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Dalriata Scots and the Picts II

Dal Raita, Scots and the Picts


AI = Annals of Inisfallen 438-1450
AT = Annals of Tigernach 488-1178
AU = Annals of Ulster 431-1541
CS = Chronicon Scotorum 353-1150
FM = Annals of the Four Masters 123-1616
CKA = Chronicle of the Kings of Alba

Date: 600 to 699

AU 600

The battle of the Saxons in which Aed�n was vanquished.

AT 604

The death of Aodh�n son of Gabr�n in the 38th year of his rule, of his age however the 74th.

AU 605

Death of Laisr�n, abbot of �a.

AU 606

Mors Aedhain m. Gabrain mc. Domangairt righ Alban, & iugulatio filiorum Baetan .i. m. Cairill.

Death of Aed�n son of Gabr�n son of Domangart, king of Albu, and the slaying of the sons of Baet�n i.e. son of Cairell.

AU 616

Mors Aedhain m. Mongain regis Dal Riatai Araide.

Death of Aed�n son of Mongan, king of D�l Riata or nAraide.

Note: Rawlinson, Genelach Ua Echach Coba [ 162.b.28]: Aedan, m. Mongain, m. Sarain, m. Maine, m. Fothaid, m. Conaill, m. Echdach Coba a quo Hui Echach Coba m. Condlae, m. Curind ba drui cuius filus Eoch C...

AU 617

The burning of the martyrs of Aig�the burning of Donn�n of Aig on the fifteenth of the Kalends of May with one hundred and fifty martyrs.

AU 621

D�nchad son of E�gan, Nechtan son of Canu, and �ed died.

AU 622

Conaing son of Aed�n was drowned.

1] The waves of the sea great and clear
2] And the sands have covered them;
3] Against a frail wattled curach
4] They have combined to destroy Conaing.

AU 623

Death of Fergna, abbot of �.

AU 626

The battle of Leithet Midind in which Fiachna of Lurga fell. Fiachna son of Dem�n was victor.

Note: Rawlinson 161. bb, Genelach Dal Araide: Fiachna Lurgan m. Baetain m. Echach m. Condlae m. Coelbad m. Cruind ba drui m. Echach.

AT 627

Mongan son of Fiachna Lurgan, stricken with a stone by Artur son of Bicoir Britone died. Whence Bec Boirche said:

Cold is the wind over Islay;
There are warriors in Cantyre,
They will commit a cruel deed therefor,
They will kill Mongan son of Fiachna.

The church of Cluain Airthir today,
Good are the four on whom it has been closed,
Cormac Caoem at tribulation,
And Illann, son of Fiachra.

And the other two
Whom many territories serve,
Mong�n son of Fiachna Lurgan,
And R�n�n son of Tuathal.

AU 627

The battle of Ard Corann in which fell Fiachna son of Dem�n: the D�l Riata were victors.

AT 628

The battle of Lether Midenn in Drong, wherein was slain Fiachna, son of Baet�n king of Dalariada. Fiachna son of Deman was victor.

AU 629

The battle of Fid E�in in which Mael Ca�ch son of Scannal, king of the Cruithin, was victor. The D�l Riata fell. Connid Cerr, king of D�l Riatai, fell.

AT 629

The battle of Ard Corann, in which the D�il Riata were victors, and in which Fiachna son of Deman fell by Connad Cerr, king of Dalriada.

AT 629

In the MS. this entry is misplaced. It comes next after "king of Dalriada".

AU 629

The battle of Fid E�in in which Mael Ca�ch son of Scannal, king of the Cruithin, was victor. The D�l Riata fell. Connid Cerr, king of D�l Riatai, fell.

AU 629

Or, the battle of Fid E�in, in which fell the grandsons of Aed�n, Rigullon and Failbe.

AU 629

Death of Echaid Buide son of Aed�n, king of the Picts. Thus I have found in the Book of Cuanu.

AU 631

Mors Cinedon filii Lugthreni, regis Pictorum.

The battle of Aille's son, and death of Cinaed son of Lugthr�ine, king of the Picts.

AT 632

Cath Fedha �oin, in quo Mael Caith mac Scandail, rex Cruithniu, uictor erat. Dal Riada cecidit. Condadh Cerr r� Dal Riada cecidit, & Dicull mac Eachach r� ceneoil Cruithne cecidit, et Nepotes Aedan ceciderunt, id est Rigullan mac Conaing & Failbe mac Eachach & Oisiric mac Albruit rigdomna Saxan cum strage maxima suorum.

The battle of Fid Eoin in which Mael Caith son of Scannal, king of Cruithniu, was the victor. Connadh Cerr king of D�l Riada fell, and Dicuill son of Eachach king of Cen�l Cruithne fell and the nephews of Aedan fell, that is, Rigull�n son of Conaing and Failbe son of Eachach and Oisric son of Albruit, crown prince of England with their utmost destruction.

AT 632

The death of Eochaidh Buidhe son of Aed�in.

AT 633

Cath Etuin maic Ailli reghis Saxonum, qui totam Britanniam regnau�t, in quo uictus est Catguallaun rege Britonum et Panta Saxano.

AT 634

Bas C�naetha maic Luchtren, regis Pictorum.

The death of Cinaed son of Luchtren, king of the Picts.

AT 635

Cath la Cathlon & Anfraith qui decollatus est, in quo Osualt mac Etalfraith uictor erat et Catlon, rex Britonum, cecidit.

A battle by Cargualaun and Eangrith who was beaten, in which Osualt son of Etalfraith was the victor and Catlon, king of the Britons, fell.

AU 635

Repose of Fintan son of Telch�n and of Ernaine son of Cr�sene.

AU 635

Death of Gartn�n son of Foth.

AU 635

Echuid of Les M�r died.Cen�l nGabr�in and Cen�I Loairn.

AU 635

The battle of Segais in which fell L�ch�ne son of Nechtan Cennfhata, Cumuscach son of �engus and Gartnaith son of Foth.

AU 635

The battle of Segais in which fell L�ch�ne son of Nechtan Cennfhata, Cumuscach son of �engus and Gartnaith son of Foth.

AU 639

The killing of Congal son of D�nchad.

AU 641

Death of Bruide son of Foth.

AU 641

Shipwreck of a vessel of the community of �.

AU 642

Death of Domnall son of Aed, king of Ireland, at the end of January. Afterwards Domnall Brec was slain at the end of the year, in December, in the battle of Srath Caruin, by Hoan, king of the Britons. He reigned 15 years.

AU 643

The battle of Cenn Con.

AU 643

The burning of Iarnbadb son of Gartnaith.

AT 646

Lochene mac Fingen, r� Cruithne mortuus est.

Lochene son of Fingen, king of Picts, died.

AT 647

Gu�n Scandla�n maic B�cce, maic Fiachrach, r�g Cruithne.

The slaying of Scanl�n son of B�cc son of Fiachra, king of the Picts.

AU 649

The warfare of the descendants of Aed�n and of Garthnaith, son of Accid�n.

AU 650

Death of Cathusach son of Domnall Brec.

AU 652

Death of S�g�ne i.e. son of Fiachna, abbot of �.

AU 653

Death of Ferith son of Tothol�n, and of Tolarg son of Foth, king of the Picts.

AT 653

�c Tolairg mac Fo�ith regis Pictorum.

The death of Tolarg son of Foth, king of the Picts.

AT 654

Cath Sratha Ethairt re Tolartach mac Anfrait, r�g Cruithne, i torchair Dunchadh mac Conaing & Congal mac Ronain.

The battle of Srath Ethairt gained by Tolartach son of Anfrait, king of the Picts, wherein fell Dunchadh, son of Conaing, and Congal son of R�n�n.

AT 656

Bas Tolorcain maic Ainfrith, r�g Cruithne.

The death of Tolargan son of Ainfrith, king of the Picts.

AU 657

Death of Suibne moccu Urthr� abbot of �.

AU 658

T�m�n son of Taith�ne dies.

AU 660

Death of Dani�l, bishop of Cenn Garad.

AT 663

Gartnait maic Domnaill, rig Cruithneach.

The death of Gartnait son of Domhnall, king of the Picts.

AU 664

Bellum Lutho Feirnn, .i. i Fortrinn.

The battle of Luith Feirn i.e. in Fortrenn.

AT 666

Mael C�ich mac Scandlain, ri Cruithne & Mael Du�n mac Scandail, r� Cen�oil Cairpri, obierunt.

Maol Caich son of Scanl�n king of the Picts, and Maol Duin son of Scannail, king of the Kindred of Cairbre, died.

AT 666

Cath Feirtse iter Ulltu & Cruithne, in quo cecidit Cathasach mac Luirchine.

The battle of Belfast between the Ulaid and the Picts, in which fell Cathasach son of Luirchine.

AU 668

The voyage of the sons of Gartnaid to Ireland with the people of Sc�.

AU 669

Death of Cuim�ne the Fair, abbot of �.

AU 669

Itarnan and Corindu died among the Picts.

AU 670

The sept of Gartnaith came back from Ireland.

AU 671

Death of Oswy son of Aethelfrith, king of the Saxons.

AU 671

Mael Ruba voyages to Britain.

AU 672

The Hebrides were devastated.

AU 672

Expulsion of Drost from the kingship and the burning of Bangor of the Britons.

AT 673

The slaying of Domangort son of Domnall Breac king of D�l Riada.

AU 673

The killing of Domangart son of Domnall Brec, king of D�l Riata.

AU 673

The voyage to Ireland of Failbe, abbot of �.

AU 673

Mael Ruba founded the church of Apor Cros�n.

AU 676

Failbe returns from Ireland.

AU 677

D�nchad son of Ult�n was slain in D�n Forgo.

AU 678

Death of Drost son of Domnall.

AU 678

A battle in Caladros, in which Domnall Brec was defeated.

AU 678

Slaughter of the Cen�l Loairn in T�riu.

AT 678

The killing of the people of Loarn in Tirinn i.e. between Ferchair the Tall and the Britons who were the victors.

AU 679

Repose of Failbe, abbot of �.

AU 679

The falling asleep of Nechtan Ner.

AU 680

The battle of the Saxons, in which Aelfwine son of Oswy fell.

AT 681

The death of Conall the Slender, son of Dunchadh, in Cantire.

AU 681

The killing of Conall Cael son of D�nchad in Cenn T�re.

AU 682

The Orkneys were destroyed by Bruide.

AT 682

Cath Ratha Moire Muige Line contra Britones, ubi cecidit Cathussach mac Maile Du�n, r� Cruithne, & Ulltan mac Dicholla.

The battle of Raith M�r of Magh Line, against the Britons, wherein fell Cathasach son of Maol D�in, king of the Picts, and Ultan son of Dichuill.

AU 686

The battle of D�n Nechtain was fought on Saturday, May 20th, and Egfrid son of Oswy, king of the Saxons, who had completed the 15th year of his reign, was slain therein with a great body of his soldiers; and Tula ( ?) burned Aman (?) of D�n Ollaig.

AU 686

Talorgg, son of Acithaen, and Domnall Brec son of Eochu, died.

AU 686

The killing of Rothachtach, and of Dar Gart son of Finngaine.

AU 688

The slaying of Canu son of Gartnaid.

AU 688

The slaying of Canu son of Gartnaid.

AU 689

Iol�n, bishop of Cenn Garad, died.

AU 691

The D�l Riata despoiled the Cruithin and the Ulaid.

AU 691

A great windstorm on the sixteenth of the Kalends of October 16 Sept. caused the drowning of some six of the community of �.

AU 692

Adamn�n sets out for Ireland in the 14th year after the repose of Failbe.

AU 692

The siege of D�n Deauae Dibsi (?).

AU 693

Bruide son of Bile, king of Foirtriu, dies, and Alphin son of Nechtan.

AT 693

Bruidhe son of Bile king of Fortriu dies, and Ailpin son of Nechtan.

AU 693

Death of Dar Gart son of Finnguine.

AU 694

The siege of D�n Foither.

AU 694

Death of Ferchar son of Connaed Cerr.

AU 694

Domnall son of Hoan, king of Ail Cluaithe; dies.

AU 695

Tomnat wife of Ferchar dies.

AU 697

Ferchar the Tall dies.

AU 697

Adamn�n proceeded to Ireland and gave the Lex Innocentium to the people.

AU 698

A battle in Fernmag in which fell Conchobor of Macha son of Mael D�in and Aed of Aire, king of D�l nAraidi.

AT 698

Cath i Telaig Garraisc i Fernmuigh, ubi cecidit Conchobur Macha mac Muile Du�n, ri na n-Airrther, & Aed Oiread, ri Dal Araidhe.

A battle on the Hill of Garrasc in Fernmagh where fell Conchobhar of Macha son of Maelduin, king of the Airthir, and Aodh Oired, king of Dalaradia.

AT 698

Cath eter Saxones et Pictos, uibi cecidit filius Bern�th, qui dicebatur Brechtraidh.

A battle between Saxons and Picts, where the son of Bernith, who was called Brechtaidh, was killed.

AU 698

A battle between the Saxons and the Picts, in which fell Bernith's son, called Brectrid.

AU 698

The burning of D�n Ollaig.

AU 698

Expulsion from the kingship of Ainfchellach son of Ferchar, and he was carried off captive to Ireland.

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