Morton Parishioner Lists
Millican, Milligan, Millikan, Milliken, Millikin, Mullican, Mulliken, Mullikin etc.

The Parishioners of Morton 1684 & 1691

Two lists of parishioners survive for the parish of Morton from the late 1600s; the first list was compiled by Mr. Greenshields, minister, on September 22, 1684. The second list was compiled in 1691 following the introduction of the Hearth Tax by Scottish Parliament in 1690. Fourteen shillings Scots was to be paid for every hearth in the kingdom, except for those of the poor.

In 1684, the Privy Council of Scotland instructed parish ministers in parts of Dumfriesshire and Galloway to compile a list of parishioners. These parishioner lists contain the names of persons aged 15 years and over eligible to take the Test Act, and have been published in The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland 3rd Series. They are an important genealogical source and census substitute.

List of Parishioners of Morton 1684

NEW DALGARNO. George Charters; Margaret Anguse; Andrew Anguse; James Anguse; Jean Milligane; Jonet Harkness; William Douglass; Issobell Lorimer; Issobel Lorimer, younger; Gilbert Milligane; Janet Milligane; James Milligane; Jean Edgar.

THORNHILL. Charles Slimond; Mary Kello; Janet Kello; John Kello; Robert Dazell; Jean Slimmond; Gilbert Milligane; Helen Milligane; Agnes Milligane; Thomas Ker; Nicolas Ker; William Milligane; Margaret Dalzell; William Kello; Agnes Ker; Jonet Kello; Issobel Kello; Agnes Kello.

MORTONMILNE. James Lorimer; Jonet Corsbie; John Lorimer; George Lorimer; Agnes Lorimer; Margaret Lorimer; Thomas Lorimer; Margret Edgar; Peter McRae; Jonet Sharpra; Robert Patersone; Margaret Kirkpatrick; Thomas Milligane; Jean Telfer; Thomas Cooke; Isobel Kennedy; Anna Dazell; Mary Smith; Margaret Binnie; Margaret Muire; Helen Muire.

CARRONHILL. Johne Walker; Jean Hunter; Cuthbert Walker; Jean Walker; John Walker; James Walker; Isobel Milligane; Robert Walker; Agnes Lorimer; Rachel Kirkpatrick; James Walker cordner; Jonet Ker; George Kello, younger; Nicolas Wilson; William Hunter; Nicolas Milligane; Johne Wilson; Marion Wilson; Johne Walker; George Kello; Mary Oseburn; John Hairstone; Jonet Dingwall; Elspet Dingwall; James Edgar; Janet Milligane; John Edgar, their son; Jonet Edgar their daughter; Robert millar; Jonet Mckeige; Barbara Fleming; Godfrey Boor; Janet Robsone; John Ker; Jonet Milligane; [blank] Ker, his son; Jonet Ker.

LANGMYRE. James Grier; Isobel Milligane; Jonet Grier; Nicolas Grier.

DABTON. Johne Wallace; Elspet Dingwall; James Wallace; Thomas Stot; Bessie Andersone; James Miller; Jonet Patersone; Agnes McCling; James Richie; Jean Dowglass; Jonet Richie; Johne Walker; Jean Sitlingtone; Jonet Walker; James Walker; Jonet McCourtie; Agnes Walker; Johne Dingwal; Bessie Carson; Thomas Dingwal; Margaret Dingwal; William Walker; Jean Bennoch; John Dazell; Jonet Dalzell.

BROOMRIG. Peter Hastie.

DRUMSHINNOCH. Anna Douglass; Anna Johnstone; Thomas Kennedy; [blank] Kennedy, her [sic] servant; Jonet Kirkpatrick; Thomas Hastie; Margaret Jamisone.

EARSMORTON. George Forsythe; Isobel Stut; Johne Forsythe; James Forsythe; Jean Gibson; Thomas Brown; Jean McCourtie; William Gibsone; Jonet Forsythe; William Rowan, his servant; Allexander Brown; [blank] Hamilton, his spouse.

MAYNES OF MORTON. Johne Hastie, elder; Margaret Shankilaw; Thomas Hastie; Jonet Milligane; John Hastie, younger; Jonet Gibson; John Hastie, his son; Jonet Hastie, ther daughter; Thomas Glenross; Agnes McClownie; Johne Smith; John Glencorse; Jonet Dalzell: Nicolas Haire.

CASTLE OF MORTON. Margaret Milligane; John Milligane, her son; Agnes Milligane ; [blank] McMath, a servant woman; James Haire; Jean Niving; William Hair and a servant woman; John Menzies.

BUSH. George Milligane; Katherine Anguse; John Dowglass; Jonet Lorimer; Archbald Downglass.

BLAIRFOOT. Johne Dalzell; Margaret Jerdan and his servant woman; Helen Milligane; Edom Brown; Margaret Brown.

WHYTEFOLD. Agnes Milligane; John Kirkpatrick; Jonet Kirkpatrick; Margaret Kirkpatrick; Robert Dowglass; Jonet Witherspoon; John Shankilaw; Helen Smith.

BURN. John Milligane; Jonet Ker; Allexander Milligane; Henretta Blacky; Archibald Milligane; Jonet Shankilaw; James Waugh; and another servant woman.

RIDDING. Johne Mc Caraught; Elspet Dalzell; Jonet Carson.

GAITLAW BRIDGE. Johne Ferguson; Marion Skinning; Johne Barrie; Jonet Patersone.

LAUCHT. John Howatsone; Jonet Gaudie; Isobel Howatsone; James Howatsone; James Dingwall.

KIRKLAND. William Fergusone; Agnes Hamilton; Gilbert Milligane; Jonet Johnstone; Peter Blytheman; Jonet Ferguson; John Carson.

DRUMCORK. William McGie; Jonet Lorimer; George Walker; Agnes Dowglass; James Thomsone; Helen Gilchrist; John Kirkpatrick; Agnes Rosper; Nicolas Cowplan; Jonet Couplan; Robert Dow; Bessie Smith.

Recusants: - The Mistres of Drumshinoh and Anna Johnstone; Allexander Brown; [blank] Hamilton, his spouse, with the family of Laught. Castle of Morton: - William and James Haires; William Rowan Johne Waugh.

“This is a true list of the parishners of Morton as witnes my hand at Tinron, the 22 of September, 1684. (Signed) J. Greenshields. [On the back] List of the inhabitants with the parish of Mortoune. Singd and depond, 4 October, 1684.” Addressed “For William Menzies of Raw and Dumfries.”

Note: a recusant is someone who refuses to conform to authority.

[The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland A.D. 1684, 3rd Series, Vol. IX, p. 685-86]

The Hearth Tax List of 1691

GOAT FRAEBOOR. Archibald Shankland (2), Anreu Angus there (3), James Milligan there (1).

Note: Goat Fraeboor is an area of New Dalgarnock. . See 1684 list for a comprise with James Milligane and his wife Jean Edgar.

THORNHILL. Charles Shinnan & Rot Dalzel (2), Gilbert Milligan & George Scotlo (Scollo) younger (2), George Scollo elder & Jo Harstains (2), James Edgar & Jo Wilsone (2), John Lorimer (2).

CARRINHILL. Jo Waker (1), Rot & Culbert Wakers (2), James Rorimer (sic) Carinfoot a milne & hearth (2), Jo Lorimer & Peter Mcrae (2), Rot Patersone (1).

Note: Carrinhill is Carronhill.

LANGMYLE. James Grier (2).

DAMPTONE. Jo Walker (1), Peter Bleithman & Wm Fergison (2), Jo Dougell & Kilne (2), James Walker (1), Thomas Stott & Kilne (2), Thomas Dougell.

Note: Damptone is Dabton.

EAST MORTON. Jo Frissel & Jo Rodgersone (2), Wm McKals elder & younger (2), John Douglas & Kilne.

MORTON. Wm. Milligan & Heugh Douglas (2), Wm McKall & John Glencorse (2), Morton Manse ane kilne (1).

OLD CASTLE. Wm Hammiltone & William Haire (2).

BLAIRFOOT. John Dalzel of Claufoot (1), inlists for himself (2).

BUSH. George Milligan (1).

WHITEFOLD. Tho Dalzell (1), Eduard Goudie & Jo Hotson (2).

BURNE. Alexander Milligan (1).

GATELAUBRIDGE. Janet Patersone (1).

LAUGHT. John Breidfoot & James Goudie (2), Barbary Chrightone (1).

KIRKLAND. Jo Walkers elder & younger(2), Jo Fergisone & Tho. Cubbyr (2).

DAUMCORK. Jo Coupland (2), Jo Shankieland & James Blakewood (2).

[Hearth Tax of Dumfriesshire (Part 2): Transactions of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society, 3rd Series, Volume XLVIII, p.134-35]

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