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This page is dedicated to the memory of the late Homer Jones
whose Confederate records' research led to the construction of this list.

Officers from Butler County


7th Ala Inf - William T McCall, Capt.

8th Ala Inf - Hilary A Herbert, Colonel; H A Herbert, Lt Col, wounded at Sharpsburg and Wilderness, promoted; H A Herbert, Major, wounded and captured at Seven Pines, promoted; Lewis A Livingston, Capt, wounded at Gettysburg and died in the hands of the enemy; Ira W Stott, Capt.

9th Ala Inf -  E Y Hill, Capt, killed at Gaines' Mill; Thomas Mills, Capt, resigned; Mathew Patton.

13th Ala Inf - L P Broughton, Adjutant, killed at t he Wilderness; John Glasgow, Capt, resigned; R N Cook, Capt, killed at second Cold Harbor.

17th Ala Inf - Thomas J Burnett, Major, wounded at Atlanta; Willis J Milner, Major; J Dean, Capt, resigned; James S Moreland, Capt, captured at Resaca; W D Perryman, Capt, resigned; John Bolling, Capt, captured at Nashville; T J Burnett, Capt, promoted; T A McCane, Capt.

18th Ala Inf - H Clay Armstrong, Capt, resigned; Aug. C Greene, Capt, wounded at Jonesboro.

33rd Ala Inf - Samuel Adams, Colonel, wounded at Perryville, killed at Kennesa; James H Dunklin, Lt Col; James H Dunklin, Major, wounded at Chicamauga, promoted; Willis J Milner, Adjuntant; James H Dunklin, Capt, promoted; Wm E Dodson, killed at Kennesa' Charles S Linthicum, Capt; J D McKee, Capt, killed at Perryville; B F Hammett, Capt, wounded at Chicamauga; Thomas G Pou, Capt, resigned; John F Barganier, Capt, resigned; Wm S Sims, Capt, killed at Chicamauga; John Gamble, Capt, wounded at New Hope and Columbus.

56th Ala In - F D N Riley, Capt.

58th Ala Inf - Gid. Holland, Capt, killed at Spanish Fort.

59th Ala Inf - J R Glasgow, Capt, resigned; Louis Harrell, Capt, residgned; H H Rutledge, Capt, killed at Drewry's; Zach. Daniel, Capt, killed at Hatcher's Run; R F Manly, Capt, wounded at Drewry's, wound and captured at Hatcher's Run.

60th Ala Inf - G A Tarbutton, Capt, wounded; retired; G A Tarbutton, wounded at White Oaks Road.


1st Ala Cav - C H Colvin, Capt, resigned; Sydney E Allen, Capt, killed at Murfreesboro; Robert Allen, Capt, wounded.

2nd Ala Cav - Richard W Carter, Major; R W Carter, Capt, promoted; Joseph Allen, Capt.


Jeff Davis' Artillery - Robert Yeldell, Lieut, resigned.


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