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Ragman Roll & Dunbar Prisoners

List of Scottish Prisoners captured at Dunbar 1296

Castles Imprisoned and Allowances

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May 16, 1296 List of Scottish prisoners (130) taken at the battle of Dunbar and committed to named prisons. John Comyn, earl of Buchan was also taken captive into England and is not included in this list.

The earls of Ros, Athol, Menteth, John son of John Comyn of Badenagh (Badenoch), Richard Syward, John fitz Geoffrey, Andrew de Moray, John de Inchemartin, David son of Patrick de Graham, Alexander de Meners (Menzies), Nicholas Randolph son of Thomas Randolph, knights, sent to the Tower of London (11).

Laurence de Strabolgevy (Strathbogie), Henry de Inchemartin, knights, William de Kilpatrick of Annandale, Alexander de St. Clair (Sinclair), Robert de Mountecourt and Alexander Corbet, esquires, committed to Windsor Castle (6).

Constantine de Loghore, Michael le Scot, knights, David de Cambroun, Mak Beth de Athol, Laurence de Angus, and Walter de Buttergask, esquires, to Wallingford Castle (6).

John de Glenurchwar (Glenurquhart), William de Haya, Walter de Berkeleye, knights, James de Meneth (Menteith), Lucas son of Donald de Levenach (Lennox), John de Cluni of Fife, esquires, to the Castle of Berkhamsted (6).

Godfrey de Ros, John Curri, knights, William Olifat (Oliphant), John de Boterwange, Malcolm de Hadintone, and Duncan le Escot, esquires, committed to Rochester Castle (6).

Adam de Moray, knight, Nicholas de Inverlounan of Inchetor, and David in the Mire esquires, to Ledes castle (3).

John de Strathbolgevy (Strathbogie), David de Ireland, Thomas Cambell, Robert Comyn brother of John Comyn of Badenaghe and William de Middlesburgh, esquires, to the castle of Northampton (5).

Neteiny de Lecheville, Richard de Doundemor (Denmuir), knights, Andrew de Suthgarton, John de Putsurich, Brice la Taillur, Walter de Laundells, esquires, to Winchester Castle (6).

William son of John de Moray, knight, Herbert de Morham, Alexander le fiz Gley, Gregory fitz Audoen, esquires, to Rockingham Castle (4).

John Wyseman, David de Strabolgvy, Robert de Inchetor, William son of William de Lambingestone, Walter de Edyngton and Andrew de Synton, esquires, to Fotheringhay Castle (6).

Hugh de Loghore, Thomas de Mouncref (Moncreiffe), Patrick de Montalt, Matthew de Eyton, Andrew de Moray and Alan le Mareschal, esquires, to the castle of Chester (6).

John de Somerville, clerk, Robert Lovel, William de Ros brother of Godfrey de Ros, William le Mareschal, William de Clopham, and Thomas Byseth (Bisset), esquires, to Conway Castle (6).

William de Newbaut, John de Hastingwayt, Alexander de Bellingham, Godfrey de Ros, and Michael le Scot, esquires, to the castle of Cruikyn (5).

Tassin de Newbaut, Robert de Cresswelle, Nicholas Donecandouesone (Duncan Dubh�s son), William de Lambyngestone (Lamington), Philip de Rothery, and Richard of Pearsby, esquires, to the castle of Hardelaghe (6).

Edmund Comyn of Kilbride, John de Meneteth, knights, Michael Meggel, Walter de Boseville, William Curry, and Robert de Letheham, esquires, to Nottingham Castle (6).

Malcolm de Droman (Drummond), John de Cloggestone, knights, Thomas de Alyght, Nigel de Kilpatrick, Reginald son of Reginald le Cheyne, Reginald de St. Clair, esquires, to Kenilworth Castle (6).

Master William de St Clair, John de Cambroun, knight, Duncan Urry, Malise of Loghie, and John le Grant, esquires, to Gloucester Castle (5).

David brother of Patrick de Graham, Henry de St. Clair, knights, William de Nethenthyrn (Nenthorn), Gilbert le Barber, esquires, to St Briavell�s Castle (4).

Richard Syward [junior] and Alexander Comyn, knights, John son of Alexander de Moray, John de la More, John de Clogham, and Robert le Graunt, esquires, to Bristol Castle (6).

Richard le Mareschal, Michael le Barber, Robert de Middleton, and John le Keu (the cook), to Montgomery Castle (4).

Edmund de Rameseye, William Olyfat, knights, William de Loghyn and Roger Clerk, esquires, to Devizes Castle (4).

William de Somerville and Hugh de Erthe (Airth), knights, Simon de Estoundy, William de Angus, William le Brun, Cristin de Lard (the Aird), esquires, to Corfe Castle (6).

John Drummond, Eustace de Rettref (Rattray), and German le Fauconer (Falconer), to Wisbeach Castle (3).

Alan de Lascelles, Laurence de Longaver, John Page and Walter Alight, esquires, to Tonbridge Castle (4).

Dated at Roxburgh.

[Bain, Joseph: Calendar of Documents relating to Scotland 1272-1307 (Edinburgh, 1884), Vol. II, pp. 176-178, no. 742]

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