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This page is dedicated to the memory of the late Homer Jones
whose Confederate records' research led to the construction of this list.

Soldiers Injuried in the Train Wreck




BENTON, John P., Private, Co. A, "Decease Claim 02/02/63, Died Cleveland, TN 

CAMERON, S., Private, Co. E, "Furloughed General Hosp. Cleveland TN, Dec., 1862"  

CULPEPPER, M., Private, Co. G, "General Hosp. Cleveland, TN, Dec. 1862"

FEAGAN, Samuel J., 2nd Lt., Co. C, 03/01/62 "Greenville, AL" "Injured in Rail Accident on March From Nashville to Chattanooga, TN 11/4/62. Resigned 5/27/63, Medical Disability."

GILLEY, Asa, Private, Co. G, 03/08/62 "Daleville, AL" "Furloughed from General Hosp. Cleveland, TN Dec 1862."

LUCAS, Duncan, Private, Co. D, 03/08/62 Georgiana, AL, Disability discharge 11/18/62 Chattanooga TN.

McCANN, William L., Private, Co. C, 03/01/62 Greenville, AL, Died 11/26/62 Cleveland TN. Personal effects register dated 1863. Decease Claim 7/25/63 by Sallie A. McCann widow.

MOSELEY, George W., Private, Co C, 03/01/62 Greenville, AL, "Decease Claim 3/4/63 by Honorable Thomas H. Watts, Atty. Died Cleveland TN."

NORRIS, David J., Private, Co. H, 03/21/62 Greenville, AL, 29 at enlistment from Butler County, AL. Sent General Hosp. Cleveland TN and furloughed home Jul-Oct 1863. On roll of Floyd House & Ocmulgee Hospital, Macon, GA 05/30/1864, with gunshot wound through right cheek.

PARRISH, Josiah B., Private, Co. G, 03/29/62 Daleville, AL, 28 at enlistment. Paid in Montgomery, AL, 12/11/1862 while on sick furlough. Furloughed from Gen Hosp. Cleveland, TN to Dale County, AL Dec. 1862 by order of  surgeon. Admitted Way Hosp. Meridian, MS with wound. Paroled to Montgomery, AL, 05/26/65.

PARMER, Felix O., Private, Co. H, 03/17/62 Greenville, AL "19 at enlistment. Paid in Mobile, AL, 06/8/62. On furlough Jan-Feb 1863 in Butler County, wounded in RR accident. Absent without leave 04/03/63."

SMITH, Willie J., Sergeant, Co. H, 03/17/62 Greenville, AL, 20 at enlistment. Present muster Mar-Dec 1863. On list at General Hosp. Cleveland, TN, Dec 1862.

STAGGERS, William J. H., Private, Co. H, sent Hosp. Cleveland, TN, 11/4/62 by surgeon's order. Clothing requisition 03/31/64 Dalton, GA. AWOL 04/03/63. Present muster Sep-Dec 1863. At Hill Hospital Cuthbert, GA, 12/26/64.

STEWART, Julius W., Private, Co. C, 03/11/62 Greenville, AL. Received a disability discharge. In General Hospital, Cleveland, TN, Dec. 1862; Furloughed 12/27/62.

THAMES, John J., Private, Co. G, 03/29/62 Daleville, AL, 27 at enlistment. Furloughed from hospital Cleveland, TN to Dale County, AL 12/24/62.

THOMAS, John, Private, Co. G, 03/29/62 Daleville, AL, "38 at enlistment. Left at hosp. Cleveland, TN, 11/4/62 by unit surgeon. Died Cleveland, TN, 02/01/63. Decease claim 08/25/63 by Martha Thomas, widow."

THOMAS, William R., Private, Co. H, 03/17/62 Greenville, AL, 30 at enlistment. Furloughed from General Hosp. Cleveland,TN, Dec 1862. Present muster Jan-Apr 63. Sent hosp from Wartrace, TN 05/22/63. On detached service CSA shoe store Atlanta, GA, 10/20/63. Received clothing at Atlanta, GA, 05/15/64. [Brother-in-law to William M. Smyth/Smith killed in the wreck.] 

TOWNSEND, John F., Private, Co. G, 03/29/62 Daleville, AL, 30 at enlistment. Furloughed to Dale County from hospital Cleveland, TN, Nov 1862. Returned to unit by Oct 1863 muster. Present muster Nov-Dec 1863. Clothing requisition 03/05/64 Dalton, GA.

TURNER, James L., Private, Co. H, 04/10/62 Greenville, AL, "22 at enlistment. On list of men furloughed from Gen Hosp. Cleveland, TN, Dec. 1862. Absent muster Jan-Feb 1863, on furlough in Butler County, AL. Present muster Mar-Dec 1863. Appointed ambulance driver 03/22/63 by order of Colonel Adams. Cloth request 03/31/64 Dalton, GA."


SMITH, James W. C., Capt., Co. G, 03/29/62 Daleville, AL, 27 at enlistment. Furloughed from hospital Cleveland, TN to Dale County, AL 12/24/62

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