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Dalriata Scots and the Picts II

Dal Raita, Scots and the Picts


AI = Annals of Inisfallen 438-1450
AT = Annals of Tigernach 488-1178
AU = Annals of Ulster 431-1541
CS = Chronicon Scotorum 353-1150
FM = Annals of the Four Masters 123-1616
CKA = Chronicle of the Kings of Alba

Date: 700 to 799

AU 700

The falling asleep of Iarnlach, abbot of Les M�r.

AU 700

Fiannamail grandson of D�nchad, king of D�l Riata, was killed.

AU 703

Colm�n son of Finnbarr, abbot of Les M�r, dies.

AU 703

Ail�n Daingen is built.

AU 703

Fergus�n son of Maelch� dies.

AT 704

The Strages of the D�l Riada in the valley of the Levin Water.

AT 704

Adamnan in the 70th year of his age, on the nones of the kalends of October, abbot of Iona, pausat.

AT 704

Altfrith son of Oswin, called Flann Fina by the Gaels, a wise man, was the king of the Saxons.

AU 704

Destruction of the D�l Riata in Glenn Limnae.

AU 704

Adamn�n, abbot of �, rests in the 77th year of his age.

AU 704

The learned Aldfrid, son of Oswy, king of the Saxons, dies.

AU 706

Bruide son of Derile dies.

AU 707

D�nchad assumed the office of princeps at �.

AT 708

Fiachra son of Dungal was mortally wounded by the Picts.

AU 709

A battle gained over the Orkneymen, in which Artablair's son fell.

AU 710

Conamail son of Failbe, abbot of �, rests.

AU 710

A conflict among the Cen�l Comgaill in which two sons of Nechtan son of Dar Garta were killed.

AU 710

Aengus son of Mael Anfaid was killed in Sci.

AT 711

Strages Pictorum in Campo Manand apud Saxon�s, uibi Findga�ne mac Deleroith inmatura morte iacuit.

The congress of the Britons and Dal Riada on Lorg Eclat, where the Britons were (overcome).

AU 711

A slaughter of the Picts by the Saxons in Mag Manonn, where Finnguine son of Deile Roith met an untimely death.

AU 711

An encounter of Britons and the D�l Riata at Lorg Ecclet, in which the Britons were defeated.

AU 712

Coeddi, bishop of �, rests.

AU 712

Congas son of Dar Garto dies.

AU 712

The siege of Aberte by Selbach.

AU 713

Doirb�ne obtained the abbacy of �, and after five months in the primacy he died on Saturday, the fifth of the Kalends of November 28 Oct.

AU 713

Tolarg son of Drostan is held captive by his brother, king Nechtan.

AU 714

D�n Ollaig is constructed by Selbach.

AU 714

Ail�n Daingen is destroyed.

AU 716

The killing of the king of the Saxons, Osred, son of Aldfrid, grandson of Oswy.

AU 717

D�nchad son of Cenn Faelad, abbot of �, died.

AU 717

Expulsion of the community of � beyond Dorsum Brittaniae by king Nechtan.

AU 717

An encounter between the D�l Riata and Britons at the rock called Minuirc, and the Britons were defeated.

AT 717

Dunchadh son of Cennfaeladh, abbot of Iona, dies.

AT 717

The expulsion of a family of Iona across the Dorsum Britanie by king Nechtan.

AT 717

The meeting of D�l Riada and the Britons in a stone called Minuircc, and the Britons are subdued.

AU 717

An encounter between the D�l Riata and Britons at the rock called Minuirc, and the Britons were defeated.

AU 718

Cr�n�n grandson of E��n, abbot of Les M�r, dies.

AT 718

Cr�n�n grandson of Eoan, abbot of Lismore, died.

AT 718

A tonsured crown is given on the family of Iona.

AU 719

Drost�n of Derthach rested in Ard Brec�n.

AU 719

The battle of Finnglen between two sons of Ferchar the Tall, in which Ainfcellach was slain, on Thursday, the sixth of the Ides of September.

AT 719

The battle of Finnglen between two sons of Ferchar the Tall in which Ainbhchellach was butchered on the 5th day, the sixth of the ides of September.

AU 719

The sea-battle of Ard Nesbi between D�nchad Bec with the Cen�l Gabr�in and Selbach with the Cen�l Loairn, and Selbach was repulsed, on Friday, the day before the Nones 6th of September or October, and a number of nobles fell therein.

AT 719

The sea-fight of Ard Anesbi between Dunchadh the Little with the Kindred of Gabr�n and Selbach with the Kindred of Loarn, and it was turned against Selbach on the second of the nones of October, the seventh day, in which certain counts fell.

AU 721

D�nchad Bec, king of Cenn T�re, dies.

AT 721

Dunchadh Becc, king of Cantyre, died.

AU 722

Mael Ruba died in Apor Crossan in the 80th year of his age.

AU 722

Mael Corgais from Druim Ing, and Bile son of Eilph�n, king of Ail Cluaithe, die.

AU 722

Feidilmid assumed the office of abbot of �.

AT 723

The clericalism of Selbach king of Dal Riada.

AU 724

Faelch� son of Doirb�ne, abbot of �, fell asleep. Cill�ne the Tall succeeded him as abbot of �.

AT 724

Clericatus Neactain reigis Pictorum. Drust postea regnat.

AU 725

Simul son of Drust is imprisoned.

AT 726

Dungal de reghno iectus est, et Druist de reghno Pictorum iectus et Elphin pro eo regnat.

AU 727

The encounter of Irros Foichnae between Selbach and the 'family' of Echaid, grandson of Domnall, in which some of the Airgialla fell.

AU 727

The relics of Adomn�n are brought over to Ireland and the law is promulgated anew.

AU 728

The battle of Monidhcrobh between the Picts themselves, in which Aengus was victor, and many were slain on the side of king Eilp�n. A woeful battle was fought between the same parties near Caissel Cr�idi, where Eilp�n was put to flight.

AU 729

The battle of Monid Carno near Loch Laegde between the hosts of Nectan and the army of Aengus, and Nectan's exactors fell i.e. Biceot son of Monet, and his son, Finnguine son of Drostan, Feroth son of Finnguine, and many others; and the adherents of Aengus were triumphant.

AU 729

The battle of Druim Derg Blathug in the territory of the Picts between Aengus and Drust, king of the Picts, and Drust fell.

AU 730

The return of the relics of Adamn�n from Ireland in the month of October.

AU 731

A battle between the Cruithin and the D�l Riata of In Muirbolg, in which the Cruithin were defeated.

AU 731

A battle between the son of Aengus and the son of Congus, but Bruide defeated Talorgan, who was put to flight.

AT 731

Cath ider Cruithniu & Dal Riada i m-Murbulg ub� Cruithne deuict� fuerunt.

A battle between the Picts and the D�l Riada in Murbolg where the Picts were beaten.

AT 731

A battle here between the son of Oengus and the son of Congus. Brudheus beat the fleeing Talorcum.

AT 733

Dungal son of Selbach made an expedition into Torach, and another expedition into Inis Cuirennrige, and he destroyed [gap: extent: unknown]

AU 733

Muiredach son of Ainfcellach assumed the kingship of Cen�l Loairn.

AT 733

Eochaidh son of Eachach, king of Dalriad died.

AU 734

Talorg son of Congus was held captive by his brother, handed over to the Picts, and drowned by them.

AU 734

Talorgan son of Drostan is apprehended and manacled near D�n Ollaig.

AU 734

D�n Leithfinn is destroyed after the wounding of D�ngal, and he fled to Ireland from the power of Aengus.

AU 735

Bede, a learned man of the Saxons, rested.

AU 736

Aengus son of Fergus, king of the Picts, laid waste the territory of D�l Riata and seized D�n At and burned Creic and bound in chains two sons of Selbach, i.e. Donngal and Feradach; and shortly afterwards Bruide son of Aengus son of Fergus died.

AT 736

Aongus son of Fergus, king of the Picts, laid waste regions of Dal Riata and took Dun Ad, and burned Creic, and binded two sons of Selbach with chains i.e. Donngal and Feradhach, and a little after Brudeus son of Aongus son of Fergus dies.

AU 736

The battle of Cnoc Cairpri in Calathros at Etarlinde between D�l Riata and Foirtriu, and Talorgan son of Fergus goes in pursuit of Ainfchellach's son who had taken flight, many nobles falling in this encounter.

AU 737

Death of R�n�n, abbot of Cenn Garad.

AU 737

Failbe son of Guaire, i.e. successor of Mael Ruba of Apor Cros�n, was drowned in the depth of the sea together with his sailors, twenty-two in number.

AU 739

Talorgan son of Drostan, king of Athfoitle, was drowned, i.e. by Aengus.

AT 739

Tolargan son of Drostan, king of Athol, his drowning by Aongus.

AU 739

Death of Aed son of Garb�n.

AU 741

The battle of Druim Cathmail between the Cruithin and the D�l Riata against Indrechtach.

The smiting of the D�l Riata by Aengus son of Forgus.

AU 749

Drowning of the community of �.

AT 749

The sinking of the family of Iona.

AU 750

The battle of Catonic (?) between Picts and Britons, in which Talorgan, son of Forgus and brother of Aengus, fell.

AT 750

A battle between Picts and Britons, in which Tolargan son of Fergus and his brother perished, and together with him a slaughter of the Picts.

AU 752

Death of Cill�ne the bridge-maker(?), anchorite of �.

AU 752

Cuim�ne grandson of B�c, a devout man of Eig, died.

AT 752

Teudubr son of Beli, king of Ail Cluada Dumbarton.

AT 752

Cath Asreith in terra Circin inter Pictones inuicem, in quo cecidit Bruidhi mac Maelchon.

The battle of (Asreth) in the land of Circin between the Picts, in which Bruidhi son of Maelch� fell.

AU 752

Death of Cill�ne son of Congal in �.

AT 752

The death of Cilline son of Congal, in Iona.

AU 753

The law of Colum Cille enforced by Domnall of Mide.

AU 754

Sleib�ne, abbot of �, came to Ireland.

AT 754

Sleibine abbot of Iona came into Ireland.

AU 757

The law of Colum Cille promulgated by Sl�ib�ne.

AT 757

Columcill's law enforced by Sl�b�ne abbot of Iona.

AT 759

Aongus king of Scotland dies.

AU 761

Death of Aengus son of Fergus, king of the Picts.

AT 761

Aengus mac Fergusa, rex Pictorum, moritur.

AU 763

Bruide, king of Foirtriu, dies.

AT 763

Bruidhi r� Fortrenn mortuus est.

Bruidhe king of Fortrenn died.

AU 763

Niall Frosach begins to reign.

AU 766

Suibne, abbot of �, came to Ireland.

AU 767

Repose of Sl�ib�ne of �.

AU 768

A battle in Foirtriu between Aed and Cinaed.

AU 772

Death of Suibne, abbot of �.

AU 775

Death of Cinadu, king of the Picts.

AU 776

Death of Mael Manach, abbot of Cenn Garad.

AU 778

Niall Frosach son of Fergal in � Choluim Chille, died.

Aed Finn son of Echaid, king of D�l Riata, died.

AU 778

Eithne, daughter of Cinad, dies.

Note: Eithne�s father Cinad died in 775.

AU 781

Fergus son of Eochu, king of D�l Riata, died.

AU 782

Dub Tholarg, king of the Picts on this side of Monoth, died.

Muiredach son of Uargal, steward of �, died.

AU 789

A battle between the Picts, in which Conall son of Tadc was defeated and escaped; and Constant�n was victor.

AU 790

Death of N�e, abbot of Cenn Garad.

AU 792

Bresal son of Flaithr�, king of D�l nAraidi, and Dorm Corci, king of D�l Riata, died.

Note: FM Donncoirche, lord of Dal Riada, died 787.

AU 794

Devastation of all the islands of Britain by heathens.

AU 795

The burning of Rechru by the heathens, and Sc� was overwhelmed and laid waste.

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