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A Memorial of an Indented Deed bearing the date the twenty eighth day of May one thousand and seven hundred and sixty four made between the Right Honourable James, Earl of Clanbrassill, Chief remembrance of his Majesties Court of Exchequer in Ireland of the first part, John Damer of Shronehill in the County of Tipperary, Esquire, heir surviving, executor or devisee of Joseph Damer late of the City of Dublin Esquire deceased, Robert French of Moniva in the County of Galway Esquire eldest son and heir at law and action executor of Patrick French late of Moniva aforesaid Esquire deceased, Sir Ulick Blake of the City of Dublin baronet grandson and heir at law of Sir Walter Blake Baronet deceased and son and heir at law of Sir Thomas Blake Baronet deceased and Dame Elizabeth Blake otherwise Bourke Widow Relict and Sole executor of the said Sir Thomas Blake and which said Sir Ulick Blake and Elizabeth are also executors of Ulick Bourke late of Colmanstown deceased, John Kelly of Tidane (Fidane) in the County of Galway Esquire eldest son and heir at law of Marsella Kelly otherwise Bourke, Edmond Armstrong of the City of Dublin Esquire eldest son and heir at law of Sarah Armstrong otherwise Bourke which said Dame Elizabeth Blake is and said Marsella Kelly and Sarah Armstrong were daughters and heirs at law of said Ulick Bourke and sisters and heirs at law of John Bourke the only son and heir of said Ulick Bourke, and the right honourable William earl of Besborough son and heir of right honourable Brabezon Earl of Besborough deceased, Thomas Bourke of Ballydavid Co Galway Esq. eldest son and heir at law and administrator of Gerald Bourke late of Dublin Esquire deceased, Catherine Daly of Dublin Widow sole executor of said Walter Blake deceased and Thady Mcnemara of Ayle of the County of Clare surviving trustee named in will of said Sir Thomas Blake deceased, Thomas Blake of Bordeaux in the Kingdom of France eldest son and heir apparent of Thomas Blake late of Brindrim in the County of Galway Esquire deceased, Walter Blake of Brindrim in the County of Galway aforesaid, Maurice Blake eldest son and heir apparent of Issidore Blake the elder late of Galway gent. deceased, Issidore Blake eldest son and heir apparent of said Maurice Blake, Patrick Blake eldest son of said Issidore Blake, John Blake brother to said Patrick, Richard Kirwan of Cregg Co Galway Esquire and Anna Kirwan otherwise Blake his wife daughter of said Sir Thomas Blake of the second part. The right honourable Joseph lord Milton and William Lane of Dublin Esquire of the third part, whereby the said John Damer Robert French Sir Ulick Blake Dame Elizabeth Blake John Kelly Edmond Armstrong William Earl of Besborough Catherine Daly Thady McNemara Thomas Blake Walter Blake Maurice Blake Issidore Blake Patrick Blake John Blake Richard Kirwan and Ann his wife for the consideration therein mentioned and in pursuance of and obedenced to the Decree in said Deed also mentioned did y and with the consent of the said William Lane grant and release and confirm unto the said Joseph Lord Milton his heirs and assigns all that and those the towns and lands of Clonmoyland Kilbrack and Kilegan otherwise Dunvy containing by common estimate eight hundred and thirty three (833) acres by the same more or less with their apertures situated lying and being in the barony of Leitrim and County of Galway with all the woods and timber and trees standing growing or being on the said premises. To hold unto the said Joseph Lord Milton his heir and assigns for ever which Deed is witnessed Ambros Lane and Thomas Fothall both of the City of Dublin and this memorial is witnessed by the said Thomas Fothal and George Read servant to said Joseph Lord Milton (Seal). Signed and Sealed in presence of Thomas Fothall George Reid. The above named Thomas Fothall maketh oath that he saw the above named Joseph Lord Milton and William Lane duly sign seal execute the Deed of which the above writing is a memorial and also saw the said Joseph Lord Milton duly execute the above memorial and saith he saw John Bottom Esquire duly sign the name and affix the seal of the above name James Earl of Clanbrassill to the said Deed by virtue of a power of attorney as this Deponent believes and saith the name Thomas Fothall signed as a witness to the said Deed and Memorial, is this Deponent proper name and handwriting and delivered the said Deed and Memorial to Mr. Charles Meares Deputy Register the 4th Day of December 1764 at or near 12 O’clock at noon. Thomas Fothall sworn before me this 4th Day of December 1764. Signed Charles Meares Deputy Register.

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