Annals, Chronicles, Charters and other Sources

Scotland and Galloway

    Scots (Scotti), Gael Gaedhil and Vikings Scotti in Classical Writings AD 300 to 550
    Dal Riata Cen�ls and the Ui Neill AD 550 to 742
    Extract AD 433 to 599
    Extracts AD 600 to 699
    Extracts AD 700 to 799
    Extracts AD 800 to 999
    Extracts AD 1000 to 1170
    Foreign (Norse) Gael in Scotland 830 to 1200
    The Colloquy with the Ancients c.1200
    Southwest Scotland Northern Britons in Early Welsh Literature c.570
    Britons, Angles and Gall-G�idheil (Foreign-Gael) 700-1070
    Galloway (Wigtown/Kirkcubright) in SW Scotland 1070-1199
    Dumfriesshire (Nithsdale/Annandale) in SW Scotland 1124-1199
    Ayrshire (Carrick) in SW Scotland 1193-1285
    Isle of Bute in the West Scotland Isle of Bute (Dunagoil) c.1400
    The MacDonnchaidh (MacConnaghy/Duncan) in Bute 1393 to 1552
    Atholl, a Land apart in Perthshire The Gaelic Earls of Atholl 1093 to 1300
    The Clan Donnchaidh and Robertsons of Straun (Strowan) 1340 to 1451
    General Interest to Medieval Scotland Scottish merchants in the Dublin Guild Rolls 1190 to 1257
    Rolls of Submission and Homage (Ragman Roll) 1296
    Scottish Prisoners captured at Dunbar 1296 to 1302

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