Annan Parish
Millican, Milligan, Millikan, Milliken, Millikin, Mullican, Mulliken, Mullikin etc.

Annan Parish Church Records

The parish of Annan is bounded on the north by the parishes of Hoddam and Middlebie, on the east by Kirkpatrick-Fleming and Dornock, on the west by the Cummertress, and on the south by the Solway Firth. There are baptismal records dating from 1703 and marriages from 1764.

Baptisms 1703-1854, Marriages 1764-1854

July 2, 1816
Baptism of George Young Miligan lawful son of John Miligan, sheriff officer Dumfries, and Margaret Young.

July 4, 1816
Baptism of William Young Milligan son of John Milligan, sheriff officer Dumfries, and Margaret Young, born at Bridgekirk Villa on July 2, 1816.

June 26, 1831
Baptism of Samuel Carruthers Milligan son of John Milligan and Jessie Carruthers, born on June 3, 1831.

March 21, 1832
Marriage of William Milligan in the parish of Langholm to Martha Dick in this parish.

[Source: Annan OPR 812/1-3]

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