Closeburn Parishioner Lists
Millican, Milligan, Millikan, Milliken, Millikin, Mullican, Mulliken, Mullikin etc.

Parishioners of Closeburn and Dalgarnock 1684 & 1691

Two lists of parishioners survive for the joint parishes of Closeburn and Dalgarnock from the late 1600s. The first list was compiled as part of a series of interrogations by Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick, sheriff of Dumfries, in August 1684, on the attack of a party of dragoons at Enterkin Pass in the parish of Durisdeer. On July 28, 1684, the dragoons, lead by Patrick Mulligane in Thornhill, were escorting a number of prisoners from Dumfries to Edinburgh to stand trial for their covenanting sympathies. The second list was compiled in 1691 following the introduction of the Hearth Tax by Scottish Parliament in 1690. Fourteen shillings Scots was to be paid for every hearth in the kingdom, except for those of the poor.

Interrogation Lists of Closeburn and Dalgarnock 1684

LASKAIRN. John Muligane, weaver, and Margaret Glencross, his spouse.

WHYSPOT. David Kilpatrick and Jannet Muligan, his spouse.


LAGLANGLIE. John Muligan, cottar, and Marion Kilpatrick, his spouse, Jannet Muligan, Jannet Moffat and Rebecca Muligan.

CUNNINGHOLME. James Muligan servitor to Jean Hunter.

SHAWES. Gilbert Muligan.

CLEUCHFOOT. William Muligan and Margaret Lorimer, spouses.

ROSEHILL. John Muligan.

LONGCROFT. John Muligan and Marion Tait, spouses.

KIRKLAND. John Muligan.

BLAPLANE. Isabel Muligane.

GILCHRISTLAND. John Mulligane, servitor to John Kilpatrick.

AUCHINLECK. Agnes Milagane, spouse of Thomas Nevisone, miller.

GATESYDE. Agnes Mulligane, servitrix to John Grier.

CLOSEBURN MILL. Jannet Muligane spouse to James Rodgerson.

MID CLAUCHRIE. Robert Milligan, servant to Andrew Tait.

[The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland A.D. 1684, 3rd Series, Vol. IX]

Hearth Tax Lists 1691

TOWNHEAD OF AUCHENLECK. Thomas Milligan (1).

NEWTOUN MAINS. John Milligan (1).

[DRESSERTLAND] Jo. Milligan & Jo. Mcclug (Mcclyge), cottars (2).

TOWNHEAD OF CLOSEBURN. John Milligan, weaver (1).

GREENKNOW. John Milligan (1).

GATE [of Closeburn]. Jo. Milligane (2).

LONGCROFT. Jo. Milligan (1).

The following list covers the name of all the tenants under Grierson of Lag and the Duke of Queensberry in the parishes of Closeburn and Dalgarnock.

Lagge inlists in Dalgarno

OVER HOLME. Mungo Gilchrist (2).

KIRKBOGE. Jas Ross and Alexander Nivisone (3).

BLAPHANE. John and Cuthbert Gilchrist in Blaphane (2).

CUNNINGHOLME. Jean Hunter in Cunningholme (1).

REIDHILL. Tho Bell in Reidhill (1).

Note. Reidhill was located south of the river Cample between Kirkbog and Templeland.

Duke of Queensberry inlists in Closeburn & Dalgarno

GLENWOOD. Andreu Fissall & John Wilkine yr (2).

CORSBURNE. Adam Broun, James Hotson (2) & Andreu Frissal (1).

BUBHILL (?). George Johnstone (1) & Jo[hn] & Thomas Brouns yr (2).

KNOCKINSHANG. Wm. Pettie (1) & Jo[hn] Gillespie & Wm. Chisholme yr (2) & Janet Johnstone yr (1).

BRANDRIGGE. Tho & James Brouns in Brandrigge (2).

MICHAELSLACKS. Wm. Herknes & Wm. Mather (2) & James & John Minzeas yr (1).

GAROCK. Jo[hn] Dalzel & James Muncie, Garock (2).

ROSEHILL. James Sloan, Rosehill (1).

LONGCROFT. Jo[hn] Milligan, Longcroft (1).

DALGARNOGATE. Jo[hn] Gilchrist, Dalgarnogate (1).

[Hearth Tax of Dumfriesshire (Part 2): Transactions of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society, 3rd Series, Volume XLVIII, p.133-34]

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