Kelly-McKelly in SW Scotland

Early McMaster References in Southwest Scotland

1480 - 1660

[1] February 26, 1484
The Lords Auditors decree and deliver that Uchtred McDowall, Roland McDowall and his son Alexander McDowall, Jenkin McDowall, John McDowall, John de Barran, merchant, William d Barran, Andrew Campbell and his man Dougal McGangall, Gibbe McThomson, Gilchrist McGilhallun, Thomas McMaster, Thomas McGilhallen, Neil McKinreyne and John McGourly do wrong in the vexing, harassing and disturbing of James Ross in the use and enjoyment of his mailing of the lands of Knocknain and Balgown, pertaining to him through a tack from Alexander Campbell of Corswell, and that they shall desist and cease from all dealings with them, and ordain [the lands] to be used and enjoyed by the said James according to the form of the said letter of tack, forever and until the said letter of tack is declared [to be] of no value. And [the lords] appoint 4 May next, with continuation of days, for the said James to prove the amount of costs, damages and expenses that he sustained through the said persons in the said matter, and ordain him to have letters to summon his witnesses, and the parties are summoned by their procurator to hear them sworn. And further the lords auditors ordain that letters be written to the sheriff charging him to take lawborrows from the aforenoted persons that the said James shall be unharmed and uninjured by them and all whom they may allow in his person insofar as the law allows since he has sworn in the presence of the lords that he fears that they will do him bodily harm.
[National Record Office of Scotland, PA/2, f.54r]

Note: The land of Knocknain in located in the parish of Leswalt and Balgown are located in the parish of Kirkcolm in the Rhinns of Galloway in Wigtownshire. Uchtred McDowall was laird of Garthland in the parish of Stoneykirk, which like Kirkcolm and Leswalt is located in the Rhinns of Galloway. From the earliest times, the McMasters in Wigtownshire were associated with the McDowalls of Gartland.

[2] August 8, 1488
REX confirmavit cartam Gilberti Dikeonsoune de Clontis,—[quavendidit et alienavit Symoni Makcristin, burgensi de Wigtoun, heredibus ejus et assignatis,—20 solidatas antiqui extentus terrarum de Clontis, vic. Wigtoun, in parochia de Sorby. Reddend, unum denarium nomine albe firme: Test. Wil. Makgerwe, notario publico, Ric. Burne, Pat. Murdochsoune, D. Gilb. Makgilhauch, D. Pat. Sprot, Pat. Makkelle, et Dungallo Achinyane:—Apud Wigtoun, 1 July 1484]:— Necnon aliam cartam dicti Gilberti Dikeonsoune,—[qua vendidit et alienavit dicto Simoni Makcristin, heredibus ejus et assignatis,— dimediam mercatam antiqui extentus terrarum de Clontis, unacum manerie, pomario, orto et clausura ejusdem, infra dominium Galwidie, vic. Wigtoun:- Reddend, unum denarium argenti nomine albe firme:- Test. Wil. Murhed, Alano Makclelane, Pat. Murchosoune, Gilb. Makclelane, Joh. Makkynnay, Joh. Makgilhauch. Apud Wigtoune, 8 August, 1488].
[Register of the Great Seal of Scotland 1424-1513 (Edinburgh, 1882), Vol. II, no. 1769]

[3] February 18, 1490
The action and cause pursued by John Kennedy of Carlock against Patrick McNeil, John McNeil, Thomas MacCaws, Thomas of Rowan, Herbert of Dronane, John McCrery, John McMakan, Patrick McMaster, Christian Muir, Morris McAlexander and John McLellan for the wrongful occupation and manuring of £10 worth of his lands pertaining to the said John in inheritance, as was alleged, and for the occupation of certain other lands and withholding of a part of the mails of the same, and for certain other actions, as is contained in the summons, is continued by the lords auditors until 15 June next, with continuation of days, in the same form and effect as it is now without prejudice of party, and ordain the said Patrick, John, Thomas, Thomas, Herbert, John, John, Patrick, Morris and John McLellan to have letters to call their warrant on the said day, and both parties are summoned by their procurators according to the act.
[National Record Office of Scotland, PA2/6, 1st part, f.15v.]

[4] March 21, 1502
Preceptum Remissionis Alexandri Mure et Karoli Lokkert, pro interfectione quondam Johannis Makmaister, et pro omni crimine quod eis occasione dicte interfectionis imputari poterit tantum, etc. Per Signetum. Solicitata per Johannem Gordoun fratrem domini Lochinver. At Edinburgh.
[Register of the Privy Seal of Scotland 1488-1529 (Edinburgh, 1908), Vol. 1, no. 834]

Note: John Gordon brother of laird of Lochinver.

[5] December 10, 1505
Instrument of sasine following on precept of Clare Constat, on November 27, 1505, in favour of John Campbell of Loudown as heir of deceased John Campbell of Lodown, kt., his grandfather, in £10 land of Tallachwrek and 5 merkland of Campletoun; also narrated are letters of attorney, 29 November 1505, to Matthew Inglis, Laurence Walles, John Campbell and George Campbell to act on behalf of said John Campbell of Lodown. Notary: George Blair. Witnessed by Patrick Campbell of Tallachwrek, Rothulando (Rolland) Kersane, Gilbert Mcylachnand, Fynlaw Mcmaister, John Kennedy, Hector Mcylgarroch, Maurice Mcmulleron and Rothulando (Rolland) Mcadam.
[Papers of the family of Dalrymple-Hamilton of Bargany 1412-1965, GD109/285]

[6] July 5, 1536
Letter by Henry, Bishop of Galloway, to the factors of the Abbot of Crosraguel.
“Jhone Makmaister and maister Patrik Ryschert the fauctouris and servandis to my lord of Corsragall of the Kirkis of the Inche and Laisquhait [Leswalt] this our precept seyne ye ansuer Niniane Boyd our servitour of the sovm of xix li xij s v d. quhilk salbe thankfullye allowit to you in our mydsymmer term last by past Subscriit with our hand at the Inche the fift day of Julij in the year of God M.vxxxvj yeris.

Item ye sail answeyr attour the sowm aboune writtyn iij li xv s x d.

H. bischop of Galloway.
Item to the Grayfreris of Ayr xl s. for ther mydsomer term.
Item the teynd of Kylbuite pe in the xxxv zers crop viij li.”
[Charters of the Abbey of Crossraguel, printed for the Ayshire and Galloway Archaeological Association (Edinburgh, 1886), Vol. I, p. 98]

[7] May 15, 1538
Sheriff court of Wigtownshire, names of Assize: George McCulloch of Torhouse, John Gordoun of Barskeoch, Ric. Makke of Myretoun, Thomas McDowell of Mondork, John Gibsoune of Invermessan, John McGilweane, And. McDowell of Stronrawar , John Makdowell of Garthland, Henry McDowell in Knokincrosche, Fergus McDowell of Freuch, John McCulloch in Invermessan, John McDowell in Lochnold (Lochnaw), John Makmaister in Carne, John McDowell in Quhithirne, Wil. Ballie.
[Register of the Great Seal of Scotland 1513-1546 (Edinburgh, 1883), Vol. III, no. 1912]

Note: Carne is identified with Cairn in the parish of Kirkcolm in the Rhinns of Galloway.

[8] October 31, 1546
Ane Lettir maid to Gilbert, Erle of Cassillis, and his assignais, ane or ma, of the gift of all gudis, actis, contractis, quhilkis pertenit to Johnne Henrysoun in Cragnar, Gillespy McCrakane, Johnne McCrakane, his sone, Gilbert Adonell, Johnne Acarsane, Gilbert McBride and Gilbert Makbride, brethir, Alexander McBride, Gilbert Ahanny, Eduard Story, Robert McKe, George Patersoun, William McIlroy, Johnne Makclanachane, John McWilliam, Patrik McBlane, George Levenax, Johnne Lowsoun, Johnne McIlviane, Johnne Philpsoun, Gilbert Agnew, Alexander Agnew, brethir, Donald McNebey, Alexander McDowell, Henry McCullocht, Thomas McKe, Thomas McCrakane, Cuthbert McNeill, Patrik McLinquhy, Nevin McIlroy, Johnne McKelle, Thomas Tempiltoun, Donald McMaister, Michell McBlane in Dalrumpaill, Johnne McCristein, Harbart McCrakane, Gilbert Bane Cludstoun, within the schirefdome of Wigtoun, and now pertaining to oure soverane lady be resound of eschete, throw their remaning and byding away fra the army and gaddering maid and convenit in the clete of Sanctandrois, for assegeing of the castell thairof and recovering of the samin, now at the ferd quarter of the realme; incontrare the tennour of the lettiris, chargeis and proclamationis maid for convening of the said army for the ferd quarter, incurrand thairthrow the panis contenit thairintill, that is to say, tinsale of life, landis and gudis. At Sanctandrois.
[Register of the Privy Seal of Scotland 1542-1548 (Edinburgh, 1936), Vol. 3, p. 312, no. 1970]

[9] March 22, 1546-7
Preceptum Remissionis Thome Borland, Johannis Bordland et Jacobi Bordland, eius filiorum, in Glenup in Carrik habitantium, - pro crudely interfectione quondam Patricii McMaister in Glennop per ipsos in mense Januario ultime elapse commissa et perpetrate; et pro omnibus action et crimine (etc); necnon pro omnibus aliis actionibus (etc); proditoria (etc) tantummodo excepta, etc. At Edinburgh.
[Register of the Privy Seal of Scotland 1542-1548 (Edinburgh, 1936), Vol. 3, no. 2213]

[10] July 29, 1564
Ane Lettir maid to Thomas Johnstoun in Corrence, his airis and assignais, ane or maa, of the gift of the eschete of all the guidis, geir, quhilkis pertenit to James Makclennoquhen in Kirmannoch, Thomas McMaister in Culhorne, Thomas Hoig in Bamannoch and schir Cuthbert Adair in the Manis, and now pertenying to oure said soverane ladie and becumin in hir handis be ressoune of eschete, throw being of the saidis personis ordourlie denuncit oure soverane ladies rebellis and put to hir hienes horne be vertew of hir hienes lettiris in the foure forms purchest at the instance of Johnne, commendatare of Salsat, be deliverance and decrete of the lordis of hir counsale aganis thame, charging thame to ansuer, obey and mak payment to him of their teinds, fruitis and emolimentis of their landis and stedingis, liand in the parrochin of Salsatt, of the crope and year of God (1564) yeiris, as the saidis lettiris and executionis of denunciatioun of horning thairupoune at mair lenth contenis.
[Register of the Great Seal of Scotland 1556-1567 (Edinburgh, 1957), Vol. V, pt 1, no. 1763]

[11] July 10, 1607
Petition by Johne McDowell of Frewch, Patrik McDowell in Freuch, Alexander McDowall in Bernarge, Gavane McClellane, Fergus McDowell, and Gilchryst Makmaister, all servitors to the said John McDowell of Frewch, John McDowell of Gartland, Uchtred McDowell of Mondurk, his brother, and Robert Maxwell, servitor to the Goodman of Kildonnan, for charge against the persons following, who daily threaten their lives, to find caution for their indemnity, including Alexander Stewart of Garlies, Alexander Stewart of Clarye, and many others.
[Register of the Privy Council of Scotland 1545-1625 (Edinburgh, 1898) Vol. XIV, no. 409]

[12] July 16, 1610
Act of Caution by Johnne Dunbar of Monyweik for Sir Patrik McKie of Larg and Alexander McKie of Stronord, not to harm Johnne McDowall of Freuch, Patrik McDowal in Freuch or [blank], Gilchryst McMaster, servitor to the said Johnne McDowall of Frewch, under the pains of contained in the King’s letter.
[Register of the Privy Council of Scotland 1610-1613 (Edinburgh, 1889) Vol. IX, no. 649]

[13] July 19, 1610
Act of Caution by Johnne Dumbar of Monyweik for Alexander Stewart of Garleis, 3000 merks, not to harm Johnne McDowell of Freuch, Alexander McDowell in Barjarge, Gawin McClellane, Fergus McDowell, and Gilchrist McMaister, servitors to the said Laird of Freuch, or Robert Maxwell, servitor to the goodman of Kildonane.
[Register of the Privy Council of Scotland 1610-1613 (Edinburgh, 1889) Vol. IX, no. 650]

[14] April 25, 1621
A bond by Donald McMaister, burgess of Whithorn for £40, payable before the 20th June following to Sir Gideon Murry of Elibank, knight, his Majesty’s deputy treasurer.
[Register of the Privy Council of Scotland 1622-1625 (Edinburgh, 1896) Vol. IX, p. 49]

[15] October 29, 1625
Caution by John McDowgall in Balquharrie in £1000, that John Cunynghame, burgess of Wigtoun, Fergus Lyn in Larg and James McMaister in Glenap, will compear before the Lords of Council on 15th December next and be dealt with for their alleged carrying of certain goods and nolt (cattle) to the kingdom of England. Also that they will make the price of the same to be forthcoming in case it be found that the goods were lawfully stayed by Lord Herries; and that they will carry none of these goods to England, but will sell them in this country to the use and service of his Majesty’s subjects. With clause of relief. (Signed) Forguis Lin.
[Register of the Privy Council of Scotland 1625-1627 (Edinburgh, 1899) 2nd Series Vol. I, p. 154]

[16] December 17, 1644
Note of an execution by Gilbert McConnelly, messenger, of a summons at the instance of John, Lord Bargany, and Adam Quhytfurd, his servant against John McCrerie in Cra .... William McMaister in Downance, Adam McCullie of Auchairne, John McAllexander at the ..... of Aird, Patrick Murdoch in Ballhomie and Gilbert Baird in Corrarie, all personally apprehended, to compeer before the Council on 26th December, 1644.
[Register of the Privy Council of Scotland 1544-1660 (Edinburgh, 1908) 2nd Series Vol. VIII, p. 143]

[17] 1650
The Rental of the Lands of the Barrantrie of Logan
The High end of Eldrick possest by William McDowell and John McMaster - 40 merks, 6 pecks of victual, half dozen fowls and half stone of butter. The Toun of Balkelly and the crofts possest by Robert Cowand and Patrick Cowand - 147 [merks] a dozen fowls half stone of butter and three quarters of light (sic) and a lamb.
[McDouall family of Logan 1475-1788, Wigtownshire, GD141/169]

[18] June 7, 1668
Tack by dame Jean Douglass, lady Bargany, dowager, to Robert McMaster in Sadlay, of 20s land of Sadlay, in parish of Ballantrea for 7 years.
[Papers of the family of Dalrymple-Hamilton of Bargany 1412-1965 GD109/3160]

[19] December 17, 1672
An Account rendered by Anthony Kennedy, of oats and beir of crop 1671, followed by receipts for supplies from this source given to the said Anthony, William McMaister and Andrew McCrakan in Cullurpatie for themselves, and to the said Anthony and Andrew in name of Lord Cassillis. Account on the lands of Drwmmuckloche, etc., sheriffdom of Wigtown
[Papers of the Kennedy Family, Earls of Cassillis, 1290-1940 GD25/8/621]

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