in Downpatrick. His son Thomas was created 1st Viscount Lecale and later earl of Ardglass in the Irish peerage on 15 April 1645.

The Lord Viscount of Ards
His men and Arms

Thomas McMaster, no arms
David McMaiester, no arms
Patrick McMaiester, no arms
John McMaister, no arms
Thomas McMaister, no arms
Patrick McMaister, no arms
Patrick mcKelly, no arms
John Kelly, no arms

The Lord Viscount of Claneboye
His men and arms

Town of Bangor
Thomas McMaister, pike, completely armed
John McKelly, pike, completely armed
James McKelly, swords, muskets and bandoliers

Town of Hollywood
Patrick Kelly, no arms

Lordship of Duffrin
Patrick Kelly, sword and pike

Barony of Great Ardes
Bryan o Kelly, sword and pike

April 8, 1636
Grant to Hugh, Viscount of Iveagh of lands in the barony of Iveagh including the half villa of Ballydromlagh otherwise Drumlough in the parish of Drumgrath leased to William O’Kelly of Clarmeghery [Clanmaghery] from 1st October, 1635, for the term of 10 years.
[Inquisitionum in Officio Rotulorum Cancellariae Hiberniae, Vol. 2, Down, No. 85 – Charles I]

Note: Clanaghery is located in the parish of Tyrella in Lecale Upper.

May 29, 1645
Rebels named in the Examination of Peter Hill of Downpatrick, Esquire late High Sheriff and provost Martial of Co. Down at the beginning of the Rebellion in 1641.

Tirlagh O’Kelly of the Inch, yeoman
William oge O’Kelly of Ballymcnegally, yeoman
Tirlagh O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Rory mc Cullo O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Cullo O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Patrick O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Richard O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Neill Duff O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Edmond O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Donald O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Patrick O’Kelly of Awdleystowne, yeoman
Neill Roe O’Kelly of Legagoan, yeoman
Brian O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Patrick oge O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Brian Reagh O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Donald O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Patrick O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Edmund O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Brian Roe O’Kelly of Liswine, gent
Patrick O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Donald O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Neile O’Kelly of Clontemeglare, gent
Donald O’Kelly of the same, yeoman
Edmund O’Kelly of the same yeoman
Phelim O’Kelly of the same yeoman
Donald O’Kelly of the same yeoman
[Depositions of 1641, Trinity College Dublin, MS 837, fol. 30r-37v]

Note: Ballymcnegally is the parish of Inch. Legagoan is Legagown, and with Liswine, it is located in the parish of Saintfield. Clontmeglare is Clanaghery in Lecale.

June 6, 1653
The Examination of Bryan O Kelly of Kilclief being aged about 36 years. He being duely sworn informed that when Col. John Hamilton’s regiment was quartered in Lecale, Capt. Alexander Adair’s company was quartered in the town of Kilclief, the said Capt Adair being in the examinant’s house drinking with his Lieutant Robert Gordon, and his own brother his Ensign, the examinant heard it said by Alexander Adair unto the foresaid two officers how he killed in the first year of the rebellion, in a certain place near to Islandmagee, a young child on a woman’s back that running unto a bog. And that having lighted of his horse, he over took the woman as she was entering the bog, and struck at her, by which struck the head of the child on her back, fell to the ground. The said Lieutenant Gordon replied to him that it was not well done to kill a child or any of those that were not gone out in rebellion whereupon the said Alexander Adair answered saying that he the said Lieutenant was a fool for that there was not one of them to be spared that they would all go into rebellion. Bryan O Kelly his marke.
[Depositions of 1641, Trinity College Dublin, MS 838, fol. 190r]

Note: Kilclief is in the parish of that name in the barony of Lecale.

Subsidy Rolls for Co. Down

Upper Iveagh

Patrick O'Kelly of Tullintavally in parish of Annaclone
Daniel O'Kelly of Tinkelly (Tirkelly) in the parish of Dumballyrooney.

Newry & Mourne

Goods of Donagh O'Kely of Lower Ballyholland in the parish of Newry

Note: Tenison Groves' manuscript containing much Co Down material including the most complete subsidy roll for the county (gives townland address & payments made of land and or goods), PRONI MIC15/A/76. Also searched or still to be searched, D1759/3/c/5 with index (Not open), T1046/1-4 Index of names & places Co Down, T1248/1 Extracts subsidy rolls Co Down and D765/23 for Lower Iveagh barony.

Irish Jacobite forfeitures and outlawries for Co. Down

Patrick Kelly, Leggygon [Leggygowan], gent
Hugh O'Kelly, Drumbellyrony [Drumballyrony], clerk
Thady O'Kelly, Bootere [Bottier], gent
Patrick Savage, Killimlullykelly [Killinchykelly], gent

Note: Early in 1689 William III issued a declaration calling on the supporters of James II in Ireland to surrender, failing which their estates would be forfeited. After William's victory at the Boyne in 1690 further proceedings were taken in the Irish courts. Juries in a number of counties and cities returned bills of indictment for high treason in Ireland against more than two thousand individuals. Some of the indictments were followed by trial, but in the great majority of cases the persons concerned did not appear before the courts and were outlawed by default.

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