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This page is dedicated to the memory of the late Homer Jones
whose Confederate records' research led to the construction of this list.

Butler County Soldiers
of the 33rd Alabama Volunteers

 These are a few men of the 33d, certainly not all, who are buried in Butler:

ADAMS, Samuel - Lt, Co G, 9th Ala Inf; Col, 33d Ala Inf; Mar 25, 1829, k. by a Sniper at Atlanta Jul 21, 1864; remains returned, interred Pioneer Cemetery, Greenville.

ARMSTRONG, Charles J. - Sgt, Co C; Apr 3, 1834; a Tax Collector, robbed and k. Dec 17, 1892; lost leg in the war; Magnolia Cemetery, Greenville.

BLACK, Elkanah L. - Private, Co. D, 33rd AL Infantry Born Dec. 12, 1841 Enlisted Marc. 8, 1862 Paroled June 16, 1865 in Montgomery Died April 2, 1905 Buried Providence Cemetery

BLACK, L. S. (Lytle S. Black) - Private, enlisted Montgomery, May 14, 1862. Sent to Oliver Hospital, Dalton, GA, Jan. 12, 1863 Injury was "severe in left knee." Paroled May of 1865.

BLACK, Robert L. - Born abt. 1831 Enlisted in Co. D of the 33rd March 8, 1862 Private/4th Corporal Captured Nov. 30, 1864 at Franklin, Tenn. Prisoner of War at Camp Douglas, Chicago, Ill. Died April 5, 1865 Buried Chicago City Cemetery--Block 3, Grave 1034

BURKETT, Levi - Corp, Co D; Sep 15, 1834-Dec 29, 1915; Union Church Cemetery, east of Georgiana.

CAIN, James - Co C; no dates; Oakey Streak.

CHEATHAM, W. H. - Pvt, Co C; no dates; Fort Dale Cemetery.

DEWBERRY, Thomas - Co C; Oct 22, 1830-Dec 29, 1917; Milner Cemetery, Jane Ave. and Morgan St, Georgiana.

DUNKLIN, James N. - Capt, Co C/ Lt Col; Nov 15, 1834-May 20, 1877; Pioneer Cemetery.

FLOWERS, William M. - Corp, Co C; Sep 4, 1842-Apr 29, 1907; Magnolia Cemetery, Greenville.

GAMBLE, John - Capt, Co H; Aug 2, 1833- Dec 27, 1895; Magnolia Cemetery, Greenville.

GARDNER, Julius - Pvt, Co D; Aug 31, 1837-Mar 23, 1875; Magnolia Cemetery, Greenville.

GILBERT, James H. - Co C; Apr 7, 1829-Jan 20, 1888; Damascus Baptist Church Cemetery, SE of Greenville.

GOLDSMITH, James M. - Pvt, Co C; Apr 2, 1826-Mar 11, 1895;  Magnolia Cemetery, Greenville.

GOOLSBY, Henry - Pvt, Co K; Sep 2, 1830-Aug 22, 1908; Pioneer.

GRANT, Isaac M. - Pvt, Co C; Oct 22, 1842-Nov 29, 1922; Fort Dale.

HARTLEY, Anderson C. - Pvt, Co I; med discharge, served later in Co K, 17th Ala Inf; Dec 30, 1832-Aug 2, 1913;  Magnolia Cemetery, Greenville.

HENRY, Cecil E. - Pvt, Co C; no dates; Pioneer.

JACKSON, Simeon D. J. - Sgt, Co C; Aug 19, 1832-Oct 4, 1862; Pioneer.

JERNIGAN, Louis J. - Co G; no dates; Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery, SE of Greenville.

JERNIGAN, William - Pvt, Co C; 1815-1865; Oakey Streak Methodist Church Cemetery.

McCORMACK, Samuel K. - Corp, Co H; Dec 26, 1836-Feb 9, 1912; Mt. Zion Church Cemetery, E of Greenville.

GARNER, Levi - Born 29 July 1836 in Garland, Butler County, Alabama. PVT, Co. D; Enlisted 14 May 1862 at Montgomery, Alabama and was honorably discharged because of a medical disability on 25 May 1864. Died 26 March 1920, buried at the Garner Cemetery.

McKELLAR, Nathaniel M. - Pvt, Co H; Sep 18, 1839-k. Ringgold Gap, Ga Aug 31, 1863; Pioneer; d. date on marker Nov 27, 1863; Pioneer.

NIX, Edward - Pvt Co C; 1817 - k. in train wreck Cleveland, Tenn Nov 4, 1862; memorial marker, buried Cleveland; Oakey Streak Methodist.

NIX, John E. - Pvt, Co C; 1844-k. Franklin, Tenn Nov 30, 1864; memorial, buried McGavock Family Cemetery, Franklin; grave there marked John E Nix; memorial at Oakey Streak.

OLIVER, Hilary F - Captain, Asst. Surgeon of the Infantry, Co H, paroled April 26,1865.

PRUETT, Stephen T. - Pvt, Co C; Apr 25, 1842-Mar 14, 1911; Oakey Streak.

SHINE, Hillary J. - Corp, Co C; May 6, 1842-Sep 10, 1895; Oakey Streak.

SMITH, Willie Jason - 4TH Sergeant, Co. H, July 24,1845-August 28, 1902, enlisted 03/17/62 Greenville, AL, age 20. Present muster Mar-Dec . On list at General Hosp. Cleveland, TN, Dec 1862.

STALLINGS, Archie R. Stallings - Pvt, Co C; Jan 12, 1831-May 18, 1898; Fort Dale.

VICKREY, George Washington - Co. D, Captured Nov 30, 1864, Franklin, TN. Sent to Camp Douglas in Chicago, IL. where he died Dec 26, 1864, age 38. Buried in Grave No. 309, Block 2, Chicago City Cemetery.

VICKREY, Napoleon D. - Co. D, Corporal, enlisted Mar 14, 1862, age 24. Paroled Jun 19, 1865, Montgomery, AL. Living in Monterey, Butler Co. in 1880.

VICKREY, John Duren - Co. D, Sergeant, enlisted Mar 10,1862, age 26. Paroled Jun 19, 1865, Montgomery, AL. Living in Butler Co. in 1870 and 1880. Date, place of death unknown. Memorial stone erected Little Escambia Baptist Church Cemetery, Flomaton, AL.

WHITEHEAD, James M. - Pvt, Co B; Feb 21, 1839-Aug 10, 1898; lost leg in the war;  Magnolia Cemetery, Greenville.

WILLIAMS, Frank M. - Corp, Co C; Apr 9, 1839-Nov 25, 1933; Fort Dale.

YOUNG, James M. - Rgtl Orderly; Jan 27, 1846-k. near Resaca, Ga May 15, 1864; Pioneer.

Thanks to Cheryll Sumner for listings on Elkanah. Lytle S. and Robert L. Black.

Thanks to Duke Vickery for listings on George W., Napolean and John D. Vickery.

Thanks to Jo Ann McKay for the listing of Levi Garner.

Thanks to Patricia Ann DeWitt for the listing on Hillary F. Oliver.

If you know the name of a soldier who served with the 33rd during the Civil War who is buried in Butler County, please send the information to Mildred Stinson Brown to his name may be added to this list.

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