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This website is dedicated to the
17 casualties of war in the train wreck that occurred on November 4, 1862 at Cleveland, Tennessee.

Soldiers Killed in the Train Wreck

BROXTON, O. M., Private, Co. H 

BUSH, Lovet M., Private, Co. G, enlisted 3/8/62 in Daleville, AL at age 20 

CHANDLER, Zachariah, Private, Co. H, 3/17/62 enlisted in Greenville, AL at age 18. Decease Claim 4/3/63. 

CLARK, H. T., Private, Co. H. Died 11/6/62 as result of injuries sustained in train wreck. Personal Effects Receipt.

COOPER, Rueben J., Capt., Co G. enlisted 3/8/62 in Daleville AL at age 44, Decease Claim: Sarah A. Cooper widow

EVANS, Clinton, Private, Co. E 

HUGHS, John, Private, Co. G, enlisted at age 21; correct spelling Hughes 

LEWIS, J. G., Private, Co. H 

LLOYD, Benjamin, Private, Co. H.

NICHOLES, T. Z., Private, Co. C.

NIX, Edward, 4th Corporal, Co. C, Greenville, AL. 

NOBLIN, Mathias, Private, Co. G., enlisted at age 36 

PRITCHARD, T. A., Private, Co. E,  “Killed in train wreck near Cleveland ,TN  11/4/62.  

SCOTT, Charles B., Lieut., Co. E, enlisted as 1 SGT 3/14/62, Ramer AL at age 34. Appointed 2 LT 7/22/62. Decease claim: 12/6/62 by Flora A. Scott widow

SMITH, William M., Private, Co. C; enlisted 5/11/62 in Greenville, AL. Decease claim: Butler CO AL by Julia A. Smyth widow. Witnesses to claim: Samuel Adams, Alexander McKellar. (correct spelling Smyth).

WATSON, William M., Co. H; Private, enlisted at age 23

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