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    Over the years, I have accumulated a range of Genealogical research and material, both primary and secondary, relating to the variant surnames Millican, Milligan, Millikan, Milliken, Millikin, Mulliken, Mullikin, and Mulligan etc.

    I started researching the history of Millikens and Milligans in 1992. Since then, it has developed into a One Name Study and search for the origins of the SURNAME and it's heritage both in Scotland and the North of Ireland. My main interest lies in the ancient family of Mullikine/Amuligane in Dumfriesshire and Galloway, where the surname was once prefixed by "ap" or "A", meaning "son or grandson of". The genealogical evidence relating to the origins of the Mullikine/Amuliganes can be found in the Regarde Bien and the Documents and Records indexed in the following subdirectories. These subdirectories are still being developed, but in time, I hope they will contain a rich source of genealogical material for those interested in the above variant surnames.

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    Scotland Ayrshire
    Edinburgh and Lothians
    Renfrewshire (Milliken Estate)
    Scotland General
    Ireland Counties and Towns in Ireland 1600-1900
    Documents & Records 1600-1900
    Parish Church Records 1600-1900
    England Wills and Testaments 1384 - 1858
    Apprentice Indentures 1710 - 1774
    English - County Sources
    North America American Documents And Sources
    Other Surnames Kelly-McMasters in SW Scotland and East Ulster

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