McMasters in SW Scotland

A General Survey of the Surname McMaster

South Ayrshire and Wigtownshire 1691 and 1684

Hearth Tax Rolls of Carrick in South Ayrshire, 1691

Parish of Girvan

Gilbert McBurnie and John McMaister in Knocklach, 2 hearths
James McMaister in Fardeindow, 1 hearth

Parish of Ballantrae

Fergus McMaister in Kilwhannell

Hearth Tax Rolls of Wigtownshire 1691

Parish of Kirkcowan

Robt McMaster in Barncorkrie, 1 hearth

Parish of Mochrum

John Mcmaster in Boghouse, 1 hearth

Parish of Inch

Andrew McMaster in Drumbea, 1 hearth
Patrick McMaster in Barssallas, 1 hearth
George McMaster in Markgown, 1 hearth
Fergus McMaster in Colman, 1 hearth
Patrick McMaster in Colman, 1 hearth
John McMaster in Miekle Tongue, 1 hearth
John McMaster in Beoch, 1 hearth
Patrick McMaster in Craigcaffy, 1 hearth
James McMaster in Craigcaffy, 1 hearth
Andrew McMaster in Croach, 1 hearth
John McMaster in Cairne, 1 hearth

Town of Stranraer

James McMaster, 1 hearth

Parishes in the Rhinns of Galloway

Parish of Kirkholm

Patrick Mcmaster in High Ardwall, 1 hearth
Andrew Mcmaster in Kirkland, 1 hearth

Parish of Leswalt

Patrick Mcmaster in Challoch, 1 hearth
John Mcmaster in Drumackla, 1 hearth
Patrick Mcmaster in Lochnaw, 1 hearth

Parish of Stoneykirk

Patrick McMaster in Galdinoch, 1 hearth

Parish of Kirkmaiden

William McMaster tenant in Corgie estate, 1 hearth.
John Mcmaster in Achnish, 1 hearth
Wm Mcmaster in Balgoune, 1 hearth
Robert Millikin in Drummore, 1 hearth
Alexander Mcgokrie in Kildonan, 1 hearth
William McMaster in Kildonan, 1 hearth
Christian Mcmaster, poor tenant, 1 hearth

Wigtownshire Parish Lists of 1684

Parish of Glenluce

Hugh McMaster in Ballnell
Janet McMaster in Toars
Jon. McMaster in Mickle Dunraggitt
Hug. McMaster in Gillespie

Parish of Inch

Andreu McMaster in Dunbee
John McMaster in Borland
Pat. McMaster in Barsollis
Jot. Neilson, spouse, in Barsollis
Christin McMaster, wid., in Barsollis
Hugh McMaster, in Barsollis
Margt. McMaster, wid., in Mark
Fergus McMaster, s, in Colman
Pat. McMaster, s, in Colman
George McMaster, in Colman
Eliz. McMaster, in Colman
Alexr. Leitch, in Colman
Jean McMaster, sp, in Colman
Jon McMaster in Toughs
James McMaster in Graigcaffie’s Land
Pat. McMaster in Graigcaffie’s Land
Jon McMaster in Beoch
Eliz Hanna in Beoch
Pat. McMaster in Lefnoll
Agnes McMaster in Lefnoll
John McMaster in High Severall
Jot. McMaster, spouse, in High Severall
John McCrackan, servant, in High Severall
John McMaster, servant, in Clada-House
John McMaster in Croch
Mary McMiken, spouse, in Croch
Andreu McMaster, in Croch
Jot. Stevenson, spouse, in Croch
John McMaster, in Croch
Jot. McMaster, spouse, in Croch
John McMaster, s., in Croch
Jot McMaster, d., in Croch
Fergus McMaster in Cairn
Margt. Readie, spouse, in Cairn
John McMaster in Little Laigh
Jot. McMiken, spouse, Little Laigh
Marion McMaster in Inch Bread
Mary McMaster in High Clenrif

Parish of Kirkholm

Andro McMaster in Kirkland
William McMaster in Kirkland
Elisabeth McMastire in High Claughen
Parish of Leswalt

Margret McMaister in Park of Stranraer
Agnes McMaister in Litle Marke
Pat. McMaister in Large Lidsdaill
Jennet McMaister Cance in Large Lidsdaill
Pat. McMaister in Challoch
Jennet McMaister in Challoch
Marion McMaister in Challoch
Margret McMaister in Milnetoune
Andrew McMaister in Barbeth
Andrew McMaister in Litle Larbrecks
Issobel McMaister in Litle Larbrecks
Kathrin McMaister in Garcherie

Examination Rolls of Stranraer

Andrew McMaster and Chapmen, strangers
James McMaster

Parish of Portpatrick

William McMaster and his wife in Corfin
Georg McMaster and his wife in Craloch

Parish of Stoneykirk

Marcs. McKmaster in Laigh My
Hellen McKMaster in Garthland
Pat. McKmaster in High Galdenoch
Janet McKWilliam in High Galdenoch
Janet McKmaster in High Galdenoch
Pat. McKmaster in High Galdenoch
Bessie McKmaster in High Galdenoch
Marg. McKmaster in High Galdenoch
Pat. McKmacken in Laigh Galdknoch
Janet McKmaster in Laigh Galdknoch
Pat. McKMaster in Carnweil

Parish of Kirkmaiden

Patrick McMaster in Loggan
Margrat McMaster in A Achnes
Andrew McMaster in A Achnes
William McMaster in Balgoun
Jean McMaster in Eldrick
Chirstin McMaster in Eldrick
Jean McMaster in Eldrick
Janet McMaster in Eldrick
Patrick McMaster in Portnessock
Gilbert McMaster in Kilstay
Alexander McMaster in Kilstay
Alexr. McMaster in Kilstay
Helen McMaster in Clonard
Jean McMaster in Clonard
James McMaster in Corochtrie
James McMaster in Corochtrie
William McMaster in Kairn
Androw McMaster in Kildonnan
Margret McMaster in Kildonnan
Will McMaster in Kildonnan
Janet McMaster in Inshanks
Margrat McMaster in Inshanks
Bessie McMaster in Mule
Joh. McMaster in Mule

Note: Balkellie is a place-name in Kirkmaiden

Eastern Wightownshire

Parish of Mochrum

Jo. McMaster
Parish of Whithorn

Patrick Mcil Myn, h.
Agnes McMaster, w.
Janet Mcil Myn, d.

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