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Jane Croucher 1821-?
Albert Hughes1867-?
Caroline Hughes 1871-1936
Caroline Frances Hughes 1846-?
David Benjamin Hughes 1838-1839

Elizabeth Wansal Hughes 1833-?
George Hughes 1836-?
Henry Hughes 1800-?
Henry William Hughes 1829-1916
Henry William Hughes 1862-?

Jane Elizabeth Hughes 1828-?
Jane Florence Hughes 1875-?
Lucy Hughes (nee Rook) 1838-1900
Lucy Hughes 1857-?
Stephen Benjamin Hughes 1843-?

William Hughes 1841-?
Albert Knott 1879-?
Alfred Knott 1887-?
Charles Knott 1889-?
Lucy Knott (nee Hughes) 1857-?

Lucy Knott 1883-?
Rebecca Knott 1885-?
William Knott 1855-?
William Knott 1880-?
Albert May 1892-?

Alfred May 1860-?
Alfred May 1885-1915
Bertha Florence May (nee Smith) 1895-?
Eliza May (nee Reynolds) 1861-1898
Henry George May 1887-?

Lydia Eliza May 1882-?
Eliza Reynolds 1861-1898
John Reynolds 1823-?
Mary Reynolds 1870-?
Henry Rook 1837-?

Lucy Rook 1838-1900
Mary Rook 1841-?
Samuel Rook 1816-?
Adelaide Elsie Smith 1886-?
Albert Edward Smith1871-?

Albert Smith 1896-?
Alma R Smith 1882-?
Arthur Smith 1870-?
Bertha Florence Smith 1895-?
Caroline Smith (nee Hughes) 1871-1936

Florence Smith 1880-?
Jessie E Smith 1878-?
John Edward Smith 1846-?
John E Smith 1900-?
Lily R Smith 1875-?

Thirza Smith 1851-?
Albert Arthur Wilson 1876-?
John Summerton Wilson 1851-?
Jane Florence Wilson (nee Hughes) 1875-?

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Hughes, May, Reynolds and Smith families
living in
Kent, England
before 1900

Bertha Florence Smith and Albert May in 1951 Bertha Florence Smith and Albert May in 1951

Son of Hugh.   In Gaelic Hugh signifies affability, a guest, a stranger.   Hugh also means slasher, cutter.  Hugh is also germanic for heart/mind.
Descendent of May, a pet form of Matthew (gift of Jehovah).  Also denotes a child born in May.
Descendent of Reginald or Regenweald.   Derived from the Germanic elements "ragin" meaning counsel, advice and "wald" meaning rule.
Worker in metals.   Derived from the Anglo-Saxon "smitan," to smite or strike.   One of the earliest jobs for which specialist skills were required.   It is a craft that was practiced in all countries, making the surname and its derivations the most common of all surnames.
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